Enter Chiron: The Cosmic Counselor Of The Zodiac

The further you delve into astrology, the vaster the study seems to become. And if you're familiar with the basics, you likely know the general layout of your birth chart –- your sun, moon, and rising placements -– and maybe even know your Venus, Mars, and Mercury signs. However, Chiron, while possibly not on your radar, is also definitely worth learning about.

So, what exactly is Chiron? It's an icy body in the outer solar system with the composition of a comet nucleus, discovered in 1977 by American astronomer Charles Kowal (via Brittanica). It's made of organic matter, frozen gasses, ice, and water. While too small to be a planet, Chiron has still made its mark, orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. Let's take a closer look at what the icy comet has to do with your birth chart and why Chiron is the cosmic counselor of the zodiac.

The wounded healer

In astrology, Chiron is known as the wounded healer or cosmic counselor of the zodiac. Named after a centaur in Greek Mythology who had healing powers, Chiron represents our innermost pain, the deepest hurts we shield and hide. There are likely themes of shame, guilt, sorrow, inferiority, and weakness connected to this wound.

Chiron shows us how to transmute that pain into a source of wisdom and healing to help ourselves and others. It also points to the less developed parts of ourselves where we may wonder why we can't seem to thrive the way others can so easily. These spiritual wounds highlight the areas in which we feel low-self worth and they are also our vehicle to healing. Accepting and embracing our wounds is easier said than done, but to love our whole selves, it's necessary to move these less-than-desirable parts from the dark to the light.

Interpreting your Chiron placement

To find out which astrological sign Chiron was in at the time of your birth, simply enter your birth date, time, and location into an astrological calculator, like this one at AstroStyle. Chiron typically stays in one sign for about eight years, so you'll notice you have the same Chiron placement as many of your peers. Determining this placement will uncover your road to transforming old wounds into a healing power.

Your experience with this wound is what makes you a knowledgeable guide for others who may be struggling with something similar and as you heal, you may find yourself being pulled into positions of leadership. As Chiron shows us how we might get in our own way when we have a good thing going on in our lives, the sign it falls under during the moment of our birth also shows us how to gain awareness of our self-sabotage.

Chiron in the fire signs

Once you've calculated your Chiron placement, you can begin to examine your spiritual wounds and how to heal from them. If your Chiron is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, here is a glance of what Chiron can teach these fiery placements.

Those with Chiron in Aries tend to have a wound relating to leadership and failure. The remedy for this pain is to work with others, rather than in competition against them. Patience and emotional regulation will go a long way for those with this placement. Chiron in Leo manifests as a victimhood wound. Those with this placement struggle to be seen and may sabotage opportunities that come their way. Creativity and artistic expression can be therapeutic for those with Chiron in Leo. Chiron in the last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is exemplified through a wound of entrapment or stagnancy. If you have Chiron in the sign of the archer, make sure to keep people around who expand your consciousness and if you can't travel physically, be sure to find ways to travel mentally or spiritually.

Chiron in the earth signs

For the earthy Chiron placements — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – these are the lessons hidden in the shadows to integrate for a deeper sense of self-acceptance. Those with Chiron in Taurus may struggle to feel validated or successful if they haven't cultivated material wealth in life. The lesson for this placement is to lean into generosity and garner a sense of appreciation for the little things in life, redefining success.

Chiron in Virgo manifests as an almost debilitating sense of perfectionism, applied both to the self and those around them. The lesson for those with Chiron in Virgo is to be of service to others and to prioritize wellness over an unattainable picture of perfection. Going with the flow and accepting fault is key. If you have Chiron in Capricorn, you may have been referred to as a workaholic a time or two. Chiron in Capricorn teaches those with this placement to find a balance between production and simply enjoying being alive. Relationships and passions don't need to be pushed off the table for achievements and success to shine. 

Chiron in the air signs

The air signs of the zodiac — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – will experience the cosmic counselor Chiron in the following ways. Gemini has a deep fear of being without their other half –- as symbolized by the astrological image of the twins which Gemini is known for. Those with Chiron in Gemini are prone to seek external approval and are deeply hurt by being excluded. The lesson here is to stay loyal to your authentic self and let your truth draw the right friends to you. You may not belong with the herd, but there is a trusted circle waiting to embrace you for exactly who you are.

It's likely no surprise that those with Chiron in Libra are majorly blocked by indecision. They may also find themselves in friendships that are out of alignment with their values simply for the sake of peace-keeping. The lesson in this case is to become grounded in the self. Serving others, particularly underdogs or those less fortunate can be deeply healing for anyone with Chiron in Libra. And as for the last air sign of the zodiac, those with Chiron in Aquarius are likely to rebel in destructive rather than constructive ways. They may also be quite emotionally detached and aloof in relationships, leaving others confused and dissatisfied. Activism is healing for this placement, as is using a forward-thinking idealism to create a new world while fostering a sense of community. 

Chiron in the water signs

If you have Chiron in a water sign — Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces – then here is how to learn from your spiritual wounds. Chiron in Cancer typically represents a sense of homesickness and an inability to feel comfortable on earth. These placements may also struggle with family dynamics and maternal figures in their lives. The remedy for this pain is to nurture the self and others -– particularly women. Healing through nutrition is also especially effective for this sign.

If you have Chiron in Scorpio, then you may be prone to possessiveness of partners and obsession. Jealousy is likely to infiltrate your relationships and professional endeavors. To heal this wound, fostering trust in others is key. Letting go of control and remembering that each individual has innate power, wisdom, and autonomy will help soothe this wound. Lastly, those with Chiron in Pisces likely struggle to have both feet on the ground and are easily swept into dream-like fantasies that aren't tethered to reality. Pisces is embodied by the archetype of the mystic and those with Chiron in Pisces can heal through tapping into their psychic powers — and possibly even venturing into spiritual leadership roles.

Working with the cosmic counselor

Your relationship with Chiron will be a lifelong lesson. We are continually learning from our deepest wounds and discovering how we can be of service to others with similar pain is one of the quickest routes to healing. It's important to remember that the parts of yourselves which bring up shame or guilt don't need to be shoved into the shadows. They are teachers, eagerly waiting for you to examine and accept them, so you can become a more whole version of yourself.

It likely won't be an easy process, but remember -– Chiron is the cosmic counselor and it's here to assist you and help you work through the nitty gritty. It's not smooth sailing, but the transformation is worth it. We can only embrace and accept the shortcomings of others when we've learned to do it for ourselves, leading us to a deeper and fuller experience of the earth school journey we are on together.