For Mature Skin, Look No Further Than Matte Eyeshadow

Most people associate aging with weight gain, knee problems, and wrinkles but often underestimate the million other tiny changes that occur just to throw things out of whack. In fact, although aging isn't all bad (goodbye, monthly periods!) some of the other stuff is downright irritating, or at the very least ... different. For example, it's not unusual at all for women's body hair to start to thin out as they age, particularly on the legs and armpits. This is fabulous for people who hate to shave their legs and want to do it less often, but unfortunately, the hair-thinning can show up in other places, like the eyebrows and eyelashes. While no one will bemoan the loss of a serious unibrow, people spend big bucks trying to thicken lashes and brows to their full potential. The mascara market alone was valued at nearly $7 billion in 2021, per Reports and Data, and is expected to trend ever upward in the years to come.

How matte eyeshadow can offset thinning lashes

The eyes are the window to the soul, but even they aren't immune to the effects of the natural aging process. Thinning eyelashes, not to mention wrinkles, lines, and general sagginess tend to alter the youthful appearance of eyelids and surrounding areas. Fortunately, a few minor makeup tweaks can make all the difference when it comes to achieving mature eye makeup that appears both beautiful and natural.

Offset wrinkles and lash loss by opting for matte eyeshadow colors. According to Sixty and Me, sparkly or iridescent shadow products tend to make wrinkles stand out, rather than blend in. Instead, the flat texture of matte shadows can smooth everything out more subtly, and make up for these normal, albeit irritating, changes. Lighter colors are also advised, as they brighten the eyes, which is always welcome as many women battle sleep disturbance problems as they get older, too.

Other tools to make the eyes look brighter and better

Although aging will always happen to some degree, the modern marketplace offers no shortage of amazing new products to offset some of the effects. A mature woman's new best friend is definitely a quality eye cream that contains retinol. This is because the active ingredient is adept at minimizing and even eliminating crow's feet and other lines that eyeshadow gets all caked up in. It'll also reduce puffiness and dark circles, effectively erasing years from one's eye area. There are a ton of products at different price points. Cheaper over-the-counter options abound, though research has shown that medical-grade skincare products can get better results, faster. They're just more expensive.

If lackluster lashes are your age-related eye makeup woe, there are fortunately plenty of additional ways to reinvigorate them. Mascara primer, in particular, can enhance the effects of mascara, making lashes look thicker and fuller. Or, opt to apply a serum on the regular to help them grow, thicken, and last longer so that you have lashes that are lush enough to bat ... at any age.