The Fairy Grunge Beauty Trend Puts A Soft Goth Spin On Ethereal Makeup

The fashion and beauty world has two prominent obsessions in 2023: edgy, dark styles and dainty, ethereal looks. The glam ghoul aesthetic is peak 2023, so there's an intense rise in vampy goth and gritty grunge looks. On the other hand, the whimsical, out-of-this-world celestialcore trend and ultra-dreamy fairycore are also dominating how people present themselves. We know what you're probably thinking: how can unapologetically dark grunge looks and super delicate ethereal styles both be trending at once?

Believe it or not, grunge and fairycore styles work well together, balancing each other out and offering different vibes based on what fashion enthusiasts prefer. Plus, the two aesthetics are fun to combine, as there are over 277,000 posts dedicated to #fairygrunge on Instagram at the time of writing. "We combine earthy tones with dark nature themes, but also distressed and ripped clothes, '90s vintage fashion, and witchy stuff, like crystals and dark magic," Marina Blau, a fashion content creator, told Teen Vogue. This dark yet dreamy aesthetic isn't limited to outfits, however, as you can incorporate fairy grunge looks into your makeup as well.

Wear both dark and light eyeliner

One of the best ways to combine edgy goth makeup with soft, dreamy beauty is to wear dark and white or ultra-light eyeliner for the same look. By applying a black or navy blue wing or cat-eye design on your upper eye area, you'll instantly add some intense edge to your appearance. If you want to soften the appearance, add white or pastel eyeliner to your waterline for more of an ethereal, fairy-like style.

Explore unconventional hues for your lips

Grunge is all about wearing whatever you want, no matter how non-traditional it looks, without caring what others think. Showing off unconventional lipstick colors is a daring way to exude that IDGAF attitude while making a bold beauty statement. Furthermore, lively lip hues are very fairy-ish, so go for more of a goth fairy vibe with blue, black, gray, or green lipstick.

Rock bright eyeshadow

This idea might sound surprising at first, but you don't have to wear dark eyeshadow to achieve fairy grunge-inspired beauty; bright shadows work, too. As previously mentioned, grunge looks are typically bold and unapologetic, as is neon eyeshadow, so by wearing such a loud hue, you'll still be grunge by making a statement. If you love Tinker Bell, consider wearing bright green eyeshadow and adding dark eyeliner for more intensity.

Have glossy lips

Is your makeup really ethereal if you don't have magical, glassy lips? If you want to rock any fairy-inspired look, you should apply at least one coat of lip gloss for a dreamy, soft-looking pout. If you're worried that gloss won't look grunge enough by itself, add the lipgloss on top of a bolder lipstick for the best of both worlds.

Experiment with false lashes or mascara

Long, voluminous lashes are the perfect finishing touch to any look. Consider investing in fake eyelashes for a dramatic, intense look to complete your fairy grunge makeup. Or, wear many coats of your favorite mascara for dreamy long lashes. Another idea is to wear colorful mascara, such as blue, purple, pink, or green to fit the whimsical fairycore theme.

Don't forget your blush and highlight

If you want to exude a fairy-inspired glow, you'll need a shiny highlight. You can also lean into the whimsy with blush, whether you opt for red, pink, orange, or purple. Between the brightness and the glow, you'll look like you jumped out of a supernatural movie about fairies, but with a grunge twist. Moreover, you don't have to use concealer, foundation, or BB cream, as showing your genuine, imperfect skin is super grunge.