Chic Ways To Wear Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only is it eye-catching and bold, but a black manicure is neutral and versatile. After all, we often wear black clothing because of its ability to match just about everything, so it's no surprise that many are choosing black nail polish for the same reasons.

Manicurist and brand owner Jin Soon Choi told PopSugar that black nail polish is rising in popularity and isn't slowing down anytime soon. "It's very hip and high fashion, so it works in any context in which you feel bold, confident, and in control," he said, adding that it's also "the ultimate gender-free nail polish shade." Once considered a color choice only for those who were looking for an edgy, goth, or grunge look, black nail polish has now gone mainstream.

Whether you're looking for a simple, minimalist manicure, a classic vibe, or something sultry and sexy, black nail polish can do it all. Here are some chic ways to wear black nail polish that will have you ready to book an appointment at your local nail salon immediately.

Classic shiny black

Black was once worn when someone wanted an edgy or gothic look, but recently it has become another classic neutral in the same vein as nude or pale pink. There's nothing quite as gorgeous as a classic, shiny black polish on perfectly manicured nails. This is a look that can be worn anywhere, for any occasion, and will always be in style.

Matte black

If you want to give your black manicure a sleek update, try applying a matte topcoat. "This trend is perfect for winter because it works nicely with deeper tones and dark, rich colors," nail artist Marian Newman told Woman's Health. We couldn't agree more. A matte finish on a classic black manicure gives you a different option from the traditional glossy finish.

Chrome black

Chrome nails have recently been a major fan favorite, and it looks like they're here to stay. This luxurious mirror effect really gained popularity last year, and the nail trend is still going strong in 2023. You can create the chrome effect with any color polish, but black chrome nails just hit differently. The dark yet shiny finish is perfect when you're looking for a sexy and sultry vibe.

Gradient black

If you love the idea of black nail polish but aren't sure you want to commit to such a dark look, celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein suggests opting for an ombré finish. "If you want a look that's more creative and less harsh than a solid black, opt for ombré black nails, she told Bustle

Inverted matte French

Take your black mani to the next level with this inverted French manicure. We love how the gold glitter polish lining the half-moon of the nail perfectly contrasts with the matte finish of the rest of the nail. This look would be stunning for an elegant evening on the town or a special occasion.

Black swirls

The abstract swirl manicure is another trend that's super popular right now, particularly because it looks stunning with every polish color. Adding one accent nail using the swirl design updates a classic black manicure and gives a bit of lightness and playfulness to the look. Take the chic route, as seen above, and use only black polish to create this swirl effect on top of a simple nude base color. 

Black French manicure

The French manicure is back in a big way this year, and we're seeing a lot of different and modern variations on this classic style. Take things a bit darker by swapping out your traditional white tips for a glossy black for a formal look that's sure to make a statement.


Add a touch of sparkle and shine by using a black glitter polish for your manicure. Whether subtle or blinding, glitter is an excellent addition to a black mani — and we're obsessed with the look. Glitter polishes can sometimes look juvenile, but this spattering of silver dust is just delicate enough to be reminiscent of a starry sky.

Minimalist nail art

We've fallen in love with this minimalist nail art. There's something so serene about a chic black manicure, isn't there? But just because you love the look of a solid polish doesn't mean you have to forego nail art altogether. This nail artist makes a huge statement with the addition of a delicate heart painted in white polish on a few accent nails. Don't forget that nail gem for extra drama! 

Shiny and matte French manicure

If you can't decide whether you like a glossy or matte manicure better, why not combine the two? In another updated twist on the classic French manicure, black glossy tips stand out beautifully against a black matte nail. This look is sleek and sexy and is the monochromatic manicure you've been dreaming of.

Dark floral nail art

Did you know that adding floral nail art to your black manicure would look so refined? We tend to see floral nail designs on a pastel or bright color base polish and not on a darker color like black, which is why this dark floral set is so stunning. These nails show you can still wear gorgeous, feminine nail art without wearing a bright color.

Black on black nail art

This monochromatic nail art is giving us total vampy vibes. Long, almond-shaped nails are super sexy when painted black, but we love how these silver and grey circles add a completely different dimension to this manicure. The addition of some simple nail art can truly elevate a manicure and give you a totally different look. 


Create a unique and different manicure using nail stamps. The black polish seems marbled to perfection when paired with a neutral base color. This is a great way to add a different design to your manicure without committing to a solid polish color. Because black goes with everything, you can get more creative while still keeping your manicure neutral.

Gold leaf

If you want to take your black manicure to the next level, why not try a gold leaf design? The gold leaf on two accent nails completely transforms this solid black manicure. The gold provides such a luxe contrast with the black, creating a rich look that can be worn during the day or night.

Quartz-inspired nails

Although a black manicure is anything but basic, sometimes it's nice to add just a bit of color to brighten things up. Look how cool this black-and-white quartz effect looks! This nail artist combines a matte black polish with chrome white for a truly interesting manicure that is bold and beautiful.