Thermal Heat Caps Can Revolutionize Deep Conditioning Treatments If Used Correctly

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When it comes to applying heat to the hair, it's always suggested to take the "less is more" approach considering how using excessive heat on your hair may eventually cause irreversible damage over time. However, despite the bad reputation associated with using heat on your hair, there are certain times when adding more heat to your regimen actually proves to be quite beneficial.


When you opt to treat your tresses with a penetrating mask or deep conditioner, adding heat using thermal heat caps opens up the hair cuticle and allows your strands to receive direct heat, which helps zap immediate moisture and softness back into your strands and maximizes the benefits of the treatment, per Glow by Daye. So, whether your hair has been experiencing a dry spell lately and you're looking for a way to instantly boost moisture or you're having a difficult time trying to grow out your locs due to excessive breakage, here's why properly using thermal heat caps in your deep conditioning sessions can be extremely helpful in tackling your hair goals.

What is a thermal heat cap?

A thermal heat cap is a deep conditioning tool that, when heated, is used to open the hair cuticles and safely allow products to easily penetrate the hair strands and nourish the hair overall, working from the inside out. While some of our favorite conditioners may have directions that read to simply apply conditioner to the strands and rinse off after however many minutes, choosing to apply our conditioners without the use of heat from the heat caps, keeps our hair cuticles closed, which unfortunately doesn't allow the product to properly absorb into our strands. 


While there are many thermal heat caps made with different materials, most of these revolutionary caps are functionally constructed using heat-retaining flaxseeds, which, unlike rice or other grain ingredients, get warmer faster and maintain the level of warmth for longer, allowing for a richer treatment experience, according to Brush with the Best.

Benefits of using a thermal heat cap

Applying gentle heat to your hair strands using a thermal heat cap stimulates an increase in blood flow to the scalp and promotes stronger and healthier hair that results in less breakage, all of which supports healthy hair growth, per The Shade. Additionally, when thermal heat caps are paired with your favorite moisturizing conditioners and oil treatments, the powerful combo is a great way to nourish your hair strands while rebuilding the hair's structure thanks to the heat from the cap working to soften and lift the hair's cuticle. 


Even after just two or three uses, the use of a thermal heat cap during your deep conditioning sessions provides benefits that improve the quality of your hair. Also, these convenient caps are not only extremely easy to use and don't take up too much space in your beauty and hair cabinet, but they're also great to travel with since they're cordless and typically only need to be popped into the microwave to heat it before use.

Why It's important to deep condition

Although deep conditioning with thermal heat caps can be beneficial for all hair types, it is especially beneficial for those who suffer from dry and brittle strands or have thicker and curly natural hair types and textures. "Afro-textured hair absorbs liquid and moisture like a sponge, however, it can struggle to retain that moisture," award-winning hairstylist and founder of Manketti Oil Hair Care line Charlotte Mensah tells Byrdie. "A deep conditioner is a hair mask or intense hair treatment formulated with key conditioning agents like emollients, humectants, and fatty alcohols – they restore the hair's moisture levels as well as reduce breakage and improve elasticity." 


So, in order for your hair to be deep conditioned, the deep conditioner actually needs to penetrate deep within the hair shaft, which is a process that has to be activated by heat in order to treat your tresses with the proper care it needs. It's a fairly straightforward process once you're familiar with it, and it will help you revolutionize your routine.

How to use a thermal heat cap

The first step in this process is to cleanse your scalp and strands with shampoo and after you finish rinsing your hair, use a t-shirt or towel to remove any excess water. Next, you'll simply apply your deep conditioner or treatment of choice and use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to thoroughly rake the product through your strands. Once your treatment is applied, apply a plastic cap over your hair. Next, you'll heat your thermal heat cap by following the directions that come with your cap, apply it to your head, and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes (anything longer than 30 minutes is pointless, according to Glow by Daye). 


Once it's time to rinse out the treatment from your hair, remove both the thermal and plastic caps from your hair, briefly allow your hair to cool, and simply rinse out the treatment and enjoy and style your soft and moisturized strands!

Why and where to purchase

If you're the type of person that can't stand the idea of sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes and rather multi-task while deep conditioning your hair, thermal heat caps are a great option to treat your hair to a powerful deep conditioning session while cleaning, working out, or cooking since you don't have to bother dealing with cords and plugs and aren't required to stick to one area in your home while your dryer is plugged into an outlet. Especially for people with curly or textured tresses, as well as those who have dry, brittle, chemically-processed, or damaged, treating your hair with a deep conditioning treatment should be a necessary step in your regular hair care regimen because this crucial step ensures your hair is hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.


There are plenty of places both online and in-store where you can purchase a thermal heat cap with different price ranges. We recommend the Ingeware Heat Cap for Deep Conditioning on Amazon because of its affordability and excellent 4.6-star rating.