Wire Ponytails Are The Easiest Way To Chicly Upgrade Your Updo

Coming up with a new hairstyle daily can get tricky when you need more ideas. We often look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, our favorite influencers, and celebrities to see what we can re-create. We see something new and cool, so we try it out, and the next thing we know, everyone has the same idea and we see it all over social media. We watch snippets of movies, shows, and the runway at New York Fashion Week and have our next hairstyle planned out. The wired ponytail was a classic hairstyle at Fashion Week that everyone loved. It's the perfect way to spruce up a boring ponytail.

We've seen many hair accessories make a return, such as scrunchies and claw clips, but sometimes those can get old. You might want something new and funky that adds interest to your hair. Wired ponytails aren't a new trend per se. They've been around for a long time, but they're timeless, chic, and effortless. You only need a hair tie and wire hair accessory to place over the hair tie. You can wrap the wire over the elastic or through different parts of your hair. It gives you the creative freedom to style the wire hair accessory however you'd like. Here are a few ways you can elevate your ponytail with wire.

Full-wired ponytail

Elevate the look of your ponytail by wrapping the wire hair accessory close to the end of it and leaving a small chunk of hair exposed. The wire will secure all of your hair without it coming loose or ending up in your face. It's frustrating when you don't have a tight enough hair elastic, so you have to redo the pony. Wire hair accessories are the ideal backup for loose elastic rips.

Curl your wired ponytail

You might've heard that it's best to curl your hair after a day or two of not washing it, but sometimes you have to curl it the day of an event. You can style your curls in many ways, especially with a wired hair accessory. Create a regular ponytail and wrap the wire around and curl the ends. Then, you can add some fun hoop accessories for a luxe look. You can buy a matching set or mix a few metallic colors. It's the perfect hairstyle for any special occasion.

Spread out the wires

Create a bubble braid or ponytail with a few wire hair accessories spread out along your hair. First, make your favorite braid at the top and secure it with a wire accessory. Then, leave some space between the hair and attach a second wire accessory. You can keep the hair tight or loose, depending on how you want it to turn out. Repeat the spacing a couple more times and finish braiding the last bit of hair. It leaves you with a gorgeous bubble-braid ponytail.

High-wired ponytail

If you prefer something simpler, throwing your hair up in a high ponytail is perfect if you're running late or need to run errands. Having curly or wavy hair has its perks for this hairstyle because the ends will give the hairstyle some volume as opposed to straight hair. However, you can curl the ends with a curling iron if you have straight hair. In addition, pull out some pieces on the sides to give your face some framing. Don't worry about the top not being sleek; messy ponytails never go out of style, just like messy buns.

Sleek ponytail

We've seen various sleek hairstyles, but this sleek ponytail and gold wire combo might be the best. It's opulent with the gold wire on the bottom half of the ponytail, keeping the center tighter and the end looser. If you have thicker or curlier hair, this look will be superb. Match the wire you use to your jewelry and makeup for a cohesive look on your next night out with the girls.

Use wire to create a design

Ponytails can be secured with multiple things, like scrunchies, hair elastics, and even some hair strands. In addition, you can use wire hair accessories to create a unique design in your ponytail. For example, this hairstylist used wire to make a stunning braid with the strands from a ponytail. It follows the chicken wire technique, where the wire is placed on the hair and lopped through the small holes.

Opt for a spiderweb look

Whether you like watching "Spider-Man" movies or already have a Halloween costume planned, this spiderweb ponytail design could be your hairstyle for the night. On the other hand, it's perfect for any night of the week. The design is subtle and unique; it adds interest to your hair. A cool hairstyle can elevate the look if you have a mundane outfit. The spider wire ponytail will get everyone's attention.

Try a side ponytail-braid

Fishtail braids are effortless to do and pair easily with any outfit. Give the braid a twist by creating four different sections with wire wrapped around it. Small parts of the fishtail will peek through each section while giving your hair a pop of color. Play around with the look; create your favorite braid and add some wire where you think it'll look best. Or, try styling different types of ponytails with wire to figure out what you like more.

Go with a low ponytail

The great thing about wire is you don't have to use much of it to be noticeable. If you prefer to use a hair elastic to keep your ponytail in place, wrap a few strands of hair around the elastic to hide it and add some wire on top. You can wrap the wire a few times to secure the hair strands. However, use colors that won't blend in your hair so that they're easily noticeable. Low ponytails are easy and quick since you don't have to worry too much over flyways.