Take A Swing At Styling Chandelier Earrings For Spring 2023 (You Won't Regret It)

With all of the spring 2023 fashion trends coming out, we definitely had to discuss what's on the weather forecast for this year's jewelry, particularly in the way of earrings. You're probably used to putting on your same old pair of studs, but it's time to shake things up with the latest trend, chandelier earrings. They're pretty self-explanatory; the shape of the earring mimics that of a chandelier you'd see hanging from the ceiling at a fancy restaurant, an old church, or even your own apartment, if you're lucky. They're exceptionally classy, and add a touch of regality to any look.

Even if you're not into flashy jewelry, we have to recommend you take these for a spin. There are many variations of the chandelier earring, so you can find a pair that perfectly matches your style. It's time to take a swing at styling this stunning piece of jewelry. We promise you're not going to regret it.

The ultimate chandelier

These earrings are definitely not for the faint of heart (or people with weak earlobes). However, should you choose to wear them, don't be surprised if you spend the night receiving endless compliments. One of the best things about this pair is you don't have to think much about your outfit — all the focus is going to be on the earrings.

Intricate and ornate

Speaking of statement pieces, here is a more ornate take on the larger chandelier earrings. Just take a look at this Indian-inspired pair in the photo. They're classic, but decorative; sophisticated, but fun. You could choose to keep your outfit neutral to let the earrings have their moment, or match the look to the earrings for a funky vibe. Seriously, everyone should own at least one pair like this.

Dripping in diamonds

For the diamond ladies out there, we have just the pair for you. It's no secret diamonds instantly upgrade any outfit. Really wow everyone on the dance floor — or at the grocery store — with a gorgeous pair of sparkly chandelier earrings. To be honest, it doesn't matter where you wear them; accessories are all about having fun and feeling good, even when you're out shopping for eggs.

Straight from the ceiling

This pair of chandelier earrings is so comparable to an actual chandelier, they look like you pulled them right from the ceiling and stuck them in your ears. These are more delicate than the ones we've seen thus far, but that doesn't make them any less stunning. Because they're on the dainty side, we suggest wearing your hair in a ponytail or low bun to really give them the moment they deserve.

For the minimalistic type

If you want to try out the chandelier earring trend but are looking for something less dramatic, there are plenty of minimalistic choices out there. This is a great option if you aren't used to wearing earrings because they're small and less heavy than the previous pairs we've seen. For a bohemian vibe, look for earrings with fewer diamonds, and more beads and crystals.

Think abstract

Remember, chandelier doesn't always mean flashy; you can definitely find a pair that matches your own aesthetic, not just girly or sophisticated. Take the earrings in the photo, for example. While they fall into the chandelier category, they're more abstract than others of the same group. They're unique without being over-the-top.