Tech-Neck: How Constantly Staring Down At Your Phone May Be Causing Wrinkles

Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed that you have lines on your neck that weren't there before? As we age, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear around the front of our neck. So, what do our phones have to do with it? We spend a lot of time on our phones to keep us connected with our friends and family. Tech rules the world, even most careers require us to check in on messages or emails daily. However, constantly looking down and being in a hunched-over position can cause unwanted wrinkles in the front of the neck.


Depending on factors such as our genetics and environment, as we age, fine lines become unavoidable. Sun exposure, dehydration, and smoking are some risk factors we can avoid to prevent neck wrinkles from forming. Does it also mean that we have to stop looking at our phones to prevent those lines in the neck? Now, let's explore tech-neck wrinkles and what, if anything, you can do about them.

What is tech-neck?

The term "tech-neck" is a relatively new phrase buzzing around the beauty scene. According to the Spine Institute of North America, tech-neck is actually referred to as cervical kyphosis. This condition is caused by the humpback slouch people start to develop when they spend too much time looking down at their phone or device. Not only does this repetitive movement cause strain on the neck, but it can also contribute to upper back pain, headaches, abnormal curvature of the spine, and wrinkles in the neck.


Did you know that our heads weigh between 10 and 15 pounds? When we bend the neck forward even 15 degrees to look down at the phone, it doubles the weight of the head. This added pressure is sure to add lines to the neck. Over time, the strain and constant pressure we put on the front of the neck cause wrinkles. Because most wrinkles are caused by repeated movements like squinting and smiling, it makes sense that repeatedly looking down at the phone will increase the wrinkles on the front of the neck.

How to avoid tech-neck

Obviously, decreasing the time spent on your phone is the best way to avoid unwanted neck wrinkles and creases. However, there are some other preventative ways to avoid tech-neck that you should be aware of. How you look at your phone is the first thing to consider. Make a conscious effort to hold your phone at eye level instead of down below your chest. Consider investing in a stand-up desk if you work at a laptop all day, or prop your laptop up on a stand to help straighten out your neck. Improving your posture can help to straighten the cervical spine, thus lifting your head and decreasing neck wrinkles. If you notice your neck and upper shoulders start to ache after a day working at a desk, listen to your body and correct your posture to avoid tech-neck. 


Another great way to deal with neck wrinkles is to use skincare products and trends such as peptides, serums, retinol, and sunscreen to prevent them in the first place. Remember that skincare doesn't end at your jawline. Always moisturize your neck in addition to your face, and exfoliate the neck regularly. Including your neck in your skincare routine will help offset the damage caused by tech-neck.