You Can Wear Falsies With Glasses, But Take Heed Of These Tips

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If you're a glasses wearer and have experienced the struggle of attempting to wear a good set of false eyelashes while also relying on your specs for clear vision, then you're likely familiar with the annoyance of falsies pressing up against your lenses every single time you blink or being forced to wear your glasses unnaturally lower on your nose to accommodate your voluminous set of lashes. Everyone who wears glasses even needs makeup tips to help keep their face in place.


Considering the uncomfortably associated with wearing falsies with glasses, it's understandable if you've decided to simply give up on the idea of wearing false eyelashes altogether, however, while it may seem difficult to do, it's totally possible to simultaneously have clear vision while wearing stunning falsies. 

As Annie Le, founder of Mademoiselle Lash, tells InStyle, "Lashes are extremely impactful and can set the tone for your finished look," so if you no longer want to choose between seeing things clearly and having gorgeous eyelashes, check out our simple tips that show you how to achieve the best of both worlds.

Find falsies that work with your glasses

While one may argue that wearing mascara is an easier option as opposed to wearing falsies with glasses, applying multiple coats of mascara to your lashes in the morning and potentially dealing with smudges on your lenses throughout your day is an issue you shouldn't have to deal with. So, to combat both the aforementioned problem of smudging your glasses, as well as the dilemma of wearing uncomfortable falsies with glasses, U.K.-based vegan lashes and makeup brand Eni Lashes recommends opting for shorter, lightweight, and more natural-looking falsies rather than wearing long lashes that flare out and hit your lenses. 


However, if you prefer a more dramatic look, find falsies that have a striking appearance by looking for eyelashes that curl upward instead of outward so they don't hit your lenses at all. If you prefer shorter falsies, we recommend Eylure London Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003, and if the dramatic look is more of your vibe, the Ardell Demi Whispies are an excellent option since they give your eyes that "wow" factor while not uncomfortably swiping against your lenses.

Opt for individual false lashes

If you're more experienced in the world of applying falsies, you can opt to apply individuals or "singles" to your lashes since this option grants you the control of customizing the look of your lashes by adding volume and length only where it is needed. However, while this approach is more tedious and requires a bit of skill and patience, if you're familiar with applying lash strips and want to dab in the world of applying individuals, it's beneficial to be armed with additional tips to help make the application process much easier. 


Before applying the individuals, celebrity makeup artist Ash K. Holm recommends curling your natural lashes and applying a light coat of mascara before applying for a more lifted look that looks natural and blends well (via Byrdie). Another great option to learn more about applying individual lashes is to watch a helpful step-by-step video on YouTube. If you're a beginner in need of a good set of individual falsies to apply your own set of DIY individuals, celebrity makeup artist Mary Irwin suggests Ardell Duralash Natural Individual Lashes for their ease of application, as well as their natural appearance, per InStyle.

Keep it simple with other eye makeup

While makeup can be a beautiful way to enhance your overall look and is necessary on some occasions, try ditching the option of wearing several coats of mascara and eye shadow and keep it simple by allowing your falsies and glasses to stand out on their own. "You can truly wear zero makeup but pop on a pair of false eyelashes, and you suddenly look like you did your makeup," Annie Le tells InStyle


However, if makeup is your "thing" and you prefer to wear at least a slightly more glamorous look that will complement the powerful combo of falsies and glasses, we recommend creating a strong eye look by adding a white or colored eyeliner to the waterline to make the eyes pop even more. The trick to achieving that standout look while wearing eyeliner with falsies and glasses is to make your liner work with the glasses, changing your approach to the makeup to fit your specific set of spectacles. If you do this, the two will work in harmony. After all, beauty is in the details, right?