A Dark-Colored Crystal Can Benefit Your Skincare Routine (& Peace Of Mind)

However your skincare routine has evolved over years, it could be amped up another level or two if you consider utilizing the healing and detoxifying powers of certain crystals – dark ones, to be specific. Crystals and gems have long been loved for their unique, clarifying properties and while there may not be much evidence to back up the claims, some swear by the benefits of using crystals in a skincare routine. You can even get your hands on crystal-infused skincare products in the form of mists, moisturizers, and cleansers. There's not much more lavish than that, right?


Whether you opt to use dark crystals during meditation, for gua sha, or during a home facial, the powerful healing properties believed to be brought on by the crystals are certainly worth exploring. not only for the radiance of your skin but also for your inner peace and vitality. From obsidian to black tourmaline, there are many potential benefits to be reaped from integrating dark-colored crystals into your skincare routine.

Black onyx for circulation

When it comes to introducing dark-colored crystals into your morning routine, black onyx is a great first stop. Black onyx is an anti-inflammatory crystal and also improves circulation – both of which are key contributors to a radiant glow (via Taut). A black onyx gua sha tool is the perfect avenue to lymphatic drainage and will target the wrinkles and lines you might be hoping to diminish. Known to be a protective stone, black onyx is associated with the root chakra and can bring groundedness to the user, per Rare Earth Gallery).


Black onyx is known to be soothing to the nervous system and can also direct the body toward vitality and healing after illness, suggests Tiny Rituals. In terms of emotional healing, it's often used as an aid in grief and mourning. The grounding stone can help us process the past and release it in a healthy manner. Whether you use an onyx gua sha, carry the stone in your pocket, or don jewelry made of black onyx, the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties of the stone will leave you feeling refreshed and secure in your authenticity.

Black tourmaline for youth

Tourmaline is a strong healer known to add youthful energy to the face. It also has a unique property when it comes to beauty: tourmaline heats up as it is rubbed on the skin. So, if you use a black tourmaline gua sha tool, you'll reap the benefits of added radiance. The crystal has also been added directly to nourishing skincare products for its strong detoxifying abilities. Origins offers a facial wash and a facial scrub featuring the holistic healing powers of the crystal.


Black tourmaline is a "mystical talisman of luck that evokes a strong psychic shield from destructive forces," Audrey Kitching, owner of Crystal Cactus, told Allure. The crystal is known to transmute fears and negative thoughts into feelings of security and hope, soothing the wearer or holder through any turmoil that may arise. The fiercely protective stone is best used as a shield against unwanted energy (via Tiny Rituals).

Obsidian for tissue healing

Actually a volcanic glass, obsidian is dark, inky, and renowned for its grounding abilities. It aids in circulation and deep tissue healing, making it a great addition to your skincare routine. Black obsidian also has warming properties – just like tourmaline – and is great for anyone who struggles with breakouts. As obsidian encourages clarity of the skin and helps to remove toxins, you're bound to see a beautiful improvement in your skin's vibrancy and overall texture.


On a spiritual level, obsidian is associated with the third-eye chakra and is thought to be a bridge to unseen realms that hold cosmic healing (via Tiny Rituals). Obsidian can help bring us out of insecure hiding when we feel less-than-worthy of shining as our brightest selves and also serves as a shield against psychic attacks, soothing our anxiety and reminding us to choose positive, healing thoughts to keep on the way of truth.