Lip 'Blosses' Are Officially In (Because Who Doesn't Love A Product That Does It All?)

Sorry, matte lip fans. "Blosses" are the must-have lip wear stealing the show this season. Bloss is the latest lip trend that fuses lip gloss and balm for a uniquely natural look, and it's been spotted on beauty gurus across the globe. Beloved by celebs and creators alike, the shimmering lip tint is easily identifiable by its trademark glow. "Compared to a traditional lip balm, you can see the high shine finish of [bloss]," influencer Sarah Chey told fans on TikTok. The irresistible product is also making waves with cosmetics manufacturers. Several brands, ranging from Tarte to Yves Saint Laurent, have begun offering multitasking gloss-balm hybrids in their lines.


Recent trends prove that less is more, as "no-makeup" makeup has become something of a cultural phenomenon among beauty enthusiasts of all ages. With more and more consumers gravitating toward natural-looking makeup, it was only a matter of time before these glossy balms took off. Gone are the days of mixing balm and lipstick at your vanity for a perfectly glassy tint. These days, you can find blosses in an assortment of shades and finishes to suit any style. Ahead, we'll explore how this trending lip product got its start — and how to choose the best bloss for you.

The origins of bloss

So where did bloss come from, anyway? The term started with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. In her search for the perfect lip product, Greenberg developed (and trademarked) Bloss for her beauty brand, Jamie Makeup. While there are other balm-gloss hybrids like Bloss on the market, only Jamie's is marketed as, well, Bloss. "I've been in this industry for a while now and have really come to appreciate unfussy, multitasking makeup," Greenberg told Women's Wear Daily. "[Bloss] is good for your skin, looks great, and it's not over the top. I really wanted to create a product that can easily become a daily staple."


The original Bloss pen is available in three shades, and fans adore its red carpet-worthy shine. "I've been wearing my Bloss every day since I got it and have gotten so many compliments! It's so smooth on my lips it feels wonderful," said one reviewer. Plus, there's more than meets the eye with Bloss. It also has therapeutic benefits for your lips, thanks to soothing ingredients like peppermint oil and hyaluronic acid. Naturally, Greenberg's powerhouse product inspired countless others to join in on the fun. Today, you can find a variety of gloss-balms under names like gloss sticks, glazes, and more.

What separates bloss from gloss

You're probably wondering what the difference is between a bloss and a gloss. Lip gloss, beloved for its super brilliant shine, typically aims to coat lips with a translucent glaze but has few benefits for your skin. A bloss bridges the gap between a mirrorlike gloss and a therapeutic balm, giving you the best of both products in one. Compared to lip oil, bloss has a more substantial feel and lasts longer on the lips. Instead of quick-drying oils, many gloss-balms use protective emollients like shea butter and fruit waxes. According to research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties and may even reduce wound healing time — a huge bonus for chapped lips.


If you've ever tried to mix and match your favorite matte lipstick or stain with a coat of clear gloss, you're the perfect candidate for bloss. Bloss contains nourishing ingredients to soothe and plump your pout and leaves a semi-opaque, high-gloss finish that can be dressed up or down. Plus, the new class of blosses has the potential to outperform your standard balm. "Some lip balms also contain allergens — such as lanolin, parabens, phenol, or salicylic acid — which can often be irritating to certain people's skin," Dr. Marnie Nussbaum tells Real Simple. That said, switching to a balm-gloss hybrid may be just the thing you need to banish your chapped lips for good.

Why blosses are trending

What makes bloss so popular with the beauty community? For starters, its convenience factor. "Every time I go out, I bring four lip products – lip liner, lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm. For me to be able to have everything in one lip product ... it saves a lot of space in my bag," says beauty creator Steph Hui. By using bloss, you get a tint of color, plumping action, and long-lasting hydration, so there's no need to cram your makeup bag full of other products.


The success of TikTok's de-influencing trend could be another reason why bloss is blowing up. Inspired by minimalist makeup movements like the clean girl aesthetic, de-influencing is all about reducing overconsumption by purchasing fewer subpar products. "I think you should stick to a few things that you know are gonna make you happy ... but not [feel] like you have to have every single thing," creator Mikayla Isabelle tells TikTok. Multitasking cosmetics like bloss make it easy for beauty lovers to simplify their routines without sacrificing the things they love about their favorite lip products.

Ways to wear bloss

Naturally, the easiest way to rock bloss is by simply gliding it onto your lips. It's forgiving enough that you won't need a mirror or lip liner. Plus, faintly overlined lips are having a moment in beauty circles around the globe. After achieving viral success on TikTok China, "Douyin lips," a style featuring glossy balm applied just above the cupid's bow, are becoming a fixture in Western beauty tutorials. Of course, you can always choose to pair your bloss with liner for a crisper effect. "The [liner] technique can enhance and define the natural curvature of the lips while giving your look a certain fierceness," celeb makeup artist Mali Thomas tells Vogue.


Another interesting way to wear bloss? Believe it or not, the multitasking lip product could take the place of your favorite cheek stain. Following TikTok's lip-gloss-as-blush trend, several influencers have taken to swapping their cheek tint for bloss. Using the popular Yves Saint Laurent Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick in place of cream blush, TikToker Trulee wrote, "All my blush obsessed girls, you need to try this." To get the most out of your bloss as blush, be sure to check ingredients to avoid using comedogenic lip products on your skin. Furthermore, you can blend and set your glossy blush with translucent powder for a more matte finish.

How to choose the best bloss for you

Thinking of trying bloss out for yourself? Finding the perfect glossy balm is easy. The hybrid lip product is available practically everywhere, from drugstores to luxury cosmetic stores. For an economical option, Flower Beauty's Plump Up Gloss Stick has everything you could ask for from a good bloss without breaking the bank. The cruelty-free, vegan lip gloss stick contains hyaluronic acid, castor oil, and vitamin E to fill out lip lines, and it's available in six natural shades. It's even said to be a good dupe for Tarte's Maracuja Juicy Lip Plumping Gloss. "I love Tarte. I literally have every shade [of Maracuja Gloss], but it's really fun when you can find an affordable alternative," beauty creator Nina Ward tells TikTok.


If you're a fan of K-beauty makeup, Romand's Glasting Melting Balm is one of the most sought-after bloss products on the market. According to the brand, it features a "water holding system" that seals in moisture and has a pleasant, jelly-like texture. "It's amazing how far the technology has come for the [Romand] formula of glossy tints to last so long and still stay glossy even when I'm masked up most of the time," writes one Redditor. Despite its trendy reputation, this multitasking lipgloss isn't going anywhere soon. Once you give bloss a try, chances are that you'll take an extended hiatus from matte lipstick looks.