16 Types Of Shoes You Can Always Rock With A Midi Dress

Midi dresses are some of the best ones to have in your closet since they are super versatile, can be dressed up or down, and look fabulous no matter the season. "The midi dress is the most universally flattering length of a dress — you can't go wrong with it whether you're tall or petite, size XS or XL," editorial and celebrity stylist Julia Gudova tells Byrdie. "Personally, I tend to choose solid colors, both neutrals and the fun ones — but summer is a great time to experiment with print!"

However, styling a midi dress can be challenging. Since it usually hits anywhere below your knees and above your ankles, picking the right shoes to wear with the midi without looking shorter than you are isn't always easy. Luckily, we've gathered some perfect footwear choices to ensure you always know just what to put on — no matter the midi dress you choose.

White sneakers

Midi dresses are an easy outfit to put on, making them the perfect everyday look. If you have a day full of errands ahead of you, pair a comfy midi dress with a pair of simple white sneakers. You will look casual and cute — but most importantly, you will feel super comfortable!

Combat boots

Black combat boots can dress down any clothing item, instantly making it look edgy and cool. Since a silky slip midi dress often looks too fancy for casual occasions, pairing it with classic punk-style booties is an easy way to make it more daytime appropriate. If you want to take the look even further, pair the dress and boots with an oversized leather jacket.

Clear heels

If you're worried that a midi dress will make you appear shorter than you are, consider pairing it with some clear heels. Clear heels will immediately make you appear taller, no matter what you're wearing. Even though you can wear them year-round, they are generally the perfect choice for a summery midi dress.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are currently having a huge comeback, and honestly, we're loving it. Kitten heels allow you to add some height to your look without having to commit to sky-high heels. Because of this, pairing kitten heels with a midi dress is an easy way to elevate it and instantly look chic.

Chunky sneakers

With any dress, our eye is often drawn to its hemline, and with midi dresses, that means people will instantly notice your shoes, since the dress ends just a bit above them. If you want to make a statement with your outfit, pair a midi dress with some ultra-chunky sneakers and a pair of socks that tie the whole look together.

Strappy black heels

A classic, fail-proof option is delicate strappy heels — particularly in black. Shoes like that will instantly add elegance and glamour to your outfit, regardless of how casual or chic your midi dress might be on its own. Of course, we would suggest rocking black strappy heels with a midi dress on special occasions and nights out, as an outfit like this isn't meant to be an everyday look.

Wedge heels

If you have a flowy summery midi dress in a bright color or a floral pattern, pair it with some fun wedges. This type of sandal is the perfect choice for warmer days, and while the classic option is always a wedge heel, you can also opt for a straight platform wedge, meaning that it will add height without your foot being on its tippy toes.

Heels over stockings

Wearing sandals over stockings will never not be controversial, but there is no doubt that it takes bravery to rock that look. If executed properly, a pair of strappy sandals can look great over socks or stockings. If you decide to try this combo out with a midi dress, we recommend going for the same color of sandals and stockings to get that streamlined look. The pairing will still be dramatic, just slightly less in-your-face.

Flat sandals

Since midi dresses can be worn year-round, we recommend pairing them with boots in the winter and flat sandals in the summer if you're trying to style them for a casual look. Black flat sandals and a matching bag will add the right amount of contrast to a brightly colored midi dress.

Square boots

A straight-cut midi dress is the perfect style to combine with edgier accessories, since it tends to look rather simple on its own. If socks and sandals aren't your cup of tea, maybe a pair of square boots is. Yes, combat boots would do the trick as well — but square boots are just a tad bit more unpredictable and unique.

Slide sandals

Slide sandals are a summer staple, and they look great when paired with a midi dress and a classic sun hat. Regardless of whether you're going for a walk around town or headed to the beach, sandals like these will keep you cool and stylish, no matter where your dress' hemline is hitting you!

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are the easiest way to add some classic Americana style to your outfit. A pair works with any dress, but a midi one definitely lets them shine. For a summer look, we recommend going with a pair in a lighter color, such as beige or white, and for a winter outfit, you can pair the dress with tights and brown or black cowboy booties.

Classic nude heels

Just like clear shoes, nude heels are also known for adding length to your outfit. Of course, make sure you pick a pair of heels that is the closest in color to your skin to ensure you get the most out of this effect. The best part of owning a pair of heels that match your skin perfectly is that they immediately elevate any outfit you put on — not just a midi dress!

Brown ankle boots

If combat, edgy square, or cowboy boots aren't really your style, a pair of timeless brown booties that hit just a bit above your ankle will also work perfectly with a midi dress. A comfy floral summer dress can easily be worn in colder weather if paired with comfy boots and a long warm coat!

Pointy loafers

If you want to elongate your feet but don't want to wear heels — not even the kitten ones — you can achieve a similar effect by picking pointy loafers. Apart from elongating you, they also add a touch of preppiness, making you appear as if you spent more time putting together your outfit than you actually did.

Snake print boots

Snake print boots are another major fashion statement that is timeless. They are technically patterned but also appear neutral, making them the perfect choice if you want to mix patterns in your outfit. Maximalist fashion is currently having a big moment, and snake print boots easily add more detail to any look!