The Outdated Style To Avoid When Reaching For A Maxi Skirt This Season

Minis and midis have been dominating the style trends for years, but hems are about to get a little longer in the coming season. Maxi skirts were everywhere on the runway, and they're already making their way into stores and onto the bodies of influencers and fashion lovers everywhere. Now don't worry if you're not completely sold on maxi skirts just yet. These aren't the ones your parents might have made you wear as a kid; they're updated, sleek, and kind of sexy. The trick is knowing which maxi material to choose.


One material to forgo if you want your maxi skirts to be more modern is jersey fabric. Jersey is a knitted fabric that's often recognized as a t-shirt material. It's stretchy, comfortable, and, when made with cotton, can be moisture-wicking. Although there's nothing wrong with the material itself — and it's not going anywhere any time soon — it's not the best option for a stylish maxi skirt. The currently trending styles use thicker or more structured fabrics, which give the skirt a more luxurious look.

Make the denim maxi your go-to

Of all the maxi skirt trends, denim is the one that's reigning supreme. These skirts have been featured on the high fashion runways and on the fashion-forward girlies. When you first think about a denim maxi skirt, you might be resistant to the idea. After all, denim minis have had their hold for the last couple of decades. No, they're not completely disappearing, but denim minis have taken a step out of the spotlight to let the denim maxi shine.


Many are choosing a maxi skirt with a slit to show off a little leg. Whether the slit is up the side, on both sides, or splitting the front, that peek-a-boo of skin is what makes the denim maxi feel like a grown-up and updated version compared to the ones from childhood. But if you like to cover up, denim tube skirts are also trending. But don't worry, they're still structured and not frumpy. The denim tube skirt can still be form-fitting while covering some skin.

Satin is still classic

When it comes to longer skirts, satin is a timeless option. The slinky and shiny material feels luxurious, which is ideal if you're looking for elevated basics in your closet. It has plenty of movement, so anywhere you walk will be like a runway. These skirts lend themselves to being dressed up with a blouse and heels or dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers. One piece can be a versatile option in your wardrobe. These skirts are also great for transition seasons like spring and fall when the weather can unpredictably oscillate between cold and warm, but they're also light enough to wear in the summer heat.


Plus, satin skirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a great option if you want an easy pop infused into your outfit. You can buy satin skirts in different colors and patterns and play around with mixing and matching them with different tops, jackets, and accessories to create hundreds of outfits. Look for a classic black skirt and a polka dot skirt that can serve as basics, and then experiment with colors, print, and fit when looking for your next satin maxi skirt.

Go sleek with leather

Another classic direction, but on the edgier side, is to go with leather or pleather. They're sleek and sexy and ideal if you're one who enjoys making fashion statements. Similar to satin maxis, leather skirts are a versatile option to have in your wardrobe. Dress them up or dress them down, a leather maxi can easily go from day to night if you know how to style it right. Pair them with heels or boots, sweaters or blouses, leather maxi skirts are your go-to year-round, but especially in colder months.


Start with the basics of black and brown to give yourself a good base when trying to create new outfits. Then you can try options like red and gray to add a pop to your wardrobe. Beyond playing with color, leather skirts often have interesting details that can set them apart from other skirts. Consider button fronts, matching built-in belts, and different silhouettes for a unique style statement.

Tiers and pleats

Put a little prep in your step with pleated maxi skirts. Pleated maxi skirts are flowier, which gives them that elegant, chic look. Pleated fabric also allows for more airflow, so they're ideal for warmer climates and weather to keep you cool with a long skirt. This skirt style lends itself to classic, preppy, and slightly sporty looks, so consider pairing a pleated skirt with colorful blouses and sweater vests to lean into the look.


Tiered maxi skirts, on the other hand, have a bit of the bohemian feel. Like pleated skirts, they're flowy and airy, ideal for warmer weather. They're easy to pair with tops, but you want to be cautious about adding too much bulk on top since a tiered skirt can have a lot of fabric itself. Keep it simple with a button-down shirt or blouse or laid-back t-shirt or cotton tank. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't play around with color and have fun while creating your look. Strappy sandals and lace-up boots can both drive home the boho look.

Cool cargo maxi

There may be a fashion debate about whether cargo shorts and pants are cool, but cargo maxi skirts are definitely in style. Tapping into street style and a little bit of utility, cargo maxi skirts are the ultimate cool girl piece. It evokes a little bit of the '90s grunge style and is the natural progression from the baggy jeans that have been trending the last few years. Cargo skirts, with the signature pockets and all, give that carefree and cool vibe of big city fashionistas.


Bring in the effortless style with a t-shirt or a ribbed tank top. Paired with an oversized jacket, you'll feel like you're a cool NYC fashion girl. Cargo skirts also lend themselves to being sporty, so pair them with a baggy t-shirt and sneakers for a laid back casual look. Of course, you can also play against the obvious and dress up a cargo maxi with traditionally feminine and delicate pieces. A flowy blouse and heels creates a unique juxtaposition that will have heads turning toward you.