The Bow Lips Makeup Trend Harkens Back To Old Hollywood Glamour

Fashion trends are ever-changing, but one constant we can all count on is that expiring trends will be all the rage again. From clothing styles to hair trends, it seems that every look gets another turn in the spotlight. Fibre 2 Fashion explains that most fashion trends last for about one year, but they reemerge about every 20 years. The proof is clear with the reemergence of graphic T-shirts, fitted vests, ripped jeans, duster jackets, and trucker hats.

Lip trends are no different. A glamorous lip look from the past that is coming back is the bow lip makeup trend. The bow shaped lip is named for a person's top lip being shaped like cupid's bow. Some bow lips are heart shaped with a dip down the middle and some have two distinct peaks on the upper lip, Healthline explains. Many who have bow lips in 2023 choose to accentuate them like they did in old Hollywood. Stars who can be seen rocking this lip look include Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner. Get ready to embrace this makeup trend, which shows empowerment, beauty, and boldness, once again.

Prep your lips at night

If you'd like to join the trend, it's recommended that you prep your lips to get them moisturized and healthy. L'Oréal Paris suggests using a lip balm and exfoliator. There are many options that will help you achieve ultimate hydration, and there are some products that exfoliate your face and lips at the same time. Follow this skin care routine with some lip balm to lock in moisture.

Line your lips and fill them in

To begin applying makeup to accentuate your cupid's bow, identify where your lip lines will start. Even if the bow is not as defined as you'd like, take your lip liner and draw an "X" where the top points touch the two highest points of your lips. Then, take your liner and outline your lips starting in the corners. Connect the lines and fill in with your favorite color. Finally, blot your lips until they are the consistency you desire.

Have fun with color

Another option is to choose a fun color to make an unforgettable statement. If you are going for a softer lip look but would like a defined cupid's bow, consider a shimmery pink or light neutral. If you are looking to make a statement for a work meeting, a Zoom call, or a night on the town, choose a bright, bold pink, fun purple, or dramatic red for a pop of color.

Pair your bold lips with eye shadow

Pairing your lip color with your eye makeup is a great way to accentuate your bow lips. If you are using a gloss for a day at the office, consider a soft or neutral shadow to make your look complete. To create a more dramatic look, use darker shadows for a smoky, evening look. For a night out, opt for a bright shadow that matches your bright lip color. 

Pair with light makeup

If eyeshadow is not your style and you'd like to take the minimalist approach to rocking the cupid's bow lip, consider making your lipstick the most noticeable makeup you wear. Instead of adding blush, eye shadow, and eye liner, opt for a soft mascara, light foundation, and a deep red lip color. This is a classic way to wear a bold look.

Altering your lips to get the bow

If you feel that you need more definition than lip liner will allow you, there are other avenues available to you. According to Aedit, lip enhancement includes injections of hyaluronic acid fillers. Specifically, the cupid's bow technique involves injecting small amounts of filler along the border of your lip, then a smaller amount is applied to the lower lip. It's relatively painless and easy to achieve this look from fillers. Cupid's bow lips made popular by Hollywood stars from the past are reemerging on the fashion scene to make our lips and our confidence pop. Grab your favorite liner and color to join in the fun.