Nail Polish Is The Secret Weapon To Removing Scuff Marks On Your Fave Bags And Shoes

While seemingly innocent, that little jar of nail polish lurking away in your draw has plenty of hidden secrets. When you think of nail polish, your mind probably fills with images of manicures and funky nails. However, there are actually plenty of other tricks that your small pot of nail varnish has up its sleeve besides making your nails look pretty. So, what exactly is it capable of?


Nail polish boasts plenty of capabilities, and can be used for preventing rust stains, fixing old rings, and waterproofing. You can even use it to repair your windshield. Magic ey? However, it can also be a lifesaver when it comes to your wardrobe. You may be surprised, but this nifty little item makes fashion items such as your favorite bags and shoes easy to repair. Now, let's break down exactly how nail polish can bring a breath of fresh air to both of these essential fashion items.

Remove scuff marks with nail polish

While it's always easy to turn to your favorite pair of shoes, any heavy use may inevitably end in general wear and tear, such as scuff marks. If you've found yourself with unsightly marks on your shoes, there is a surprisingly easy solution: your nail polish. Nail polish is useful for many things, but it's particularly good at removing those pesky marks from your shoes.


To remove the scuff marks from your shoes, grab some nail polish that is the same color as the material used. For example, a black shoe will require black polish, while a brown shoe would need brown. Now, all you need to do is fill in the mark with the polish. When doing so, you should try to be gentle and use a small amount of product to start. You can build it up if necessary, but you want it to look natural. If done correctly, nobody should be able to notice.

Nail polish can also fix your favorite bags

However, shoes aren't the only fashion item that this nifty trick is good for. Using the same methods, you can also use nail polish to remove scuff marks on your favorite bags. While this method is great for personal use, you should avoid it if you plan to sell a high-value item, such as a designer bag. Adding nail polish to an item like this will lower its resale value. Likewise, it's important to note that getting removing marks from patent leather requires more specific methods.


You can also use nail polish to treat any fraying. So, if you find that any of your bags, or perhaps other items of clothing are succumbing to fraying, you can easily stop it in its tracks with this simple method. Simply apply nail polish on and around the affected area of your bag and let it dry. The polish works by quickly hardening and sealing the affected area, making it incredibly effective at preventing further damage. Now, you should be good to go and rock your favorite fashion items!