The Elegant Lace Nail Trend Is Here Just In Time For Spring Weddings

For brides looking for manicure inspiration for the big day, the typical designs revolve around French nails and light colors. While these are definite classics you can consider, sometimes a bride wants something with a little more detail. Thankfully, one of the latest nail trends is perfect for spring brides, wedding guests, and just about anyone who wants to add romantic detailing to their nails.

For spring brides, nail art is the perfect way to add extra detail to their big day without detracting from their overall look. However, many nail art designs can be too strong or bold and draw attention away. Lace nails are the ideal compromise to add texture and design in a way that complements your wedding theme.

Although this nail trend isn't exclusive to just brides, it can make your big day even more special. If you're simply looking to add some more subtle nail details this spring, this lace trend is also perfect for you. While spring is the season of all things floral, lace is coming in to claim a spot on your nails.

Colored lace nails

Like nail designs, there are different types of brides out there. While some enjoy sticking to traditional aspects of weddings, many brides prefer to add punches of their personalities on their big day. For those who love all things color, the lace nail trend is the perfect way to stay true to yourself but add a touch of romance, too. Whether you're getting married or not, colored lace nails are the perfect nail to get into the romance of the spring season while still having some bold colors in the mix. Simply substitute the nude or cream base color for your favorite bold color and add lace detailing on top.

Black lace nails

While a black manicure might not be your go-to thought when it comes to bridal or spring nails, it can be an option for those who love something with an edge. In fashion, black lace is a romantic fabric that can add some mystery to your look. The same principle can be brought to your nails with a little black lace. Mix in a few black roses for a completely edgy and dark romantic nail design. 

Lace nail tips

Just as there are those who enjoy statement and bold nails, there are some who prefer subtle and minimal details. If you're in the latter group, the good news is that lace nails can also fit your style. Bride or not, nails with a lace nail tip are perfect to add just a hint of detail to your design without having to go overboard. These simple designs go perfectly with any look or event.

Embroidered nail tips

Like the beautiful embroidered pieces you find in clothing items, you can give some bloom to your nails with a few colorful roses or art designs. If you're looking to add some more intricacy to your bridal nails, adding embroidery designs to your lace print will give you a soft and romantic look.

Reversed lace nail tips

We've already seen how the reverse French manicure is a chic and sophisticated way of getting a twist on a classic design. Now, you can add even more excitement to this twist by including lace. Instead of a French tip, you add the tip to the bottom of your nail, along the cuticle. This will give you the same sophisticated look but with some extra subtle flair.

Lace nails and French tips

If you're looking for the perfect bridal nails, why not get everything? Opt for both a French manicure and lace detailing on your nails to get the best of both worlds. Keep your base a light color to have your lace detail pop and create a beautiful nail design for a day you'll never forget.

Accent lace nails

The beauty of lace designs is that they can perfectly go with any other nail design you may have in mind. Use a subtle and soft lace design as an accent nail in your manicure. You can also reverse this and use your lace nail as a subtle contrast to an even bolder statement nail. Either way, lace will act as a great complement to other nail trends or designs.