The Vibrant Color That Is Taking Over For Pink In Streetwear Style

You can thank Valentino for the pink that has reigned in fashion over the last year, but finally, it seems we have left pink in the past. While we are still seeing pops of pink here and there, it seems that influencers are giving another color a chance: green. Green isn't just for St. Patrick's Day anymore. Instead, it's making its mark as a year-round must-have color for your wardrobe. We're not just talking about subtle shades of green either; neon, pastel, muted, lime, jade, you name it — it's likely in style this season.

Green has had moments of popularity since late 2020 when it was featured in Daniel Lee's Spring 2021 collection for Bottega Veneta. As fashion does, the color has now trickled down to be featured on items at many of our favorite affordable retailers, making it more accessible to the general public. It is now one of the most desired colors in fashion and everyone from celebrities to street-style stars is rocking the look. If you want to try out this season's hottest color, we have curated eight outfit combos to rock that will leave you looking and feeling trendy.

Green handbags are a must

An ode to one of the original Bottega pieces that brought green to the forefront, a green handbag should be a must in your wardrobe. Luckily, they are plentiful from both high-end designer and contemporary brands. Green is also a hue that rarely clashes with other shades. It looks like a fun pop of color against neutrals, whereas it looks like color blocking against other brights. You really cannot go wrong!

Monochrome outfits

Monochrome is never a bad idea when it comes to a trending color. Full green outfits are an influencer-favorite way to rock the shade. Matching sets, pantsuits, and jumpsuits are all acceptable ways to get the look. We love how Instagram fashion influencer @megan_kelly14 brings the shade into her wardrobe with a comfortable pleated button up set, giving us the best of both worlds.

Move over neutrals- green trousers are in

Who says pants have to be boring? Mix up your look with a pair of green trousers. These trousers will pair well with the neutral tops in your wardrobe best, though they can be great for a color-blocking moment too. Our preferred way to style the piece is as a pop of color in a minimalist look. Try adding a neutral top, neutral shoes, and some minimal accessories for the ultimate cool-girl look.

50 shades of green

Your pieces don't need to be the same shade of green to match perfectly. In fact, many people embrace multiple shades of green in their outfits. Instagram fashion influencer @sonjaleigh does it best as she pairs a printed dress featuring a teal green with lime green shoes and a kelly green bag.

Pops of green

Green is a fun way to add color to your favorite outfits, even if you are not a colorful kind of girl. Pops of green are perfect for someone who isn't ready to go all the way with full green clothing pieces. Try incorporating green into your favorite additions, whether it is a pair of sunglasses, a hat, or even a scarf. A green accessory can be the perfect way to spice up a neutral look.

Green and white is a sporty color combo

Green and white is a common outfit color combo for preppy and sporty styles. Think of Wimbledon and The Master's Tournament, both full of the two colors. This is why we often see green and white outfits paying tribute to traditionally preppy sports. Charleston-based Instagram fashion influencer @sarahweisbrod is a lover of preppy fashion and she showcases a kelly green and white outfit that is both fashion-forward and sporty.

Green is perfect for classic silhouettes

You don't have to branch out from your favorite silhouettes to try this new trending color. Luckily, with green's current popularity in fashion, it is easy to find your favorite styles in the color. Particularly, we see plenty of dresses with traditional silhouettes being transformed into the hue of the moment.

We love a green sweatsuit

Being in the era of working from home, we all love a great sweatsuit. A matching green sweatsuit is a great way to get in on the color trend while staying comfy. There are plenty of options on the market for a green sweatsuit, ranging from the full Y2K Juicy Couture Big Bling Velour Tracksuit to a mint Text Print Hooded Tracksuit set from Boohoo. Truly, there is a green sweatsuit for every aesthetic!