Pansy Purple Is A Royally Good Color Trend This Spring

If the Spring 2023 runway show of luxury fashion brand Versace is any indication, the color we should all be rocking this season is a deep purple pigment that iconic musician Prince would be proud of. Named after the popular garden flower, pansy purple is gorgeously rich and the shade offers an easy way to stay within the darker color palette while having more fun with your look.

This spring, we encourage you to explore pansy purple, whether it is through larger fashion pieces, smaller accessories, or even makeup products — the shade will elevate any look you're going for. And the best part is that there is a version of this color that suits everyone. If cool tones look better on you, pick a pansy purple that is leaning towards blue. If warmer shades suit you better, opt for a pansy purple that is closer to the magenta color family. If you're unsure where to start, let us show you a couple of ways you can allow pansy purple to play a more prominent role in your life.

A pansy purple puffer jacket is a statement piece

Puffer jackets had a huge comeback in 2022, and the trend is still going strong. However, if you're in the market for a puffer jacket, why not get a pansy purple one? Picking a cooler shade is the perfect choice for chillier spring days — and a piece like this can last you for years to come.

A pansy purple dress is casual but cute

They say everyone should have a little black dress in their closet, but if you ask us, that rule is meant to be broken. Too many of our clothing pieces tend to be black, which is why we encourage you to branch out and get a fun purple dress in a style that you love.

Pansy purple eyeliner is fun and unexpected

You can also explore this trend with makeup. A fresh way to add color to your look is to opt for vibrant pansy purple eyeliner. If you already have eyeshadow in this color, mix it with a bit of micellar water and apply it like eyeliner to your lids using a thin brush. And don't be scared to go bold; make that wing visible!

Pansy purple metallic boots are perfect for a night out

Metallics are another fun 2023 trend, so if you're looking for a way to introduce it into your wardrobe, we recommend doing so via some fun accessories, such as your shoes or a bag. And, of course, choosing pieces in a pansy purple color will cover two trends at once.

Pansy purple hair looks great on everyone

If you are brave enough to give your hair a bold makeover, why not make it purple? It's eye-catching and fun, not as common as a classic red, and it looks great with any skin tone. We don't recommend dying your hair yourself, however, since the color of your base can influence the end result. An experienced hairstylist will know how to achieve the shade you want.

Pansy purple glitter eyeshadow is ethereal and magical

There's something magical about purple glitter eyeshadow — it looks iridescent and deep at the same time, and it can take any makeup look from boring to magical. If applying the bold color all over your lids intimidates you, start out by adding some to your inner corners only. The best part about purple eyeshadow is that it works well on any eye color.

A pansy purple set is ultra chic

Matching sets have been popular for a while, and it seems as if they are here to stay. Opting for one in a rich purple will give you a look that is timeless yet modern. And whether you choose a pantsuit or a matching skirt and top, the shade will immediately make it more daring and bold.

Pansy purple heels are perfect for warmer weather

If dressing in purple from head to toe is a bit too much for you, get a pair of pansy purple heels instead. You'd be surprised with how many other colors you can pair them with, and if you're wearing a simple outfit, they will instantly make it much more interesting.

A pansy purple silk shirt is super versatile

If you love the look of silk and satin, you'll be happy to hear that the materials look stunning in purple. While you can opt for a silk slip dress, we recommend going with a silk button-up, as it is much more versatile and can be dressed up or down.

A pansy purple beanie will keep you warm on cooler days

On chillier days, a fun way to add some color to your outerwear without committing to a vibrantly colored jacket is to wear a bright hat or scarf. And since pansy purple looks amazing on all skin tones, a hat in that shade is fun and flattering.

Pansy purple nails are an easy way to explore the trend

Another cute way to add pansy purple to your look but on a smaller scale is to paint your nails. Even though pastel colors are the go-to for spring, this shade of purple looks amazing on nails year-round, so why not rock it? To add a bit of glamour to your manicure, apply glitter nail polish to an accent nail.

Pansy purple pieces work for any season

If you ask us, a pansy purple tank top should be a closet essential. It's not as much of a commitment as a purple jacket is, and because it's so easy to layer, it's a piece you can rock year-round, not only during the spring. In the summer, pair it with some daisy dukes, and when the weather is cooler, rock it with your favorite jeans and a plaid flannel on top.

Pansy purple pants can be dressed up or dressed down

Hear us out: we know that purple pants are a big commitment and not everyone's cup of tea, but if you get a pair in a style you like, we guarantee you'll find yourself wearing them all the time. And the best part is that you can dress them down with a graphic tee or dress them up with a silk blouse.

A pansy purple tracksuit is so Y2K

We never thought that tracksuits would come back into fashion after their 2000s Juicy Couture era. But in 2023, they are considered cool and retro, so if you wear one, it shows you're keeping up with trends. While a velvet Juicy Couture one is classic, you can also opt for more relaxed and athleisure-inspired 'fits.

A pansy purple coat makes the cold weather fun

A classic winter coat will never go out of style. However, if you're sick of black, gray, and beige options, consider getting a purple one. The color is dark enough not to get dirty easily in winter weather, but it's still bright enough to add life to drab, dark days. Pro tip: The best time to buy for winter is during the spring and summer, so get to shopping!

Pansy purple highlights look stunning on darker hair

Dyeing your hair purple all over is a big change, but luckily there are other options that allow you to explore this shade. Purple highlights look just as bold but are far less damaging to the hair. And if you end up hating them, they are a lot easier to get rid of.

A pansy purple swimsuit looks great with a vacation tan

Before you know it, summer will be here, and if you're looking for a new bathing suit to add to your collection this year, we highly recommend finding one in a pansy purple shade. Since the color looks amazing on all skin tones, it will suit you with or without a tan!

Pansy purple looks fabulous when paired with green

When in doubt about whether two colors complement each other, always turn to the color wheel. For pansy purple, the opposite color on the wheel is yellow, and next to yellow is orange and bright green, meaning all three of those shades will look great when paired with this trending color.

Pansy purple also works with other bold colors

Even though the color wheel is a good starting point, that doesn't mean you pair colors other than green, yellow, and orange with purple. Of course, neutrals are always a safe choice, but blues, pinks, and other purples also look amazing with this shade.

A pansy purple bag adds a pop of color to any outfit

A pansy purple bag is a great choice for spring, as it will add a fun pop of color to whatever you're wearing. A sporty crossbody bag is super versatile, and you'll find yourself wearing it all the time — which is why it's our top recommendation!

Pansy purple mascara is subtle and quirky

Even though black mascara will forever be the most popular choice, slowly, other colors are becoming more and more available. If you want your lashes to look more natural, opt for brown. But if you want to have more fun with your eye look, go for vibrant purple mascara, which will enhance your eyes in an unexpected way no matter what color they are.

A pansy purple maxi skirt is a bold choice

Maxi and midi skirts are always on-trend for spring, and this year, we recommend going for a pansy purple one. You can pair the skirt with virtually anything: a dainty tank top, a chic blazer, or a casual sweater. A skirt like this is also comfortable and casual enough to wear all day long, yet nice enough to rock on a night out as well.

A pansy purple mini skirt looks great with black lace

Of course, just because maxi and midi skirts are having a moment, that doesn't mean you can't go shorter. After all, a mini skirt will never go out of style, and a purple one looks absolutely stunning when paired with a black, lingerie-like top!

Pansy purple lipstick is unexpected

Purple eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara are fun ways to experiment with makeup, but if you're looking for something that's a bit bolder, go for purple lipstick. It's unexpected, brave, and unbelievably cool. You can keep the rest of your face more natural, of course, but why not add some purple to your eyes too, just to tie everything together?

Pansy purple Gemini hair is a Gen Z trend

If you want to hop on a Gen Z trend, consider getting Gemini hair. Essentially, this trend evolves around splitting your hair down the middle and dyeing it into two separate tones. While no colors are off the table, if you have naturally dark hair, dying half of your head purple will look phenomenal!

A pansy purple sweater is a timeless piece

If you spend half the year in cozy sweaters, we really don't need to convince you to get a pansy purple one. In fact, you probably already own one. A piece like this looks just as good with jeans as it does with tight leather pants or a floral midi skirt.

A pansy purple faux fur jacket will give you all the drama

Even though pansy purple isn't as bright as neon green or hot pink, that doesn't mean the color isn't a brave and bold choice. However, if brave and bold are two adjectives that perfectly describe you, may we recommend a dramatic pansy purple faux fur jacket?

Pansy purple takes athleisure to the next level

Pansy purple looks great with almost any fashion style, whether you like retro '60s pieces, futuristic metallic clothes, or colorful businesswear. Of course, this shade is also a great choice for anyone who spends their days rocking athleisure, regardless of whether they're working out or just enjoying being comfortable.

A pansy purple blazer makes you look like a boss

Blazers in neutral colors like black or brown are definitely classic and are great staples to have in your closet, but their widespread popularity makes them very predictable, and they can even look boring. A pansy purple blazer, on the other hand, looks sophisticated and chic, all while adding a dash of mystery to your outfit.

Pansy purple is great for a monochromatic moment

While adding pansy purple here and there is a great way to explore this trend, those who love bold colors should try out a monochromatic purple look. Of course, not all items of your outfit need to be in the same shade; feel free to add pieces that are a pastel purple as well as some that are a deeper shade.