The Best And Worst Places To Break Up With Someone

Whether you're the person doing the dumping or the person getting dumped, breaking up is never easy if it involves someone you genuinely care about. If you'll be the one giving the bad news, you have to first consider how to tell your partner, when to tell them, and how they'll react. You may also have to decide if you want to offer to still be friends or if you'd agree to their request to remain friends.

Another factor you should think about — which many people fail to consider — is the location of the breakup. If you're planning to propose to someone, you'd probably want to do it in a romantic or meaningful place, maybe with witnesses to celebrate the happy outcome. But thinking of a place to end a relationship can be a bit more challenging because you have to consider the negative aftermath.

There's no ideal breakup spot for everyone because not everyone responds to a breakup the same way, but there are some locations that are better than others.

The best places

Ending a relationship can be a very emotional ordeal, regardless of which end of it you're on. It's common for one or both people to cry, become angry, want to have a lengthy conversation about the decision, or some combination of the three. This is why marriage and family therapist Dr. Lori Whatley feels a private location is best. "The more private the better," she told Insider. "Choosing a place your partner will not feel vulnerable is a good idea."

A private location can mean your partner's home, but it doesn't have to be limited to a residence. There are some public locations that can offer a high level of privacy at certain times of the day, such as a park or bench along a secluded walking path. However, if you suspect that your partner may become overly hysterical, you may want to give them the courtesy of complete privacy in the walls of a home.

If you're in a long-distance relationship, and breaking up in person isn't an option, video call them instead. Just make sure your partner is in a private place, alone, and not driving or distracted in other ways. You should handle the video breakup the same way you'd handle an in-person breakup, which means you also should be in a private place, alone, and not distracted.

The worst places

If you've seen "Legally Blonde," you may recall the breakup scene between Elle (Reese Witherspoon) and Warner (Matthew Davis) that occurred at an expensive restaurant. It's the perfect setting for a proposal, but instead of getting a ring, Elle gets dumped. She makes a comment about her breasts, cries, and squeals, all loudly enough for adjacent diners to hear, embarrassing Warner. Then she storms out of the restaurant.

Although the film is fiction, the scene serves as the perfect example of why a restaurant — or any public place with bystanders — is among the worst places to break up with someone. It can lead your partner to believe they're on a romantic date, so they'll likely be completely blindsided when they learn the real reason they're there. Plus, being dumped in front of people can be pretty humiliating, which could magnify their emotions and lead to embarrassment for you both.

Another bad place to break up with someone is online or over the phone — if doing it in person is an option. Even if you're in a long-distance relationship, you should never end it via email, social media message, or text. These methods are very impersonal and can even be seen as insulting to the other person. If video calling is an option, use it. If it isn't, a regular phone call should be your plan B.