What To Know About Keratin Lash Lift Aftercare

There are two types of lash girlies: the lash lift girls and the lash extension girls. A keratin lash lift can be mistaken for a lash perm, but they're very different. Keratin lash lift is a professional treatment that lifts and curls your natural lashes from base to tip, giving the illusion of false lashes. It lasts about eight to 10 weeks, which is as long as a natural eyelash cycle. The chemical solution used is keratin, which is what your eyelashes are made of, so it protects your lashes keeping them strong and healthy. A lash perm uses a perming solution, but lash perms aren't accessible anymore. In addition to the keratin lash lift, most people get a lash tint on top of the lift to make their lashes darker and stand out.


The keratin lash lift process is similar for everyone, except for the size of the rod the esthetician will use, so your esthetician should give you a rundown on the process. They'll evaluate your lashes, prep your eyes with the rod, apply and set the keratin, apply the tint, and clean up the area all in about an hour. If you get your lashes done, you know that aftercare is vital to keeping your lashes in good condition until your next appointment. So here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Avoid getting water on them between 24 to 48 hours

The first thing to remember for lash lift aftercare is to avoid getting your lashes wet. You don't want to wash your eyes, cry, or get trapped in the rain; the chemical will dissolve, and the effects will wear off. Also, you don't want to feel like you have wasted your money or time by getting them wet. An easy way to keep your lashes dry is by having a couple of makeup-free days where you're not tempted to put mascara on that will have to be removed with makeup remover.


However, if you feel like you're someone who can't go a day without makeup, you'll want to use makeup wipes or micellar water on cotton rounds to remove your base makeup. On the other hand, a warm soaked cloth towel will help remove makeup if you apply your cleanser to the surrounding eye areas. In addition, you'll want to avoid being around steam, such as in a sauna, because it can also weaken the effect of the keratin.

Be gentle with your eyelashes

A lash lift is a game changer to the face's appearance, so it can be tempting to check the mirror multiple times to see how they look. Yet, you want to avoid touching them at all costs and be gentle with your lashes. Avoid rubbing and tugging at them to prevent the keratin or tint from rubbing off or losing their shape. Plus, your fingers hold oils that could also break down the chemical formula. The first couple of nights can be tricky, but you don't want to sleep on your face because the pressure from the pillows will also affect the shape of the lashes.


If you notice any redness after your treatment, you can apply a cool, damp cotton compress to the eye area. Put light pressure on the eye area to prevent messing up the curl. However, if there's swelling or irritation for more than 24 hours, seek medical assistance.

Skip facial beauty treatments

For at least 24 hours, you want to skip any additional facial beauty treatments or unique treatments that will up your facial game. Facials involve aestheticians performing a variety of skin-clearing techniques, such as face masks, cleansers, unclogging pores, and exfoliating that allow them to touch your face. If they accidentally get water on your lashes, it could ruin them. Also, even though they often use gloves during facial treatments, they can accidentally touch your lashes with their gloved or non-gloved hands and any brushes they use to apply the treatments.


The tint on the lashes will start to wear off once they start growing, which takes about two to three weeks, so avoiding any facial treatments and touching your face will allow them to last that long. If you want to give yourself an at-home facial, stick to undereye masks and peel-off face masks to avoid using water. Use cotton rounds to clean up any extra product from the masks, and apply your skincare products above the eyebrows, along the sides of your cheeks, and down to your chin.

Don't use oil-based cleansers

Avoid using oil-based cleaners after getting a keratin lash lift because it will make the tint fade and affect the curl. It's best to stay away from the oil cleansers the entire time you have the lash lift because it can still cause the keratin to deteriorate at any time. You can use an oil-based cleanser on the rest of your face, but be sure to clean it with a damp towel, so you don't have to get your lashes wet. In addition to cleansing oils, avoid cleansing balms and facial oils if you want your lash lift to last its entire cycle.


While avoiding oil-based products on your eyes for the first 24 hours is crucial, remove them with micellar water or a makeup remover wipe if you do any eye makeup. Adding micellar water to a cotton round gives you more control over leaving the lashes alone while removing your eye makeup.

Avoid eye makeup

While you don't have to stop doing eye makeup the entire time you have your lash lift, you should avoid it for the first couple of days. Then, you don't have to wash it off and ruin your lashes. Plus, you want to allow your lash lift to be fully set because ingredients in some makeup products can weaken the lift.


In addition to eye makeup, you want to avoid eyelash curlers and mascara, especially waterproof mascara. Your lashes will already have the perfect natural curl some eyelashes can't give you, but if you curl the lash lift, you could ruin your lashes. As for mascara, you can apply it after 48 hours to give the lashes a pronounced look, but with the lash tint, you shouldn't need additional mascara. It'll require you to do more work to take it off and harm the treatment. The more you're cautious with your lashes, the better the results will be, including their longevity.

Use a lash serum in between sessions

Your lash lift won't last forever, so you'll need to book a new appointment every seven to eight weeks. However, when you start to get near the end of your eyelash cycle, applying a lash serum every night for two weeks before your next treatment can help strengthen your lashes and prepare them for their next session. You don't want to apply the lash serum the night before your appointment, so start your two weeks a day early. Even though the lash lift gives your natural lashes a gorgeous look, the chemical solution can still weaken them, so you want to boost them.


There are different lash serums to try, but if you have a favorite one, stick to that one to prevent any side effects from a new serum. If you've never tried a lash serum before, purchase a couple of different ones in case you react badly to one, and you'll have a backup serum. Castor oil is excellent to use as a lash serum and suitable for most skin types since it's natural oil. You can find it at an affordable price anywhere.

Research a good lash technician

The best thing you can do for your natural lashes is research and find an excellent and qualified lash technician. Estheticians should be certified and licensed to be adequately qualified for the job. You don't want your lashes to be damaged during the process, and you don't want to get any infections. Do your research beforehand by talking to people you know who have gotten a lash lift, read reviews of the studio or esthetician, and ask questions ahead of time if you have any concerns.


A great esthetician or lash technician will be able to put your worries at rest and have answers to all your questions. On the other hand, look out for how much the service will cost. Most lash lift services range from $75 to $200, depending on your location, so if you see prices lower, then you should find a different professional to go to. It's better to be safe and pay the average for a great experience rather than get a discount for a bad one.