4 Signs That Probably Won't Work With A Pisces

What is there not to love about a Pisces? Pisces are known to have deeply creative minds, often excelling in artistic endeavors like writing or drawing. Their creative sensibilities lead them to be romantic, compassionate, sensitive, and enlightened. It seems these traits arise from the sign being ruled by Neptune.

Everything about dating a Pisces feels like a unique experience. What makes them great partners is their ability to listen. The sign's emotional intelligence allows them to use quality time to work through their partners' problems and gives them the space they need to air out their emotional grievances. They are not ones to judge but it's still important to watch what you say. A Pisces can be very sensitive, which could be a lot to deal with at times, due to their empathetic nature. Regarding interpersonal relationships, Pisces are most compatible with signs that connect the most with their spiritual, emotional, and creative side. However, certain signs mesh with a Pisces like oil and water, and they should seriously consider avoiding them.

A Gemini cannot handle a Pisces emotions

When it comes to Gemini/Pisces parings they can often experience long-term struggles. Emily Newman, a psychic reader, and astrologer explained to Well + Good that fundamental issues keep them from being together. According to Newman, while the friendly and intelligent nature usually draws the Pisces in, Geminis can't handle the emotional intensity that a Pisces can bring to the relationship. The willingness that Pisces has to put their feelings out there is usually not met with reciprocation due to Gemini's disciplined and emotionally distant ways. Newman said, "Gemini is extremely disciplined, and these contrasts make it impossible for them to form a harmonious connection, so while they both have the finest physical chemistry, their differences make everything bitter."

What could make this a volatile combination is when both Gemini and Pisces are having bad days. Both zodiac signs are susceptible to random mood swings — Pisces because of their emotional water connection and Gemini because they are, after all, the twins — which could lead to intense arguments and an overall unhealthy relationship.

A Sagittarius and a Pisces are complete opposites

The communication style between Pisces and Sagittarius leads to serious issues. Sagittarius often pride themselves on being very reserved with their emotions, which could cause Pisces to feel slighted by their emotional distance. This is due to Pisces always having their hearts on their sleeves which is not how the Sagittarius is used to functioning. Tara Bennet, a spiritual coach, explained to Bustle, that to create a long-lasting relationship, the Sagittarius needs to get out of their comfort zone and communicate their feelings effectively. She added, "As long as Sagittarius can show tact and diplomacy, Pisces' feelings will remain intact."

When issues occur, Sagittarius and Pisces often have different problem-solving techniques. Pisces tend to deal with issues head-on, as opposed to Sagittarius who would much rather ignore the problem. Stina Garbis, a professional astrologer and psychic, told Bustle, "Their conversations may be light due to Sagittarius' uncaring disposition, which may upset Pisces who likes to take things seriously."

An Aquarius aloof style could be a problem

Like the previous signs, Aquarius have trouble expressing their feelings, especially to their Pisces partner. While they do care deeply about the people and the world around them, they struggle to outwardly express them. They are more comfortable keeping their true feelings to themselves, which could often lead to close family and friends not being able to fully read them emotionally. Their emotionally distant ways creates an inevitable clash when dealing with Pisces' emotional state. "Aquarius fails to properly comprehend Pisces, which leads Pisces to believe that they are not receiving the attention and care they need," Newman explained to Well + Good. This could lead to major insecurity in the Pisces, as well as creating a new struggle within the relationship.

Newman continued on explaining that the free and outgoing nature that comes with an Aquarius juxtaposes the Pisces' more grounding nature which could also cause complications in their communication.

The hot-headed Aries is not good for a Pisces

An Aries and Pisces are a match made in hell. Amongst all of the signs listed, the two are the least compatible and with good reasoning. When an Aries approaches conversation they could often be very blunt and say directly what's on their mind at a moment's notice. This could be catastrophic when in a relationship with a Pisces who is prone to taking everything to heart due to their own sensitivity.

The consequences of this relationship could lead to the Pisces becoming closed off and even suppressing their own needs in a relationship. An Aries on the other hand could also become increasingly more frustrated at how the Pisces display their feelings, which could lead to serious clashes in both of their personalities. To create a healthy relationship, both the Aries and Pisces need to be open to each other's sensitivities and manage their communication accordingly.