Sara Halcumb

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Battle Ground, Washington
Lower Columbia College Nursing Program, Concordia University
Preventative Health, Yoga And Meditation, Sustainable Living
  • Sara is a registered nurse, and in that capacity she was a contributing wellness expert for Vancouver Family Magazine, the largest family magazine in Southwest Washington state.
  • Sara is fitness instructor at a local Jiu-Jitsu gym, certified in both Yoga for BJJ and Suples Strength Training. Her wealth of knowledge in the fitness space sets the tone for her articles, where she aims to show people easy ways to live happier and healthier.
  • She co-owned a Minimalism blog where she fell in love with everything related to sustainable living, eco-topics, and environmentalism. As a third-generation gardener, Sara's knowledge of living off the land is a sustainable source of inspiration for her articles.


Sara has cared for a diverse group of people in her nursing practice, from babies on up the lifespan. She has primarily worked in an outpatient setting, providing advice to her patients on ways to prevent illness. Upon reaching thousands of people through her minimalism and wellness blog in 2018, Sara realized that through her writing she could educate large groups of people on ways to be healthier. Her medical background and literary knowledge provided her with an opportunity to write for Cecelia Health, a virtual health company supporting cardiovascular patients. Sara's first-hand expertise in healthcare has made it possible for her to become an expert contributor to various online and printed publications.


Sara is a graduate of Lower Columbia College's Nursing Program, and has been in healthcare over a decade. She uses her extensive medical background to produce accurate, trustworthy, and informative content centered around preventative health.

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