The Best Tool For Applying Tinted Moisturizer Is Free

Sometimes foundation is just too much. The makeup product can feel heavy and provide a lot more coverage than you might be looking for. For those reasons alone, many have opted to add a tinted moisturizer to their routine. Tinted moisturizer is described by No7 Beauty as a hybrid between "a foundation and a day cream." The goal is to add light coverage to the skin while also providing hydration as well.


Tinted moisturizers are amazing in the sense that they help aid in skincare. Not only does it help supplement the moisturizer you are already using, but if there is sunscreen in the tinted moisturizer, it's perfect to use to reapply your SPF even if you're wearing makeup

There are many ways to apply a tinted moisturizer on the face. We all have our specific beauty tools, like beauty blenders or brushes, that we depend on to get a flawlessly blended look. However, the secret to tinted moisturizer might be ditching all of those for an easy free alternative.

Leave the brushes and use your hands

Tinted moisturizers are excellent in the sense that you don't need any beauty tools. This product can be incorporated into your skincare regimen easily without needing any extra steps. According to MasterClass, it's best to start by cleansing the face to help get rid of dirt and oils, as well as to stop it from drying out. From there, prep the skin with your favorite moisturizer to lock in hydration and stop the skin from flaking throughout the day.


Afterward, apply the tinted moisturizer to the skin using your fingers and blend in a circular motion. According to L'Oréal's website, this is the best method to make your skin smooth and even under the product. "Take a small amount and blend from the center of the face out, much like you would apply a daytime moisturizer," advises Giorgio Armani celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn. 

Pick the best tinted moisturizer

At the end of the day, the type of tinted moisturizer you buy matters just as much as how you apply it. While tinted moisturizers are usually light in coverage, it is best to buy from beauty brands that have inclusive shade ranges to make sure you look your best. According to MasterClass, the best way to find your right match is to test the tinted moisturizer on your jawline or wrist. Go out into the sunlight and see if the tinted moisturizer has the shade you have been looking for.


Also, keep in mind that your skin type matters when choosing a tinted moisturizer; not taking your skin type into account can ruin the overall look. Those with dryer skin types should prioritize products with more moisturizing ingredients, like glycerin, to keep your skin supple throughout the day. If you have oily skin, it's best to get a mattifying product to stop the skin from looking too shiny. You can also top your moisturizer with a setting powder to take away some of the dewiness.