Inside TikTok's Viral Concealer Blending Technique That Promises A Natural Finish

Concealer is probably the closest thing to magic we have on earth. Usually discovered through introductory lessons to makeup, it has proven to be one of the most transformative products in your beauty bag. A concealer is usually the shade of the individual's skin tone, or even a shade or two lighter or darker depending on the placement of the face. The product can be used in both liquid and solid form depending on the user's preference.


Originally, the goal of concealer was to cover blemishes, dark circles, or imperfections. However, over the years people have evolved the use of their concealer, after techniques like the triangle method were popularized. The trending method requires dragging concealer and creating two large triangles under the eyes before blending it out. The concealer in this hack usually two shades lighter than the skin to help highlight the cheekbones. However, some experts believe this technique is actually a common concealer mistake that can ruin your whole look. To fix the issue, TikTok's latest technique aims for a subtle concealer to transform their makeup looks.

The blending method

London-based makeup artist Wayne Goss has never been shy about his critique of the triangle method, as seen in the above TikTok video. He explained the issues he saw with the method in more depth on his YouTube channel that draws in roughly 3.97 million subscribers. "People don't understand that what you blend extends," he told his fans. "So rather than applying concealer in this big triangle, you need to understand that when you start to blend it you're going to be moving it anyway, so you don't need to apply it as much, and in that exact shape in order to get the same effect."


To create a more flattering concealer look, he uses a fluffy brush and works it into the concealer. This requires a thin layer of product that is worked around the eye. This method doesn't let you lose any coverage, but it still has a subtle effect. From there you take a beauty blender and press the concealer into the skin.

Getting the most out of the blending method

When applying the blending method, there are a few things to keep in mind. When putting on concealer, it's essential to choose the right concealer shade for you. This is because in order to create a subtle and lifted effect for the under-eye area, it's important to use a concealer that has the correct undertone and is no more than two shades lighter than the skin. Picking the wrong color could lead to an unnatural finish that looks muddy or orange on the individual.


To make sure the concealer stays in place all day, it's important to follow up with a setting powder of choice. Use a fluffy brush and spread the powder to cover all areas of the concealer. This should create a flawless and matte look, without packing the powder on like you would with the baking method.