Brown Eyes Benefit From Some Seriously Bold Eyeliner Colors

Brown eyes can range from a dark shade that appears almost black to an ashy hazel that's much lighter yet just as striking. There are also endless hues in between, as well as countless combinations that can be found in each iris. If you're lucky enough to have brown eyes, then you likely do what you can to make the most of them. That might include opting for a mascara that makes them pop and sticking with eyeshadow that is clearly complimentary. However, when it comes to eyeliner, you might also assume that your best bet is to rely on a shade that is similar to the natural color of your eyes. Unfortunately, that may not end up being as flattering as you might have hoped.

"While it may appear to enhance your eye color to use the same shade or family in your palette, the effect you are actually achieving is making the eye area monochromatic. Surrounding your eyes with the 'matching' color will only make your whole eye region appear that color," Maddox Lu, the regional education manager for Eastern Canada at Benefit cosmetics, explained to Elle Canada. On the other hand, Lu says, "[U]sing the opposite will actually enhance your eye color."

That means there are a few different fabulously bold shades that will make brown eyes look incredible. You just have to decide which one you want to try first.

A range of colors can enhance brown eyes

You can certainly keep things relatively easy when it comes to eyeliner and simply grab a black shade, which will definitely provide a nice frame for brown eyes. However, if you're looking for something a little different and wonderfully dynamic, then you might want to consider various other options that can be playful, pretty, and totally eye-catching.

"I find for brown eyes, when I use colors such as blues, greens, or purples, it makes the eyes appear lighter and will almost make them look more vibrant," makeup artist Maria Gianno told Byrdie. At the same time, for those with light brown eyes with hints of gold, amber may be the most flattering option. That's not all. Fellow makeup artist Analisa Marie of The Wildflower Collective, explained, "If you have light golden-brown eyes, any variation of violets and lavenders are always stunning."

If you still feel a bit lost and aren't quite sure which shade of liner will work with your eyes, Marie suggests keeping the color wheel in mind. She notes that you should focus on hues that are opposite of each other, as well as ones that are close to the complimentary shades. Granted, you may want to be wary of a few choices unless you know how to use them in just the right way.

Both warm and cool tones can suit brown eyes

The fact that people with brown eyes can successfully use eyeliner that's blue and green as well as purple and amber might make you think that any color — whether a warm tone or a cold one — will end up looking fantastic. Although that's partially true, there is a little trick to making things look their best if you want to take advantage of the tone of your eyeliner along with your skin tone.

"In the past, I might have said to stay away from cooler tones when you have brown eyes and warm skin, but I don't feel that way now," Chanel makeup artist Pati Dubroff told InStyle. But don't run off and toss your cool-toned eyeliner just yet! That's because Dubrodd says that there's a way to make them work together. She added, "As long as you incorporate a wash of skin tone-like warmth, cool tones can be a nice contrast. Again, it's important to balance the cool with something in the brown family."

You might need to play around a bit to find out what warm shades and cooler varieties work best with both your eye color and your skin tone. However, it will surely be worth the effort when you achieve a truly stunning result.