Denim Miniskirts Are All Grown Up In 2023 (Ugg Pairing Not Included)

The denim skirt will always reign supreme. They were a jean trend of the early 2000s, stayed on the radar in the 2010s, and are as en vogue as ever in the 2020s. Spotted on runways and on fashion influencers alike, denim skirts are easy to slip on and have all the same benefits as your favorite pair of jeans. They can be comfy and casual, or you can dress them up to make a sartorial statement.

When you think of denim miniskirts, you may picture a staple of a teenager's wardrobe, but that doesn't mean you can't wear them throughout adulthood, too. All it takes is finding the right denim skirt and the right outfit to build around it for a look that says fun, youthful, and fashion-forward. Denim skirts let you get creative with your pairings and come up with an outfit that's uniquely yours. Get inspired by the ways others are dressing up and modernizing the classic mini.

Pair it with a blazer

Blazers make anything instantly chic, and they're definitely not only for the office. So if you're looking for a way to elevate your miniskirt, add a structured blazer. The outfit will be instantly dressed up and perfect for a casual day with friends or a date night. Choose a blazer in a bright color or bold pattern to make a statement with your look.

Never go wrong with a classic tee

It's a classic combination and it's not going away any time soon. A denim miniskirt with a graphic tee is the perfect amount of casual and edge that anyone can pull off. This style is also highly customizable whether you're wearing your favorite band tee or one with a hand-printed design. And of course, you can put your own spin on this timeless look with accessories and your shoe choices, like the raw hem denim skirt and cowboy boots in this shot.

That's a wrap

A wrap front adds a little more dimension to the standard denim miniskirt. The unique detail makes the casual denim feel a little more dressed up. Look for a denim skirt that has a buckle or tie detail to the wrap and an asymmetrical hem that highlights the wrap front. When pairing it with a top, choose one that either tucks in or doesn't fall over the waist, so you can show off the wrap detail. 

Denim on denim

There are definitely ways to make the "Canadian tuxedo" look fashion-forward. Matching sets have been a favorite for the fashion girlies for a while, so why not a matching set of denim? And don't worry if the miniskirt doesn't have a coordinating top. Look for pieces in the same wash color to create a custom set. A denim skirt plus a denim jacket or vest will make you look like the casual cool girl.

Denim and leather go together

Another tried-and-true combination is denim and leather, a forever effortlessly sexy duo. Pair your denim miniskirt with leather details like boots, jackets, or tops — or all three like in this look. The juxtaposition of materials looks sleek and sexy, yet, at the same time, laid-back and effortless. It's sure to be an outfit that will turn heads no matter where you show it off.

Mini to midi

No, okay, it's not a miniskirt. But we can't ignore the fact that a denim midi skirt is a cool, grownup alternative to the mini. Denim midis have been spotted on the high-fashion runways as well as on celebrities, so if you're looking for an elevated version of the denim skirt, this is it. Midis look sleek, but with a slit that shows a little skin, they can have a hint of sexiness too. It's a great swap for jeans for a dressy-casual look.

Add some flair

The thing about denim miniskirts is that while you can always depend on a basic one, it's also fun to get creative with edgier styles. Consider a skirt with a ruffled hem, like the one in this look. Or you could go with embellishments, tiers, cutouts, and any other fun details. It'll make for a more unique outfit that feels like it shows off your personality.