13 Best Places To Buy Jeans Online That Guarantee A Perfect Fit

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There is arguably no wardrobe staple more iconic than a good pair of jeans. Sitting at the top of the timeless fashion pyramid (alongside the white T-shirt), it's incredible what the right cut and fit of these pants can do for any outfit. What started in Europe as a humble trouser option for work has turned into one of the most popular items people pull from their closets every morning. Despite their origins as utility pants, jeans now span the spectrum with certain industries still wearing them for functional purposes and fashion moguls flaunting them as luxury status symbols.


You likely have a pair you adore — or a pair that you can't stop reaching for — thanks to its fabulous fit and how it jives with nearly any other garment or accessory you pair it with. If you don't, that could be, at least in part, thanks to the never-ending options available to us. You could scroll on your phone for hours and still find yourself unsure about which pair to buy. Shopping for jeans in-person is much easier. You can run to the dressing room and dump any pairs that do you dirty. Online shopping has its advantages, but it falters when it comes to finding a pair with a cut you like that doesn't gape or squeeze (though straight-leg jeans flatter every body shape if you ask us). While every body is unique and no one place will work for everyone, there are a few brands out there that many trust for finding their go-to pair of jeans. 



The fashion industry pollutes a lot, and if we use Bloomberg's pants analogy, we're tossing 70 pairs per person per year in clothing waste. This puts style fiends in a pickle. You want to buy a new pair of jeans, but the eco-friendly side of you is conflicted. Well, you can thank brands such as Everlane. Founded in 2010, the company creates timeless staples and is transparent about its manufacturing practices and how it produces clothes. Everlane even has environmental initiatives that shoppers can keep tabs on, from tackling its carbon output to tidying up the planet. It also has quite a few impressive eco credentials, like GOTS Organic Cotton Certification.


Among its dreamy, minimalist collections, you'll find that Everlane has an impressive number of jean styles to choose from. From low to high rise and a generous handful of cuts and colors to choose from, it won't be hard to come across a pair of jeans you like. Everlane even tags its jeans with the planet-friendly standards it meets, including if it's organic cotton, made without hazardous chemicals, or produced in a more ethical factory. Anyone who's struggled with finding a good length will appreciate the choice of inseam options, too.


Levi's needs no introduction, but if you're unfamiliar, get acquainted with America's original blue jeans retailer. Harking back to 1873, the brand earned a great reputation for its long-lasting, hard-wearing jeans. Said jeans from Levi's are still one of the most popular picks today, not just in miners' wardrobes, but everyone's. They're a coveted pick, with quite a large fan base that not only shops them new but scours the racks of vintage stores to find a fantastic pair. Understandably, when it comes to recommended jeans, you likely won't find a list or hear an editor rattle off a selection without Levi's getting name-dropped.


Serving women's sizes 23 to 34 with a couple of lengths thrown in, too, it's a site worth scrolling for denim, solely for its legacy. It knows jeans. If you're one who loves plenty of cuts and color options, Levi's has no shortage. From a pair of its classic indigo blue jeans to a trendier cut, it'll be on-site. If it's a warmer-weather 'fit you're after, there are quite a few pairs of shorts to peruse as well. You could even try the pinch waist jeans trend with a good ole pair of Levi's!


Abercrombie has had a renaissance. After reckoning with its style and the kind of message it was sending to shoppers, it's back and much better than before. Rather than spreading exclusivity and leaving a good portion of buyers out, it now provides clothes that fit a wide range of men, women, and children. Anyone shorter in height or with a petite frame can find a good pair of denim, as can shoppers with longer legs or who are plus-size.


You've likely seen different cuts from the retailer on social, and the hype is real. With tons of washes and styles, you'll come across a pair that works for everyday wear, a sleek set for nights out, and a pair of breezy white flares for vacay. There are plenty of options with fun details, like seams up the front, slits, and the ever-trendy criss-cross waistbands. Moms-to-be aren't left out either, as Abercrombie has a good pick of maternity pairs in its denim collection, too. 

Good American

The Kardashian fam is no stranger to producing fan-favorite fashion lines (ahem, Skims, anyone?). Though we won't rank their companies, we will commend Khloé Kardashian for creating a brand that caters to a wide range of sizes. Good American was co-founded by her and Emma Grede in 2016 with that hope exactly, reaching far more people than other denim brands were currently. If you're someone who gets aggravated by gaping at the waist or who can't find jeans a length or size that fits you, its jeans are worth browsing. 


While fortunately more brands are following suit and producing denim that goes beyond a small range of sizes, Good American also has a high-tech fabric that's different from the other styles you'll be poring through. Aptly named Always Fits, this special material can stretch and contract, meaning you can fluctuate between four different sizes and still wear the same pair. Brownie points to body positivity and promoting the normalcy of changing bodies. You're not stuck with one style, either, as this line has four cuts and a nice little gradient of colors to pick from. 

Good American didn't stop there with fun fashion science. Aside from its pull-on jeans and compression fits, it also developed jeans that stay black through numerous washes and wears. That's right, your black denim won't turn a sad powdery black after a month of owning them.



Like Levi's, Wrangler is a long-standing player in the jeans game (it's been around since 1947, to be exact). If you're not a cow-wranglin' buckaroo nor live remotely close to a farmstead, don't sweat it. Its jeans work for any occasion, yep, even the cowboy cut. That being said, if you truly do need jeans for utility reasons, Wrangler has your back (or bum, rather). It has a western, rodeo, and work collection so you can remain stylish but know that you're wearing clothes fit for the task at hand. They're not ordinary denim pieces either. The Women's Wrangle RIGGS pair, for instance, has special tech that bends and moves with you throughout the day, which lessens the chances of unwanted rips and tears. 


If style is your main motive, you've got a lot to choose from. Bootcut, straight-leg, high-waisted, and skinny are just a sampling of the eight different leg styles offered. Every closet deserves a pair (or two, or three) of blue jeans, which Wrangler has a surplus of, but if you're covered on that front, there are some more fun prints worth experimenting with. Down to go bold? Wrangler has brown daisy print denim, star-printed jeans, and nautical-themed patterns.


It's no secret that ASOS has a lot of clothes on its site. You could (undeniably) spend hours scouring its virtual racks, and if you do, don't forget to look at the jeans. The British retailer is enormous and prides itself on having over 30 sizes for its shoppers to test out. Similar to Good American, ASOS does well when it comes to catering to multiple sizes. With plus-size, petite, maternity, and tall lines, you're in pretty good hands if you've yet to find a good place to buy jeans. That's only boosted by the fact that there are over 2,300 styles to pick from. 


The brand also has a generous return policy. It's free, and you have 28 days to figure out if you like what bought (which is ideal when it comes to finding that dream pair of jeans). Whether you're after a distressed bootcut style, a pair of black skinny jeans, or even a dusty-pink pair to rock the baggy jean trend, ASOS will have it. For the fashion-forward and risk-takers, you can also pick through pleather-coated denim, shamrock green jeans, and diamante bedazzled pants. Though you're spoiled when it comes to choices, ASOS is known to go out of stock quickly (and no guarantees that cute pair of jeans is coming back). So, if you see it, grab it. 

& Other Stories

If you have a thing for Parisian style, Scandi-inspired looks, or boho classics, & Other Stories is likely already on your list of go-to shopping destinations. Founded in 2013 and owned by H&M Group, you won't be surprised to hear it roll off the tongues of influencers and editors as a secret spot to buy clothes that go beyond basics and look high quality. You might have spotted billowy blouses or lovely sundresses from here, but its jeans department shouldn't be overlooked.


If you're after bright neon colors, bold prints, or dramatic silhouettes, this won't be the place. But if stylish staples that'll stand strong through trend cycles are what you need, step up and see for yourself. Although its jeans could be labeled as basics, they have details, cuts, and colorways that just feel a touch more exciting than the standard. Case in point? Culotte jeans with tiny front pockets, a tiny kick flare at the bottom, and laced-up pants are just a few ways & Other Stories makes tiny tweaks to their denim so they look fresh but won't feel dated after a month or two of wear.

& Other Stories also makes a point of noting where its materials are more eco-friendly. For instance, some jeans are made of organic cotton, and others consist of a recycled blend of materials. It also has a section about product care on its site to lengthen the life of your picks and has a recycling program for disposing of your jeans safely (and you get a 10% discount).



The fashion industry has disappointed plus-size shoppers for a long time. Fortunately, there are brands like Torrid that won't allow for this any longer. The brand is actually owned by the same group that oversees Hot Topic (#TBT!) and it's the perfect destination for women and women-identifying individuals who love fashion but need something different from so-called "standard sizing." From dresses to bras to shoes, an online shopping spree will be in order. Its jeans are also worth shouting about. 


With 13 different styles and extra short, short, and tall lengths in addition to its classic inseam, it's a fantastic place to purchase jeans. There are mid and high-rise choices and while you can purchase a pair of classic denim, the company offers a few special materials, too. Super soft and stretch provide the look you'd expect from jeans but feel way more comfortable to wear than stiff cotton. Torrid also has its own unique sizing. It's 00 translates into a medium/large, or a size 10, and the brand goes up to a size 6, which is a 6X or 30. Additionally, Torrid has a handy "How to Wear It" section under a lot of its items, which is a dream for figuring out how you can work these cute new jeans into your wardrobe (and should really be on every shopping site).



Another brand that's probably already in your vocabulary is the Spain-based Zara. Since 1975, it has reflected high-end silhouettes and styles in its clothing but sold them at relatively affordable prices. Though it does have higher price tags on some of its items, you can expect to snag a great pair of jeans that'll last for around $50 to $60. Sure, you can shop here for the basics your closet might be missing (like straight-cut mid-wash jeans or a sturdy pair of skinnies), but because of the trendy angle, you'll be able to source some good statement options, too. 


Balloon-fit jeans, cargo pant-style denim, dramatic cross-over waists, and pooled-at-the-floor-length jeans are just a few choices out there from Zara that'll take your wardrobe up a notch if you're bored by the rest. Though mass-made jeans make it hard to find a good fit, if you're under 5'5", don't give up hope. You have to do a bit of digging, but Zara has quite a few jean styles that work well for short shoppers (despite not being labeled as short or petite).


If you have the budget to spend a little more and want to splurge on a nice pair of jeans, get Revolve on your radar. Curating pages and pages of different denim styles from mid-range brands that you're probably used to seeing on your fave influencers, including Agolde, Fiorucci, and Anine Bing. Feeling even more luxe? Revolve has a higher-end sister site called Forward for your luxury shopping needs (think: Loewe, Raf Simons, and The Row). 


From long, wide-leg trousers to high-waisted denim shorts, you'll be able to tackle most of your denim needs. The shades are plentiful as well. You can just as easily add a blue pair of jeans to your cart as you can a wild printed or pattern pair. If you're over skinny jeans or looking for something other than the looser boyfriend pair you always wear, Revolve's cut and style options won't fail.

Where it does fall short is inclusivity. Be aware that there are disappointingly not many options for petite, short, and plus-size shoppers. They go up to size 14 and have some cropped and ankle styles, but nothing more than that.


Fashion giant Nordstrom started in Seattle in 1901 and has since grown to be a global name. It's easy to spend hours getting lost in its stores, and the same can be said for its website. The beauty of Nordstrom is its breadth. There are not only a ton of jeans options, but the price range is extensive, too. You can certainly shop for a $200+ pair just as easily as one that'll cost you $30 to $50. 


It's also a great place to shop for other denim brands in one spot (rather than ordering 10 packages to your place and hoping for the best). Good American, Madewell, Mother, and Levi's are just a few familiar faces in the jeans world you can buy here. Nordstrom also developed an even better way to ensure a perfect fit. The store has on-site alteration studios, so if you order online and aren't loving the fit for one reason or another, it might just need some tailoring. Plus, if you're a Nordy's Club member, you can get some free denim tweaks. Dream jeans, here you come.


Also owned by H&M Group, any fashion minimalist or lover of Scandinavian-inspired style will have pieces from COS in their closet. While the colors can be bright and cuts bold, COS never strays too far from its sophisticated look. Its "trendier" pieces aren't too OTT and will likely last you after a trend is long gone. COS is another brand that's known for catering to the longer-legged folks out there, but it has several lengths available that make it easier to find a better fit, such as ankle and regular length.


The store has a concise collection of four silhouettes to choose from — straight, bootcut/flare, tapered, and wide — that come in a variety of shades, cuts, and configurations. Want a denim trench or dress? Here's where you'll find that, too. While giant conglomerates can only be so "eco," COS will appeal to more earth-conscious shoppers over other fast fashion operations as it has several sustainability projects its puts effort into. One of COS' biggest goals is to sustainably source 100% of its fabrics by 2025.


For an investment pair of jeans that prioritizes sustainability, start working your way over to RE/DONE. Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur co-founded the company and presented it to the world in 2014. As any vintage hunter knows, it's difficult finding jeans from decades past that fit well. The goal for Barron and Mazur was to take vintage denim and tailor it to fit wearers and look more modern. It worked, and RE/DONE is renowned for its fabulous-fitting (albeit spendier) jeans.


Branching into women's, men's, and other clothes and types of denim (like jackets), it's worth searching the site for that coveted piece you're happy to spend a little more on. It's not overflowing with options, but you can sift through drain pipe, straight cut, cropped, and stove pipe cuts as well as denim skirts and shorts. While most vintage denim is the original stiff and hard-wearing cotton fabrication, don't think you're going to be getting uncomfortable pants. The denim is broken in, but not only that, RE/DONE has different stretch options, including comfort stretch, extra stretch, and rigid. We've all got our jeans preferences, but, ultimately, these are a few of our favorite size-inclusive fashion brands.