Enter The Medium Wolf Cut, Gen Z's New Fav Hairstyle

2021 was the year of the wolf — haircut, that is. Made popular in South Korea by K-pop stars, the shaggy 'do made its way to the U.S. and was adopted by Gen Z. The wolf cut is a take on the popular shag haircut of the 1970s and the mullets of the 1980s. However, the newer version is modernized with a touseled fringe and lots of layers. When Billie Eilish and Keke Palmer debuted their wolf cuts, teens rushed to their nearest salons to recreate the look. The hairdo starts with heavy bangs, followed by short, wispy layers that end just beneath the chin.

After its burst of popularity, the wolf cut made room for other styles, such as the Italian bob, but now it's making a resurgence among the Gen Z-ers. This time, the medium wolf cut is taking over, and it's a bit different than its shorter counterpart. It still has the shaggy layers of the wolf cut, but the ends hit below the shoulders, making it ideal for those that want long hair. The newest update on the wolf cut is also more versatile than the original version, which makes styling the medium wolf cut a breeze.

The medium wolf cut is great for those that want to keep their length

If you want to try out the wolf cut but don't want the commitment of chopping off your locks, the medium wolf cut is the hairstyle to try for 2023. The long, shaggy layers look great on any face shape, and the wispy ends give the crown some volume. Long bangs that frame the face add softness to a square jawline.

Keep your medium wolf cut styled naturally

The best thing about the medium wolf cut is that it doesn't require too much styling. The natural haircut looks best when not overly done, allowing the gradual layers to shine through. After shampooing, work in some texturizing spray and allow the hair to air dry. If you're prone to frizz, add some smoothing serum and spritz with a leave-in conditioner.

For fine hair, keep the wolf cut on the shorter side

The wolf cut works best with thick hair, but those with fine hair who want to sport this 'do will want to keep their length no longer than past their shoulders. Since the wolf cut is all about volume and movement, you won't want to weigh your hair down. The layers should start at your bangs and gradually fall so that they frame your face naturally. For extra volume, add a dollop of mousse and blow dry your hair upside-down. Finish with a blast of cold air to set the style.

Baby bangs make the medium wolf cut edgier

The wolf cut isn't complete without bangs, and with this style, you can play with the length according to your face shape. Baby bangs with choppy ends give the wolf cut a '70s-style rock 'n' roll vibe. Short bangs don't flatter all face shapes, though. Those with oval faces look best with baby bangs. Be careful not to go too short with them, or your cut will end up looking like a mullet, which is definitely not in trend.

The wolf cut brings out the hair's natural texture

While straight-haired folks can rock the medium wolf cut, the style works best with naturally wavy hair. The way the layers are cut should map out the hair's organic twists and turns so that they face different directions. Waves give the cut extra volume at the crown, providing the wolf cut its signature look. To style the wolf cut, prep towel-dried hair with styling cream and blow-dry your tresses with a diffuser attachment. Skip the brush and use your fingers to gently tousle your hair while you dry for a slightly messy look.

The wolf cut also works on curly hair

A medium wolf cut is a great option for those who want to add structure to their curly hair. Since the wolf cut is all about volume and texture, curls will give this style life. Because curly hair tends to get weighed down when long, the medium wolf cut will take off bulk near the top of the head and provide extra movement all over. Make sure you're clear on exactly where you want your bangs to lie on your forehead. Remember, hair shrinks as it dries.

Give your medium wolf cut a blowout

Wolf cuts are favored for their edgy, slightly messy style, but blowouts can add a touch of sophistication. If you want to smooth out your medium wolf cut, use a large, round, natural bristle brush and a blow dryer with a concentrated nozzle. Working in sections, roll your hair around the brush and aim the heat at it while you work downwards. When you get to the strands framing your face, wrap them around the brush in different directions to get that tousled, carefree look the wolf cut is known for.