NYFW Reaffirms The Slicked-Back Bun's Reign

It's official: TikTok trends have reached the high fashion world. What started as a beautytok life hack for styling your hair in a way that allows you to complete a bond-building treatment while on the go just flooded the Fall/Winter 2023 catwalks of New York Fashion Week. There's no question that the look will be carrying its popularity into spring and summer. What is this earth-shattering hairstyle, you ask? The humble slicked-back bun.

It makes sense, when you think about it. If "America's Next Top Model" taught us anything, it's that a fashion model should be a blank canvas, and a plain ponytail or bun is the best way to achieve that. If you'd like to try this simple, easy, and elegant way to showcase your outfit, makeup, and accessories, here's some inspiration. Find the one that lights you up and then give it a try next time you strut down the runway of life. 

Slicked and high

If you're interested in living out your ultimate ballerina fantasy, just pull your slicked-back bun up to the crown of your head rather than wrapping it at the nape of your neck. Then, simply throw on your ballet flats and pirouette all the way to work, school, or brunch.

Slicked and low

The low version of the slicked-back bun is its easiest and most popular iteration at the moment. Simply comb your hair straight back or work it back from a center or side part, wrap it into a bun, and secure it with pins and/or a hair elastic. 

Center part

If you're staunchly against what's now sometimes referred to as the millennial side part, part your hair down the middle before you use a fine comb to slick it back into a high or low bun. If your haircut features bangs or face-framing layers, you can secure them to your head with barrettes or bobby pins.

Side part

Millennials, rejoice. The side part is back when you pair it with a slicked-back bun. Just make your part on either side and then comb your hair back from that point and wrap into a bun. The deeper your side part, the more likely you are to need barrettes, pins, or strong hairspray to hold your hair in place, especially if you have a layered cut. 

Slicked and messy

A slicked-back bun doesn't have to be polished and precise. If you're more of a messy bun fan, skip the fine-toothed comb and slick your hair back with just your fingers. Twist it into a loose bun shape and secure it with a clip, pins, or an elastic. Don't be tempted to "fix" any gaps or bumps, or you'll defeat the purpose.