Statement Studs Are The Hottest Spring Jewelry Trend (& We Can Prove It)

Statement earrings are always in fashion — they are a super easy way to elevate a simple outfit and express your personality, too. Those who follow fashion trends closely will already know that every couple of years, a new style of earring is considered the superior one. First, it was chandelier earrings, which Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing all the time at the beginning of her fame; then it was classic gold hoops that were a signature part of the "clean girl" aesthetic made famous by models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber; and now, it's statement studs.

Statement studs were spotted all over runways for spring and summer 2023, and truth be told, this style of earring is perhaps the most versatile one, as it comes in so many different designs and aesthetics. From futuristic cyberpunk studs to vintage jewel-toned ones — there's something for everyone when it comes to this jewelry trend!

Eye-catching statement studs

Those who love to have quirky jewelry pieces should opt for eye-shaped statement studs. Not only will earrings like these easily be a conversation starter, but they are also incredibly edgy, making you appear like the type of person who travels the world with a backpack and buys jewelry as souvenirs (even though you actually just ordered them on Etsy from the comfort of your couch).

Shell and pearl statement studs

Shell earrings are always a popular choice as warmer months come around. But if you want to elevate the style a bit and make it less teen-like and more grown-up (not that there's anything wrong with rocking youthful jewelry), opt for a big shell-shaped stud made of metal that showcases a large pearl. 

Sparkly upside-down U statement studs

A U-shaped statement stud will never go out of style, and with this trend, you can really explore different sorts of upside-down U-shaped studs. From smaller ones to those that almost touch your shoulders — everything is fair game. If you want them to have a bit of movement, pick U-shaped studs that have a couple of dangly pieces at the ends. 

Modern silver statement studs

Those who love modern silver jewelry should opt for studs in a fluid shape that looks futuristic and unique. Metallics in fashion are another huge trend this year, which is why earrings like this allow you to explore both trends at the same time! If you're wondering if those are earrings or a piece of a spaceship when you pick them up — you've found the right ones!

Fun flower statement studs

Fashion trends come and go, but florals have been around for a long time, and by now, it's clear that when it comes to fashion, flowers are timeless. If you want to get a statement stud that's perfect for springtime, consider a cute floral design — we recommend picking one that incorporates your favorite flowers!

Retro geometric statement studs

Trends from the past always come back, which is why thrifting for jewelry is not only fun, but chances are your best finds will be popular again soon enough. Since statement studs aren't really a new concept, you can find plenty of stunning retro pieces (like the geometric ones that were popular in the '60s and '80s) at thrift stores — and probably your mom's or grandma's jewelry collection.

Beautiful goddess statement studs

There's no denying that a woman's body is a temple, and jewelry that is inspired by it is a great way to express yourself. Statement studs like these are unique and fun — and if you're crafty, you can even DIY them by using a pair of old studs, some clay, and acrylic paint!

Classic emerald statement studs

Jewel tones are a classic choice for jewelry, and they also work perfectly for statement studs. Whether it's emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red — going for a large stud earring that features one of these rich shades will instantly add elegance and sophistication to your look!

Delicate pearl statement studs

Pearl earrings are another style that is timeless. However, if you want to rock them as a statement piece, try looking for unusual shapes or big, bold statement pearls. The best part about statement studs like these is that while they are eye-catching, they are still delicate enough to not take the attention away from the rest of your look.

Gold foil statement studs

Huge foil earrings may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying that it takes a bold and brave person to rock them. Since metallics are currently in style, this is a great way to incorporate them into an outfit. Of course, these kinds of statement stud earrings are more for fun nights out than everyday errands.

Turquoise tie-dye statement studs

Funky turquoise statement studs are always a great choice, especially for the summer. While earrings like these suit everyone, those with darker skin tones look particularly incredible wearing them. While any shape and texture work, we recommend opting for a tie-dye style to make them slightly more intricate!

Dramatic pearl and elephant statement studs

Those with a flair for the dramatic will love oversized statement studs that have a lot going on. A pair with frilly ends, jewel stones, pearl beads, and a busy metallic design featuring elephants will immediately catch anyone's attention. If you want to rock something like this, make sure it doesn't clash with the rest of your outfit.

Butterfly statement studs

Just like flowers, butterflies are also one of those timeless jewelry designs that are trendy year-round — but their peak is always in spring and summer. A pair of butterfly statement studs are the perfect way to jump on the fairycore aesthetic trend, as nothing screams the goddess of a forest in springtime more than butterflies!

Fabric statement studs

Most studs are made from metal, plastic, or gems. However, some statement studs are more unique — like these lace ones. Fabric might not be everyone's first choice for stud material, but we have to admit that it looks amazing. The best part about studs like these is that you can make them yourself. All you need is to cut out a piece of lace that you like and then use an actual small stud earring to attach it to your ear.

Vintage statement studs

Vintage statement studs that look like they have been in your family for decades are an easy way to add a hint of glamour to an everyday look. And if they just so happen to be a pair that actually is a family piece, that's obviously even better!

Circle statement studs

Hoops are cute and all, but how cool are these circle statement stud earrings? If you love hoop earrings but you're ready to go for a slightly different look, consider getting a big stud circle that gives you the same look but adds so much more uniqueness — especially at a time when almost every other girl is rocking hoops.

'60s-inspired white statement studs

When we think of the '60s, we think of Twiggy's makeup, Bridget Bardot's hair, and chunky white statement earrings. If you love a good retro trend, pick a pair of white stud earrings in a fun geometric shape. They add the drama of a colored earring, but they are technically in a neutral tone, which makes them super easy to combine with different clothing items!

Sun statement studs

Celestial jewelry quickly adds a hint of mystery to your look, and they are a great way to rock classic gold or silver jewelry. If gold is your preference, we recommend getting statement sun studs, while silver looks better in combination with moon and star studs. However, there isn't really a set-in-stone rule for this, so if you want a silver sun — go for it!

Pink and purple crystal statement studs

Crystals found their way into mainstream trends a couple of years ago, and nowadays, there's a chance that at least one person you know has a crystal or two at home. If the aesthetic that comes with crystals is exactly what you like, look for statement studs that have beautiful stones in them!

Heart statement studs

Hearts are a popular jewelry choice, especially if they are gifted to someone we love. Statement studs with hearts are cute and timeless, and you actually don't have to wait for someone to get you a pair — show yourself some love, and if you find a pair you adore, treat yourself!