Yes, You Need A Shearling Coat In Your Closet. Here's Why

Just because a coat is practical and a forever piece, doesn't mean it has to be boring. Shearling coats are taking their place next to everyday favorites, such as the wool trench, puffer, and pea coat. They deserve this right, as they have been around even longer than most of these classic designs. By the time the First World War rolled around, the shearling bomber jacket had even become a staple for airmen, as it was both breathable and warm (via Flight Jackets). These jackets are made to last, which is why you can even find some in great condition today at thrift stores and resale shops.

The shearling coat is a must because it's such a versatile piece, in both the way it is created and how it can be styled. Founder of Shoreditch Ski Club Wil Beedle tells Harper's Bazaar that shearling jackets "have a kind of transformational quality, which, unlike many jackets, means you can throw them on with jogging bottoms and slides, and still look super chic." While there are classic colors, lengths, and shearling placements, there are also new and unique ways to take on the staple piece. We have curated seven fun ways to wear the shearling coat this season.

The longline shearling

The longline coat is a staple in any wardrobe. Why not spice up your traditional longline coat with a shearling version? Whether it is traditional with shearling interior or full shearling, it is certain to make a statement. Instagram influencers everywhere love the trend, especially stylist Laura Mullett, who says her leather longline coat with shearling interior is her ideal pick for chilly and rainy weather.

Lining a bomber jacket

The shearling bomber was one of the original styles of the shearling jacket, so it makes sense that it is still a popular choice today. The outer shell is often leather or suede, whereas the interior is a cozy, warm shearling. This is a unisex style that is easy for anyone to pull off, including Tom Cruise, who rocked the style in the newest "Top Gun" movie. The publicity surrounding the movie only made the bomber jacket more popular, as now designer brands such as Khatie are selling high-fashion versions of the classic coat.

Peacoat style

The classic peacoat is a short, double-breasted coat that is often known in the fashion world as a more nautical and preppy piece. This season, fashion lovers are re-writing the narrative and turning this classic piece into something more comfortable with the help of shearling. As more of us than ever work from home, we want a more casual coat to put over our leggings and sweatshirts. Barefoot Dreams is just one of the many brands that got the memo, as they created their CozyChic Shearling Peacoat with the look of a peacoat and the feel of your favorite shearling blanket.

Shearling details

If the 2000 film "Almost Famous" left you wanting the unique "Penny Lane" coat, you are not alone. Luckily, it is simple to find a dupe this season, as coats with shearling details have risen in popularity once again. Though that particular coat had a very bohemian feel, you can now find a shearling detailed coat that fits almost any aesthetic. Whether it be a cute leather trench with shearling cuffs or a suede coat with long shearling trim, the beauty is truly all in the details.

The cropped jacket

The cropped style isn't leaving the fashion scene anytime soon, so why not bring the trend into your coat closet? Coats and cropped may seem like an oxymoron, but when it comes to a shearling coat, the cropped look is a great choice. It brings a more fashion-forward choice to the front of your outfit, while still keeping you warm. Instagram fashion influencer Elisabeth Touli shows us how the style can take an outfit from boring to chic as she pairs her cropped, shearling-lined coat over a basic black outfit for the ultimate pop.

Colorful shearling

Shearling isn't all black and white. In fact, it can be any color of the rainbow. With more vibrant aesthetics on the rise, it is only natural for shearling coats to be just as bright. While it is easy to get tacky with such vibrant fur (and faux-fur), luxury brands seem to have the trend nailed. From Coach to Apparis, all of the brands are pulling out their wildest stops to keep customers bright and on trend this season.

Suede with inner shearling

The classic combo of suede with a shearling inner lining will never go out of style. The style is great for a cozy and casual look. Brown suede with white inner shearling was a common combo for coats in the 1960s and '70s, which now creates a more retro feel to the classic piece. We personally love the coat styled down with dark denim, boots, and a sweater, as we see on fashion Instagram influencer, Jess Sheppard.