Perfect Your Earring Stack With These Pro Tips

In the last few years, we've gone back in time and refreshed old trends by giving them our own twist. We've seen it happen with low-rise jeans, platform shoes, cargo skirts, and more. The '70s to '90s style is making a reappearance in 2023. Fashion has always been a space to show off who you are in a creative way, regardless of the decade. Whether that's changing your hairstyle, trying out a new pair of shoes you've never owned, or styling clothing pieces that wouldn't usually complement each other — it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing some of yesteryear's hottest trends.

Now, we're seeing stacked earrings and rings returning for another round. It's up for debate whether layered necklaces are going out of style. However, earrings and rings are ready to take center stage. There are many ways to stack earrings, but no rules exist to create the perfect stack. All you need are your favorite hoops, studs, and huggie earrings to make the look unique to you. It's the perfect time to be brave and get a couple of new piercings if you only have a few to join the stacked train. On the other hand, if you don't like going near needles, cuffs are chic and pain-free. The goal is to mix and match; here are a few ways you can stack your earrings.

Start simple with the cascading approach

It can be overwhelming to figure out which earrings to stack if you have 15 different pairs to choose from. If you have limited piercings, go for a simple, elegant look. The cascading method lets you wear dangly pieces on your first couple of piercings, then go in with huggies. This earring stack is filled with gold and pink accents. A small pink huggie, simple gold earrings around the conch, and a small charm on the helix follow the dainty butterfly dangling earring. Visually, the gold and pink stack is effortless, dreamy, and feminine.

Mix different textures

If you have every piercing in the book, you are free to use many different earrings. You can mix and match every style, from studs and charms to huggies and hoops. This blue and gold stack is fun, with an assortment of smaller studs along the upper half of the ear and snazzy petite huggies along the lower half of the ear. This earring stack works well with having a few larger pieces, like the first lobe piercing, conch, and rook, and surrounded by multiple smaller pieces.

Go with a silver moment

When stacking earrings, go with what feels right for you. For example, if you tend to wear more silver jewelry, show that off through your earrings. You don't always have to mix and match texture; keep a few of the same styles and throw in a few different ones. This stack is full of silver and a touch of turquoise on dangle earrings and a few studs. On the other hand, create a theme with your earrings, like this protection stack with hamsa hands and evil eyes.

Sans piercing? Add a cuff

Piercings are not only painful if you have a low pain tolerance, but they can also take weeks to heal. If you'd rather avoid enduring the pain and cleaning the piercing multiple times a week, a cuff can spice up your earring look. Cuffs are still designed to look like every other earring, so they're ideal for incorporating into a stack. In addition, they can balance out any empty spaces along the center if you only have piercings at the top or bottom of your ear.

Stick to similar designs

For a cohesive look, stick to earrings that have a similar design. This earring stack above has three huggies with the same black accents that match the first dangly hoop on the lobe. It sets up the mood for the rest of the earrings — such as the next dangly earring with a black charm, a simple gold hoop on the rook, a small stud along the conch, and a black stud on the helix. The black and gold style is simple yet sophisticated.

Add a pop of color

Stacked earrings don't always have to be cohesive; they can be funky with different styles and colors. A great way to switch up the appearance of your stack is by mixing silver, gold, and color. For example, this earring stack has a snake-like dangly earring, a multi-colored huggie, a simple stud, a gold huggie, and a silver huggie that contrast each other. They're perfect together because you can replace one with a new earring and create a different look. In addition, they're versatile, allowing you to customize your look.