TikTok's Glasses Concealer Hack Is A 2-In-1 Way To Conceal And Lift

It seems that every day there is a new beauty hack stemming from TikTok. Using a pasta strainer as a diffuser, aluminum foil to rid your hair of static, and even applying eyeliner with a bobby pin are hacks that have all come from TikTok users. The latest hack doesn't involve any common household items and doesn't even require you to do anything that is straining. In fact, all you have to do is draw glasses on your face. While that sounds like something you would have done to prank your sister while she was sleeping, we are, in fact, drawing the glasses on ourselves this time. Luckily, we are using concealer as our marker.


Concealer is the ultimate makeup item according to Neutrogena, as it blurs, covers, contours, highlights, hides, and primes. It has long been known that adding concealer around your eyes conceals and lifts them while also leaving a smoother surface for applying eyeshadow, but never have we seen anyone take it to this extreme. Here is the perfect way to get eye lift-type effects, no surgery required!

All about the glasses concealer hack

Over 39,000 people have loved Serena Lakkiss' TikTok where she shows us how to apply concealer in the shape of glasses around our eyes, which is not surprising considering the results she shows at the end. "Pop your concealer on in the shape of glasses ... then, blend it all in for the perfect eyeshadow base and to give the perfect lifted appearance," says Lakkiss when detailing how to complete the hack. It seems like she does just that, as she simply takes her Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and applies circles around each eye, stems at the outer corner, and a bridge over the nose to create the shape of glasses. Then, using a beauty blender, she seamlessly blends the concealer into the area and onto the eyelids. In the comments, she also recommends setting the concealer with the Huda Beauty Loose Powder.


The comment section seemed mainly utterly confused at how this was a new beauty trend, but there were still plenty of users eager to try out this hack. One of those was @glamwithsuzan, who was shocked to find out the trend worked and later said she is "obsessed" with the look.

How it differs from the traditional way to apply concealer

Of course, this method is certainly out of the ordinary. While it can look a bit funny as you first start to apply the makeup, it will leave you with an overall incredible result. In general, when we apply concealer around the eye area, we start strong by covering the dark circles under our eyes, which gives the face an instant lift. Concealer above the eye works in the same way, as it creates a smooth and blank surface for eyeshadow. When you apply concealer all the way up to the brow bone in a shade lighter than your eyeshadow, you can also create better-looking brows. "When you use a contrasting shade like a flesh-toned concealer along the perimeter of the brow [it] will really make the shape stand out," says brow expert Jared Bailey when speaking to Byrdie about how to lift your brows instantly.


So why is the glasses concealer hack better than just applying your concealer under and over your eyes as normal? Because of where the concealer is applied that usually isn't covered without the hack. The bridge of your nose and the outer corners of your eyes don't always get concealer, but when they do, it brightens up the area. This is not necessary for everyone, but for some, a bit of coverage and brightness goes a long way. Whether this is your new method of applying concealer or not, it's definitely something fun to try to spice up your normal routine.