The Simple Way To Measure Your Hat Size

Whether you have a full collection of hats or you only wear one for a special occasion, this staple accessory has been a part of human history since ancient times. Both women and men have been wearing hats for centuries, but it wasn't always for fashion purposes. Some people wore them to identify their position in society. Others used hats as a way to protect their heads from the sun.


Barnebys states that the first hat shops popped up around the 13th century, and it was then that European hat makers began creating pieces for eye-catching fashion purposes. Women began flaunting them to display their wealth and status, and royalty similarly adopted the practice. Today, hats are not just seen as an accessory reserved for the rich and powerful — anyone can start their own collection, and what you decide to wear is entirely up to you.

That being said, it can help to have an idea of your hat size before you begin shopping. If you've ever shopped for baseball caps before, you might have seen stickers with numbers like "6 7/8" on them. These are actual measurements that let customers know how the hat will fit, assuming it cannot be adjusted. Here is how you can measure your hat size and shop smart.


How to find your traditional hat size

If you're shopping for a traditional-style hat — one that sits directly above your brows — all you need is a tape measure to determine your hat size. It's important to use a textile measuring tape, which is made of a softer material than a metal measuring tape and can be securely wrapped around your head. To start measuring, begin at the center of the back of your head, moving toward your forehead with the tape. Stop once you reach the point above your eyebrows, and verify the measurement on the centimeter side of the tape.


Generally speaking, most hats are measured and sold according to their size in centimeters, but it's not uncommon to see them marked in inches as well. On average, the head circumference for women is 55 centimeters (57 centimeters for men). If you don't have a textile measuring tape on hand, any piece of string will do. Using a piece of yarn or similar material, you can repeat the same measuring process to find your traditional hat size.

How to find your halo-style hat size

A halo-style hat is slightly different than a traditional hat in the way it sits on your head. Typically, the front of a halo-style hat is raised, and it sits comfortably on the back of your head. Many brimmed hats are halo-style hats, and baseball caps often fall into this category as well. Finding your halo-style hat size is similar to determining your traditional hat size — all you need is a textile measuring tape.


Start at the back of your head, positioning the tape just above your neck. From here, move forward toward your eyebrows. If you don't have a textile measuring tape, you can use a piece of string to use the same hack for measuring your traditional hat size.

Keep in mind that halo-style hats are typically smaller in size than traditional hats. For this reason, you might want to size down if you find yourself in between sizes while shopping.