Tips For Creating The Perfect Video Prompt On Hinge

As frustrating as it might be, online dating has become one of the easiest ways for single adults to mingle with each other. Plenty of people find dating apps to be a hassle since it takes up so much time sifting through potential matches who might not be right for you. If meeting your special someone is a top priority, though, there's nothing wrong with giving dating apps some of your time and energy. 


Hinge is considered one of the most likable and user-friendly dating apps to download since their catchphrase claims they're "designed to be deleted." In other words, they want you to find your ideal partner and stop needing their app in the future. It seems that the creators of Hinge are really serious about their catchphrase because they're constantly unleashing new upgrades and changes to help singles get more matches on dating apps

Now, you can even post an introductory video on your profile to give potential matches a better glimpse into who you are as a person. This feature on Hinge gives you 30 seconds to answer whatever prompt your heart desires or to totally wing it. All you have to do is tap on the profile icon, tap the "edit profile" button, tap "select a prompt," grant permission to Hinge to access your camera and microphone, choose a prompt, and start recording. Here are some tips for creating the perfect video on Hinge, so you can reach ultimate romantic success.


If you wear makeup, make sure it's on point

If makeup is totally your thing, you'll want to make sure that your makeup is fully on point before you start recording your Hinge profile video. Cosmetic makeup has been around for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt when people wore it to improve their outward appearance. Makeup as a whole has evolved in many ways over the years, becoming one of the most popular tools in the world of beauty for anyone interested in boosting their confidence levels. 


Wearing makeup isn't an indication that you're trying to hide something. Instead, makeup simply exists to enhance the natural beauty you already have. When you're putting your best foot forward on a dating app like Hinge, applying a little makeup before filming your profile video isn't a problem whatsoever. Your Hinge video is something many of your potential matches will lay eyes on, which means it behooves you to look your best. If you know makeup is the cherry on top you'll need in order to feel as self-assured and enthusiastic as possible, go for it. The right foundation, blush, faux lashes, mascara, and lipstick will take you far.

If you don't wear makeup, perfect your natural glow

Some people absolutely adore the benefits that come from wearing makeup, but other people just don't feel like it's worth their time. If you're the type of person who prefers to skip a makeup routine, it's important to make sure your natural glow is looking totally flawless for your Hinge video. Different types of makeup, including wet liquid foundation and dry powder foundation, leave your skin looking completely picturesque. If you are totally opting out of that, though, there are other important steps you can take in order to achieve the same level of charm on camera. 


If perfecting your natural glow is a long-term goal of yours beyond one solo Hinge video, you'll want to regularly eat healthy options, drink an ample amount of water, take daily supplements, grow out your lashes, and use whatever serums you feel are necessary. Proving that you're a natural beauty without a lick of makeup is beyond achievable if you've been nurturing your skin with a thoughtful regimen. Readying yourself for your Hinge video without several weeks of preparation should start with exfoliating, moisturizing, grooming your brows, and possibly using a face mask that would need to be peeled or sloughed off.

Make sure your hair looks presentable

When you take time to film your Hinge video, it makes sense that you would want to look as stunning and impressive to potential suitors as possible. One of the biggest factors that comes into play while putting your best self out there is making sure that your hair looks presentable. Although you might not believe it's possible to have a perfect hair day every day, you most certainly can. 


If you have a couple of weeks to spare before filming your Hinge video, you can start by making sure you're using a hydrating shampoo twice a week, using a standalone conditioner daily, and using hair oil as a styler or treatment. If you don't have tons of time to spare before filming your Hinge video, get in front of your mirror to figure out which hairstyle suits you best. 

If you already know you look your best when your hair is full of bouncy curls, grab your curling wand. If you believe your hair looks phenomenal when it's bone straight, you might want to dust off your hair straightener. If the natural texture of your hair is your favorite way to go without adding any heat to the mix, make sure you have the right products and tools on deck to style your natural hair in a way you can be proud of.


Rely on natural sunlight while filming

Natural sunlight is your best friend when you're taking selfies or filming videos. Before you start filming your perfect Hinge video, you might want to check your clock to see what time of day it is. If the sun is still brightly shining, then luck is on your side. There's something magical and flattering about capturing your essence while natural sunlight is shining down on you. Investigate areas around your living space where natural sunlight can pour in through open windows or doorways. Keep in mind that the two times of day that produce the most gorgeous golden rays of sunshine, and that golden hour glow, are during sunrises and sunsets. 


The harshest light of the day you might want to avoid shines down between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. When the sun is aggressively shining down on you between those hours, it hits you directly from overhead creating unflattering shadows that won't do you any favors. It's still possible to film an incredibly lovely video in the middle of the afternoon if you play your cards right, though. Simply make sure that whatever window, doorway, or outdoor space you've chosen has you looking breathtaking on camera.

Use a ring light if you must film without natural sunlight

If capturing your Hinge video using natural sunshine simply isn't possible for you, you can also achieve stunning results using a ring light. In the age of social media, ring lights have risen in popularity in a significant way. The greatest benefit of using a ring light is that you can snap selfies and videos at any time of day with as much light shining on you as you want. They'll even work their magic in the middle of the night when it's pitch black outside. 


Ring lights tend to be super powerful since they're built to be shaped like halos with strips of LED shining all around. They eliminate shadows over whatever they're directed toward. There's a reason so many bloggers, streamers, YouTubers, and social media influencers are reliant on ring lights. You can find ring lights in different sizes including small circular pieces that can be clipped over your phone camera. Larger ring lights that can be set up on top of tripods are also very much in-demand.

Decide which angle makes you look best

Angles aren't everything, but they're still a big deal. Whenever you're taking selfies for social media, you probably avoid certain angles that you know don't help you look your absolute best. If there's a certain angle that makes your nose look wider than it is or makes your chin look sharper than it is, you probably avoid that angle at all costs. The same rule should apply when filming your Hinge profile video. 


You've probably noticed your favorite social media influencers striking the same poses often and angling their cameras in consistently similar positions for their content. There's an obvious reason behind why they do that! Their exact poses and angles might not work for you, so it's up to you to figure out how to look your best while filming your video. This is likely going to take a little bit of time and experimentation. Record practice videos from multiple angles and compare them privately to decide which one accentuates your facial features. After figuring out which angle flatters you most, you can start filming your Hinge video.

Reconsider using any filters

You can't use filters in the real world, so it might be time to reconsider using filters on your Hinge dating profile. Once you meet your potential matches in real life, you'll want to feel as comfortable and confident as ever. If you're fearful they'll claim you look different in person compared to your Hinge video, that's a problem. You can avoid all possible moments of cringiness and embarrassment by ditching the video filters and recording yourself normally. Chances are, if you try to post a Hinge video using a blatant and obvious filter that warps your face or adds decadent floating details, your app matches won't want to waste their time.


They'll likely grow concerned that they're dealing with a catfish. If you're insistent on using a filter for your Hinge video, it's important to be wary of how much filtration is actually being added. Filters aren't inherently bad to use while you're dating online. When the filter merely smooths out your skin a bit, whitens your teeth, or adds a slight sparkle to your eye, you're probably going to be just fine. If the filter is shrinking your nose, widening your eyes, plumping your lips, or doing something else that's totally over-the-top and drastic, you might need to stop and reconsider.

Introduce yourself with details you're proud of

Your Hinge profile video is only 30 seconds long, which means it's up to you to introduce yourself with any details you're totally proud of. When someone asks you to tell them about yourself, it's easy to freeze up because you're being put on the spot. Since you're telling potential matches about yourself in a pre-planned video, you can decide exactly what you want to share ahead of time so you don't end up frozen. 


Some of the basic things you can mention include details about your career, facts about how well-rounded of a human being you are, and what makes you unique. You don't have to waste your time listing off things such as your name, age, city, or actual job title. After all, those are details that should already be included on your Hinge profile. You don't need to be redundant. It's a great idea to share interesting things you're proud of in your Hinge video.

Think of a funny joke to tell

Having a great sense of humor is important to plenty of people in the dating scene. Potential matches who care about sharing laughs with their future partner will be appreciative if they can get a glimpse of your sense of humor in your Hinge video. You only have 30 seconds, which means you don't have a lot of time to tell a joke with too many layers and moving parts. Instead, think of something short and silly that will give other people a true glimpse into what your humor is like. 


If you have incredibly grim and dark humor, don't be scared to show that side of yourself off. Odds are, you won't get along well with someone who can't laugh at your darker jokes anyway. If your humor is a tad more sarcastic, think of a joke that highlights that for you. There are plenty of potential matches out there who will be able to bounce off of your sarcastic energy without getting offended or bothered. If your humor is super lighthearted, gentle, and sweet, it's in your best interest to show that side of yourself so you can match with people who prefer making jokes that won't push anyone's buttons.

Think of a playful anecdote to share

Any playful anecdote that comes to mind (that you're comfortable sharing on your Hinge profile), should definitely be added. Just keep in mind that the story you're telling has to finish in 30 seconds or less. When you tell a personal anecdote, it helps other people feel more comfortable and vulnerable with you. In the world of online dating, this is hugely important. Telling personal anecdotes helps create the illusion of closeness and connectedness between people, even though you're separated by the impersonal screens of your phones. 


Since you haven't had a chance to meet anyone face-to-face just yet, it's up to you to showcase the vibe of what it would be like to spend time in person with you. While listening to your playful anecdote, your potential matches will easily be able to decipher if they consider you someone they'd want to spend time with in person at some point. If they enjoy listening to 30 seconds of your story through the Hinge app, they'll undoubtedly enjoy listening to all of your stories once you're spending real time in each other's presence.

Try not to come across as pretentious or braggy

Regardless of how successful you might be at this stage of your life, it's in your best interest not to come across as pretentious or braggy in your Hinge video. It's hard to get along with people who are constantly boasting about their personal successes because it feels like they're obsessed with showing off. People who brag way too often are usually overcompensating for something because they feel like they need to prove themselves in any room they walk into. 


Instead of acting like that type of person, it's better to be humble and respectful in any given situation. This doesn't mean you have to downplay your amazingness or pretend your accomplishments haven't happened. Instead, it's best to drop details about how fortunate you've been in life in terms of your career (and otherwise) in organic and conversational ways. When you list off every single bragging point you have in one Hinge profile video, it will potentially spook potential matches who don't want to date someone they believe is pompous.

Consider introducing a friend or family member in your video

You can turn your Hinge video into a super precious introductory moment if you've got a friend, family member, or loved one nearby to join in on the fun. This is an especially good idea for anyone who feels a little too shy to film their Hinge video completely by themselves. You can knock some of the stress and pressure off of your shoulders if you enlist help from someone close to you. 


Sharing camera time with someone you love can make the experience feel easier to manage since the attention won't be completely on you the entire time. When introducing someone you care about in your Hinge video, let all of your potential matches know why you've chosen to include this person on camera with you. You can be silly, serious, or totally heartfelt when explaining your reasoning. Make sure there isn't any confusion between you as the owner of the Hinge dating profile and the person you're introducing on camera, either.

List off a handful of fun date ideas

Do you already have a handful of great first date ideas in mind for when you finally come across someone worth your time on Hinge? If so, you might want to list a handful of those date ideas in your Hinge profile video. When you do this, it gives your matches the chance to gauge whether or not you'd be a fun first date for them as well. It also serves as a wonderful talking point if you both realize you enjoy doing the same activities. This is a great way to weed out anyone on Hinge who isn't there for the right reasons. 


If someone who's looking to invite you over to their place for a casual hookup sees that you are interested in going on full-fledged dates, they probably won't waste your time or theirs. You'll end up dealing with like-minded matches who are also interested in going on exciting dates while getting to know you. You can list some of your favorite restaurants, beach locations, ski mountains, antique shops, aquariums, and more.

Try your best to speak in your natural tone of voice

There are a handful of reasons why the pitch of your voice might change while filming your Hinge video. A lot of the time, our voices tend to get higher or lower based on anxiety, stress, and excitement. When you're feeling especially stoked about something (or scared), the muscles around your voice box will start contracting in an unconscious way. Your voice box, also known as your larynx, will produce a tone of voice at a higher pitch since you've unintentionally put a strain on your vocal cords. 


The more comfortable and relaxed you are when you're speaking, the more likely it'll be for the pitch of your voice to remain the same. You can attempt to maintain your natural tone of voice in your Hinge video by doing a few head and neck exercises and engaging in a few purposeful yawns prior to recording. Simply pretend that you're having a chill conversation with someone you've known for years when you're getting ready to film your Hinge profile video.

Avoid complaining about your failed dating history

The last thing anyone wants to hear about in the dating realm is all of your failed dating experiences. Once you're in a serious relationship with someone, you can both start sharing the nitty-gritty details of your past romances with each other in a loving and trustworthy setting. But when it comes to filming a simple video for your Hinge profile, it's no one's business what happened in the past when you were dating other people. 


Using your Hinge profile video as a place to complain about how things have always gone wrong for you with exes is a huge red flag to plenty of your app matches. When you start listing off all the ways you've been screwed over, it potentially gives your app matches a negative perception of you, too. When you reveal all the ways you've been mistreated in the past, they might believe that your self-worth is low because you allowed yourself to live through terrible situations where you weren't valued or cherished. Even if they don't intend to judge you on purpose, it can still happen subconsciously. 

Show off a glimpse of your living space

You don't want to post any super obvious details about where you live including your address or mailbox number. You also don't want to show off what the outside of your home, dorm, or apartment complex looks like from the street view. Doing these things will make you susceptible to becoming the target of a stalker or dangerous app match. It's still fun to show off a glimpse of your living space from the inside if you're proud of it, though. 


If you're the type of person who's dedicated tons of time to decorating your living space with interior design inspiration on Pinterest and DIY TikTok videos to match, there's no shame in having the desire to show off some of those gorgeous details. Using your Hinge video to give a glimpse of your living space is a great idea as you reveal the type of person you are. Lovely artwork on your walls, comfortable furniture in your living room, and a cozy bed with pillows in your bedroom will show potential matches that you know how to take care of yourself and the place you live.

Don't bring up anything you're going to regret later

There's no reason to talk about anything you might regret later in your Hinge profile video. Keep it light and playful if you have to, but don't mention something that's way too secretive. Keep in mind that anyone who comes across your Hinge profile and finds you interesting will probably tap on your video to see a little more of you before sending you a message. This means that loads of people will have access to your profile –– and whatever you share in your video. 


If you bring up something you probably wouldn't comfortably say in a room full of strangers, then you most definitely shouldn't say it in your Hinge profile video. Keep in mind that once anything is uploaded onto the internet, it's there for life. Digital copies and screen recordings of your Hinge profile video can start circulating at the drop of a hat if someone chooses to make that happen.

Don't get way too deep or personal right off the bat

Try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable by getting way too deep and personal right off the bat in your Hinge profile video. Deep and personal conversations should be reserved for trusted and close relationships with a select handful of people you care about. Once you've entered a relationship with someone you can wholeheartedly trust, it's completely fine for both of you to unload your deepest and most personal stories and secrets. 


On your Hinge profile, though, it doesn't make much sense to spill the beans about highly serious and sensitive subject matter. In the age of social media, oversharing has certainly become one of the more popular ways to live. Still, you should take your time before revealing heavy things such as deep-rooted trauma to others. Random people who access your Hinge profile might not have your best interest at heart, so it's up to you to protect your truths.

Try to film your clip in one take

If your Hinge profile video is coming across as way too rehearsed, it might turn off some of your potential matches. Instead of filming a video that looks like you're reading off a notepad or muttering a memorized script, try to film your clip in one take. There's something very charming and endearing about posting a video that's been filmed in one shot, even if it includes a small flub or two. 


You might not perfectly express yourself the way you want to in one shot, but the authenticity of your video will be apparent. If you were to be conversing with someone in person for the first time, you wouldn't have the chance to practice what you wanted to say over and over before they heard you out loud. However, the words that come out of your mouth the first time when you're face-to-face with someone are how that person receives you. That the same rule can easily apply while filming your Hinge profile video.

Be honest about your intentions and what you're looking for

Instead of being shy about sharing your intentions, you can use your Hinge profile video as a chance to be completely honest about what you're looking for. No one wants to feel like their time is being wasted. If you're looking for something casual, you can express that in your Hinge profile video so that it will be easier for you to meet other people who also don't want to find anything serious. If you're focused on meeting someone you can eventually marry, there's no shame in expressing that as well. 


To avoid coming across as desperate, needy, or impatient in love, you should be very careful about the wording you use when describing your marriage-mindedness. You don't have to drop the "marriage" bomb in your Hinge video, but being straightforward is the best possible way for you to improve your chances of meeting someone who's on the same page as you. You can gently explain that you're hoping to meet someone you can develop a healthy and long-term relationship with.

Don't forget to smile, but only if it's authentic

In the same way that you don't want to come across as being overly rehearsed in your Hinge profile video, you also don't want to push out too many fake smiles. Don't forget to smile once or twice in your Hinge video, but try to make sure that your smiles are totally authentic. If you're telling a silly joke or sharing a playful anecdote in your video, your smiles will undoubtedly shine through naturally. 


If you're listing off a handful of fun date ideas, it's very likely that a smile or two will sneak out along the way as you describe scenarios where you and your future significant other, will have the most fun. If you're simply introducing yourself and sharing some general details about who you are as a person, a smile might not naturally pop out. Simply do your best to flash a smile or two (in an authentic way) at the beginning and end of your Hinge profile video.

Be confident in your own skin

Confidence is key, whether you're meeting people in real life or on dating apps. It's possible to fake confidence if you feel like this is a department where you're lacking. Remember that you can always fake it until you make it if you aren't feeling naturally pumped up about yourself at any given moment. While filming your Hinge profile video, exuding as much confidence as possible will benefit you greatly. Your confidence will shine through the screen at any potential suitors who scroll onto your profile. 


They'll be able to notice how comfortable you are in your own skin, which will instantly draw them toward you. The aura and essence of a confident human being is enough to make others feel totally attracted and pulled in. Throw your shoulders back, keep your head held high, and talk clearly as you speak. Showcasing yourself in a confident light will help you attract a partner who totally respects you.