The Early Aughts Peplum Silhouette Is Perfectly Stylable In 2023 With These Tips

Many quintessential Y2K fashion trends came back in 2022 and are here to stay in 2023, so get ready for more sparkle, sass, and love-them-or-hate-them silhouettes. For instance, poofy and dramatic Y2K-inspired bubble hems are making a major comeback for bold statement-making looks. Peplums are having a resurgence from the early aughts, too. 

Believe it or not, peplum garments have been around long before the Y2K era. They feature figure-flattering silhouettes that hug your waist and flare out at your hips, accentuating your already-existing curves and helping to present the illusion of more of an hourglass shape. So, if you've always desired an hourglass body type or want to draw more attention to your hips, you should look into this trend.

"Some women say, 'I don't want any more fabric at my hips; I don't feel sexy ... But to me, the peplum trend is all about power and sex. That proportion, when done right, is so impactful," Jackson Wiederhoeft, a fashion designer, told The Zoe Report. Thus, the peplum silhouette can be super sexy if that's what you're going for. Here are some of the many ways to rock these flattering garments.

Make a peplum top edgy with ripped jeans

Yes, peplum tops are known for being chic and classy. But that doesn't mean they can never be edgy! Try pairing a trendy black peplum top with your favorite pair of ripped jeans to put a grunge twist on the stylish peplum silhouette, and you'll likely be impressed with how it looks.

Feel sexy in a strapless peplum top and flattering pants

As mentioned earlier, the peplum silhouette is famously figure-flattering. Thus, peplum-style tops are perfect for emphasizing your curves on a night out, and strapless options will appear even more bold and seductive. Pair the top with leather pants or a short body-hugging skirt for a show-stopping ensemble.

Rock a playful pattern

Garments with peplum silhouettes can be just as cutesy as they can be sexy. If you're going for more of a sweet, playful look, shop for peplum-style pieces with adorable patterns such as cherries, flowers, or hearts. Not to mention the ever-so-chic polka dot pattern, which is another retro print coming back into fashion favor. Tops with these sassy or youthful prints and peplum silhouettes are excellent for channeling the early 2000s.

Dress it down with jeans or sneakers

Of course, peplum tops can be dressy, but they don't have to be fancy. Some peplum tops are just as easy to dress down as they are to dress up. One way to make your favorite peplum top look significantly more casual is to wear it with jeans and sneakers for a more low-key, laid-back vibe.

Opt for a timeless black-and-white look

If you want a classic, sophisticated appearance, you can never go wrong with wearing an outfit in the timeless black and white combination. For example, a white peplum top with black pants will appear flattering, elegant, and chic for work, classy restaurants, family gatherings, and other events and occasions.

Flaunt a gorgeous peplum dress

Consider wearing a peplum dress to your next cocktail party or semi-formal event with your favorite pair of heels. Wearing dresses in the peplum silhouette is an excellent way to rock a fancier spin on the trend while flattering your figure. These dresses are super elegant and look beautiful in various colors.

Experiment with peplum skirts

Every trend-following girly girl should have at least one peplum skirt in their closet. These chic skirts can instantly serve as the focal point for any ensemble because of their bold silhouette, and they're super fun to dress up and down. The right peplum skirt can elevate any top in your wardrobe from basic to eye-catching.

Get quirky with layering

Don't be afraid to layer a flowy short-sleeved or sleeveless peplum blouse under a more fitted top for added dimension. Layering is a fun way to incorporate more character and depth into your outfit, so have fun with it and try exploring different textures, such as lace. If you want to get quirky, try mixing and matching different patterns or hues for a unique ensemble.