Trends Come And Go, But NYFW 2023 Proved Classic Style Is Forever

A true classic never dies, but waves of classic fashion trending do come and go. If New York Fashion Week is any indication (spoiler alert: it is), classics are back in a big way. If you've ever yearned to try out a practical yet gorgeous power suit or a statement wool coat, now is your time to shine. Big fan of neutrals like black, gray, white, and navy? Get ready for your moment.

Quickly passing are the days of elaborate, unnecessarily dramatic clothing that serves no purpose other than snagging likes on social media. Outfits that tell the tale of reasonable, respectful, and fabulous wearers are once again about to be appreciated by the masses. Interested in immersing yourself in the world of sophisticated, timeless style but not sure how to make it work for you? Check out these examples of how to build a classic look for the inspiration you need to boldly embrace a few traditional pieces of your own. 

Trench coat with driving gloves

If you're a little nervous about leaping into classic fashion, outerwear is a great, low-commitment place to start experimenting. Grab yourself a classic wool trench coat in black or gray and pair it with some elegant driving gloves. Don your typical clothes underneath and notice how you feel when your coat is on versus when it's off.

Posh fitted pantsuit

If you've ever dreamed of being a high-profile career person and wearing the clothes to match, there has never been a better time to try out a classic pantsuit. There is nothing quite like the confidence a suit and tie provide, regardless of your gender identity. 

Statement leather

Leather is a multi-faceted fashion staple. While going overboard can lead you into more sex appeal than sensible territory, focusing on one solid, high-quality piece at a time can create a timeless aesthetic. Pair leather pants, a skirt, or a blazer with an otherwise understated outfit to make the look pop without going over the top. 

Stylish skirt suit

Love the look of a suit but feel a little intimidated by the full jacket and pants look? Reach for a skirt suit, otherwise known as a power suit. Make sure your pieces are well fitting and you can dress the look up or down by adding or omitting fun stockings or sassy shoes.