The Perfume Scent Types That Last Longer Than Their Counterparts

Whether you've relied on a signature scent for years or tend to opt for the latest fragrance trends, you likely wear something that comes from one of four main groups meant to help people differentiate between various versions. Aptly known as the scent families, they include florals, amber, fresh, and woody, according to Scent Beauty.

As you might expect, florals boast flowery fragrances as well as ones that will allow you to pick up on hints of fruitiness. Think about perfume that smells like roses or jasmine, and you'll get the idea. Fresh scents can also be both flowery and fruity but are more along the lines of herbs and citrus. On top of that, they usually have a hit of vibrancy with natural notes in the background. If you like the idea of a perfume with a little more pep, you might want to try out an amber scent. Filled with tones of herbs and spices, this could be anything from luscious vanilla to alluring anise.

Along with the fact that each can be enhanced with layers of complementary notes, they all feature various factors that might suit your personality, style, and preferences. At the same time, there are different aspects that might make one choice a more practical pick than the others, such as longevity. That happens to be true of the fourth kind of perfume scent family, which includes two aromas you may already adore.

Woody and musky scents stick around

If you notice that your perfume tends to wear off as the day goes on, then there are a few things that you can do to try to boost its staying power. For instance, you can moisturize your skin to prep it for the fragrance, spritz an extra scent on your clothes, and simply reapply whenever needed. Beyond that, you can choose a specific kind of perfume. Your best bet is to opt for something with a woody or musky scent. David Moltz, the founder of D.S. & Durga, told Who What Wear, "Musks and woody ambers ... are the workhorses of our industry."

That's due to the fact that perfumes are usually made with aromas that are stronger and some that are more subtle. These are known as top notes which are the most noticeable, middle notes which fill out the scent, and, finally, base notes which hold things down and bring everything together. Although top and middle notes can be stronger, they also fade faster. Brianna Arps, a fragrance expert and the founder of Moodeaux, explained to WWW, "When those dissipate, you're left with base notes ... They usually consist of rich, deep elements like sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and musk, for example, that impart the longest-lasting impression."

These tones are also the base for woody perfumes, which is why they last longer. Granted, there are plenty of different options if you find yourself intrigued by a scent that's both enviable and enduring.

Woody and musk perfumes are rich and earthy

Although you may assume that a woody scent is what you might smell like after taking a long hike in a damp forest, it's actually a rich option that can be rather complex in the best kind of way. Just like the natural material it's named after, woody fragrances might have hints of cedar and sandalwood, according to Scent Beauty. You may also pick up on patchouli and mossy tones. The latter leads us to musky perfumes, which are part of the woody family of natural scents. It's also one that's been around for ages and has become more popular as contemporary versions continue to be released.

"Musk has now become a really trendy scent that's always been an essential component in personal fragrance," Carina Chaz, the founder of a fragrance brand known as Dedcool, told Well+Good. "It's usually found in sweet or woodsy, earthy scents, and tends to be a scent that those with advanced fragrance palettes appreciate."

However, if you're still worried about smelling like the musky cologne that your dad or grandpa used to wear, then you can put your concerns aside with the knowledge that modern versions are more sophisticated than ever. That's due to the fact that, as Moltz told Allure, "We're able to isolate and purify isomers of molecules so you get much more clean, modern, vivid versions of musk."