Yep, Dry Lash Shampoo Is Now A Thing. But How Does It Work?

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Busy girls have long sung the praises of dry shampoo — the miracle product that can give new life to hair that's a few days removed from a shower. It works by using alcohol-based or starchy ingredients to soak up your hair's oil and grease, providing a fresher look. While it has its limitations and can't completely replace the transformative power of a wash day, it's perfect in a pinch. 


If you're a regular user of this product and a fan of the quick fix it provides, you might long for something that can give you a similar effect in other areas. Imagine if you could just "dry shampoo" your favorite t-shirt that you forgot to throw in the wash! Or, as one Twitter user put it, "[S]ometimes I wish I could dry shampoo my life."

While we're not quite there yet, some innovative brands are taking the restorative power of dry shampoo and applying it to other concepts. And for those who are sick of scrubbing off their make-up each night just to reapply it again in the morning, dry lash shampoo may be the miracle you need. 

MAC leads the charge for this innovative new product

MAC Cosmetics' introduction of their dry lash shampoo had some immediately swiping their cards — and others scratching their heads. "[L]ash dry shampoo??" one person tweeted. "I have seen it all." 

Still, MAC seems confident in their latest release, dubbing the product "a revolutionary mascara refresher." Currently priced at $24, the make-up miracle comes in a .22 oz tube featuring a wand that's specially crafted with de-clumping and reshaping in mind. 


Early reviews are promising, although the newness of the product is evident in its current lack of variety. As of now, the product is only available in black — so you won't be able to use it to refresh your more adventurous colors. MAC also notes that the product is not as effective on water-proof or water-resistant mascaras, as their formulas are more resistant to the dry shampoo's refreshing serum. This lends some insight into how the magic happens. And it's much simpler than you'd think. 

Dry lash shampoo gives a new look to old product

Dry lash shampoo might sound similar to typical lash shampoo — at least in name. However, while standard lash shampoo aims to clean up old mascara, dry lash shampoo gives it new life. Ulta's listing of the new product defines the formula as a "refresher that softens your existing mascara for easy re-styling throughout the day." 


E! News' review of the product goes further in de-mystifying the magic. Dry lash shampoo's refreshing formula is applied with a one-of-a-kind wand. This applicator not only brushes on the dry shampoo but is shaped to comb, detangle, and re-volumize your lashes. They note that using this product is a much quicker and more portable solution than scrubbing off old makeup and applying new coats. 

The outlet shares that you can apply dry lash shampoo over old mascara after any length of time to look and feel brand new. But do the results match the pitch? 

Dry lash shampoo features and results

The results are in, and they're looking positive. According to consumer testing completed by MAC Cosmetics, dry lash shampoo gets the job done. They surveyed 176 people after using the product for one week and found shockingly high praise across the board. Ninety-four percent of users said that the product enhanced old mascara, while 91 percent said that their lashes looked revived and more amplified. 


Their survey also spoke to the effectiveness of their specialized, volumizing brush applicator. Eighty-seven percent said that their eyelashes looked more separated, and 86 percent said that they looked more lifted and curled — enhancing their mascara and eyes. 

An early MAC Select reviewer on the product's webpage noted that the product "immediately lifted and separated [their] lashes after about eight hours of wearing [their] mascara." While they did note a waxy residue that makes it a little hard to remove the original mascara and the refresher at the end of the night, the dry lash shampoo earned a five-star rating overall. But what are people who aren't affiliated with MAC saying about the product? 


Early consumer reviews are rolling in

Reviews from consumers and beauty gurus are rolling in, and the results are mixed. YouTuber Allura Beauty tried out the product and found that it functions very similarly to normal mascara. "They're just calling it a dry shampoo mascara as if it does something unique compared to just continuing to apply another coat of mascara later on in the day." While she noticed volume and emphasis after using the dry shampoo, she was skeptical about the magic formula and suggested that the product could just be used as a typical mascara


Magdaline Janet put the tool to the ultimate test, trying to keep her mascara "refreshed" through an entire day of wear. She mentions that if it worked, it would be a revolutionary product. However, her fine lashes get quickly weighed down by reapplying normal coats throughout the day. 

Magdaline first tried the dry shampoo after a day of wear and noticed an improvement in volume and pigmentation. Like Allura Beauty, she found that the dry shampoo could be used on its own as a normal mascara, recommending it in particular for people whose lashes already have a lot of volume. With the pigment and the separation it provides, it serves as a slight pick-me-up for your lashes. 

Is dry lash shampoo safe?

It's normal to be wary of products that seem too good to be true. MAC Cosmetics is a very reputable brand, and you have every reason to trust that the dry lash shampoo product itself is safe for use. However, you need to be cautious of the habits that may form while regularly using this product. For example, if you stop taking your eye makeup off every night in anticipation of "refreshing" it in the morning, the dry shampoo could adversely affect the health of your lashes and eyes. According to the Veterans Optometry Partners of America, leaving mascara on for too long without a proper wash can invite bacteria into your eyes. Your freshened mascara may also dry and clump overnight. These hardened lumps of product can damage your lashes and irritate your eyes. 


Not having to constantly reapply your mascara may also make your tubes of product last longer. While this may seem like a good thing at first, it could lull you into a false sense of security. Regardless of how frequently you're reaching for your mascara tube, your products should be replaced every three to six months to avoid bacteria buildup. 

The bottom line? This innovative product will work great in a pinch and is perfect for freshening up your eye makeup throughout the day. However, don't let it replace your day-to-day care routines. Your eyes are sensitive and should be treated with the utmost care.