Puffed Up: Padded Fashion Is Having A Soft & Cozy Moment

Fashion month has now come to a close and one trend spotted throughout seemed to "puff up" across every city — padded fashion. It is safe to say that luxe fashion is now simultaneous with soft and cozy. Street style was noticeably comfortable, but also quite maximalist as it seemed most basics were overly padded. "I feel like maximalist fashion has been having a moment lately so I think it'll definitely have a really strong moment," content creator and founder of Making it in Manhattan Caroline Vazzana told New York Post when speaking on what she believes is to come of the puffy trend.

TikTok creator Tariro Makoni created her own theory as to why puffy fashion is on fire this season when she noticed Prada beginning to sell extremely puffy versions of their fan-favorite items. "It makes sense that we would start to see themes of insulation, dissociation, escapism, being reflected in what people choose to wear," says Makoni, as she explains that people are trying to get comfortable and escape the anxieties of everyday life. No matter why you may choose to wear the puffed-up fashion trend, we have curated eight ways to get cozy and get the look.

Padded handbags

Padded and puffy handbags seem to be a favorite piece when it comes to this soft and cozy fashion moment. What could be better than a squishy handbag to squeeze at your side all day? Contemporary luxe brands seem to be the biggest fans of the trend. "It-girl" brand Simon Miller has hopped on the trend with their Turnover bag, which features puffy vegan leather in a variety of colors.

Pillowy coats

The world turned upside down the moment Kendall Jenner posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing Loewe's Puffer bomber jacket. Pillowy and puffy coats have been having a moment ever since. We love seeing these jackets styled casually, to keep the wearer feeling as comfortable as the look- considering they look like they are wearing a literal pillow.

Shoes with squish

Shoes with a bit of cushion are no stranger to the internet at this point. Just recently, MSCHF exploded in popularity due to their comically puffy Big Red Boot which is now reselling for over $1,000 on most platforms. Unlike Moon Boot, which makes squishy shoes for winter weather, other brands are simply making puffy shoes for the "wow" factor.

Puffed up headbands on the rise

If you follow any beauty influencer on TikTok or Instagram, you have probably seen them put on a large puffy headband during a "Get Ready With Me" style video. Now, people are wearing these big puffy headbands outside of the house. Luxury brands such as Prada and Miu Miu have created their own versions donning their logos, which makes a super sophisticated statement if you would like to subtly take on the puffy trend.

Puffy takes on popular items

When Prada first introduced their puffy items, it was simply many padded spins on their traditional items. They found a way to take cult-favorite pieces and turn them into something on trend at the moment for consumers to snatch up quickly. For example, the classic Prada Monolith loafer is now also available in a puffy version known as the soft padded nappa leather loafers. We also have seen handbags from Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent become available in both traditional and puffy versions.

Puffer pants

Puffy doesn't stop with just tops and accessories, it goes all the way down to the pants. It doesn't have to be as intense as Sam Smith's extremely puffy look at the 2023 Grammys, but your pants can still be noticeably puffed up. Affordable luxury brand Maniére De Voir has the perfect vegan leather quilted joggers that combine just the right amount of puff and luxe fashion.

Quilted and puffy

Quilted and puffy reminds us of our grandma's quilts, always warm and cozy. This is why many of us choose to bring quilted, puffy styles into our wardrobes. This often reflects itself as a quilted and puffy coat, as it can be both fashion-forward and a source of warmth on colder days.

We cannot forget the shoulder pads

Shoulder pads have casually popped up in fashion over the past several years and seem to only be growing in popularity now that society has formed a greater obsession with padded clothing. You will look like an '80s dream when you add puffy shoulder pads to your look, whether they are in your favorite casual t-shirt or skirt suit. We are excited to see how this trend develops throughout the season.