Here's How To Handle Your Partner Watching Your Fave Show Without You

When in a relationship, certain bonding moments create a great repour between you and your partner. For some, it's grand gestures like big dates and vacations, while for others it is the little things like creating a common routine. According to Kalamazoo Therapy Group, routine is important in every relationship because it creates a sense of stability between the couple. Having breakfast together, running errands, and bonding over your shared favorite show can not only bring the two of you closer together but could also be a great sign of a healthy relationship.


When a partner goes and watches a show without their television buddy, there is no surprise that there would be some hurt there. This has become a special time between the two of you, where you guys get to cuddle up and talk about the twist and turns of the show. While in relationships, it's easy to overthink your partner's actions, there are simple ways to handle this situation.

Agree to a one show limit

There are quite a few reasons why your partner could have decided to watch your favorite shows without you. Sometimes conflicting schedules can make it hard to watch the show together, which leads to your partner watching an episode without you. Other times the partner in question didn't think much about the importance of watching TV together and decided to go on and binge a few episodes. Regardless of the reasons, the best course of action is to simply establish rules for your partner that set a clear boundary.


If there are time constraints or your partner was just itching to watch, create a one-show limit. Creating a limit allows your partner a chance to catch up on the show without watching a whole season without you. If they decide to watch the show, make sure to clarify you don't want any spoilers and you guys can rewatch the show together when you both have time. 

Establish what show is off limits

While we all love watching television with our partners, some shows mean more to you than others. Instead of getting upset when they watch certain shows without you, decide which show or shows you guys should strictly watch together. By creating a hierarchy on which shows need to be saved for when you can both watch them, it allows your partner other substitutes when they want to watch television shows without you.


Once you pick your shows, create a specific schedule. According to Fatherly, having a specific schedule allows people to stay ahead of spoilers and still be up to date on the pop culture conversation surrounding the show. Try to watch the show within 48 hours after it airs so you guys have something to look forward to. Creating schedules is another way to create boundaries between you and your partner. While it might feel odd to have a schedule to watch television, it might be helpful in the long run.