We're Loving Hourglass Nails. Here's How To Get The Look

If you're a fan of "Euphoria," you might have taken some style inspiration from the fabulously fashionable show. Along with the hair, makeup, and wardrobe, fans are drooling over a particular nail art trend that one of the characters has sparked. Of course, we're referring to the hourglass nails seen on Maddy (Alexa Demie), aptly dubbed "Maddy's Mugler" nails. 

The show's nail artist, Natalie Minerva, filled Bustle in on some details about the style, saying, "The look was initially based on the design of the dress [Maddy] was wearing in that scene, and Alexa [Demie] definitely had a lot to do with coming up with that particular design. It reminded both of us of Mugler, and we spoke about mimicking the curvy nature of her outfit and just wanted something that felt sexy and sleek."

Even if you haven't watched "Euphoria," you still may have spotted Kourtney Kardashian showing off her own hourglass nails. Featuring red polish alongside a "creme" shade, the art was done by celebrity nail artist Kim Truong, who noted in an Instagram caption that she was inspired by the look that Minerva had created. If you're motivated to try this trend, you need to check out the various ways that you can nail this timely look.

1. Black and white hourglass nails

When it comes to hourglass nails, you can't go wrong with a classic black-and-white combination. These chic shades perfectly suit the sophisticated style. While you may want the black section to be beautifully bold, you might also want to leave the white area a little translucent so that you end up with a smoky or cloudy effect. You can add another elegant touch with tiny gems placed at the end of each nail along the cuticle.

2. Short oval hourglass nails

While the enviable hourglass nails seen on "Euphoria" rely on a relatively long, square coffin shape, Kourtney Kardashian opts for a shorter, rounder style. You can do the same by creating the curvy art on oval nails. You can use the same shades of polish and even use gems if you'd like. However, you simply need to trim your nails and grab a file to get rid of any sharp edges.

3. Hourglass nails with contrasting colors

When it comes to hourglass nails, you're not limited to a black base. You can mix things up by using different shades. For instance, stick to the typical look on one hand, using a relatively nude polish along with the black. On the other hand, replace the black section with pristine white polish. Keep the nails on both hands the same shape and length so they'll be complementary and contrasting.

4. Hourglass nails with glittering hearts

Add an adorable, lovey-dovey touch to your hourglass nails by leaving off the tiny gems and opting for hearts instead. Just create the same art that you normally would, but before you seal things in with a top coat, use a tiny brush or toothpick to draw a small heart at the base of each nail with glittery red polish (although pink or purple would look just as sweet). You may also want to opt for a subtle stiletto shape, which works perfectly with the pointed hearts.

5. Wide red hourglass nails

If you love the idea of the hourglass look but want something a bit more colorful, such as the delicious sounding and wonderfully playful Skittle nails, then you can switch things up to suit your vibrant aesthetic. Consider leaving the middle section of your nails nude and swapping the black for something like a radiant red. On top of that, you can make the clear middle area a little wider and keep the color along the edges without dipping too deep in the center.

6. Blue dotted hourglass nails

Thanks to the fact that polish comes in a seemingly endless range of shades, you can choose any color your heart desires. That includes a cool blue that's both suave and edgy. If you want to add a little something extra but don't have gems on hand, you can grab another shade of polish, such as a bright white, to create dainty dots. Add one or two just above your cuticle, or take it even further by running a line of dots down your entire nail.

7. Two-tone orange hourglass nails

If you can't decide between two striking shades for your hourglass nails, then you will be delighted to find out that you can use them both. Instead of adding a white or nude polish to the middle section, use one of the two colors that have caught your eye. Just take a peek at how amazing two orange shades work together. Although you might assume you should use the lighter hue in the center, you can put a twist on the trend by using a darker shade where the nude areas would normally be.

8. Shimmery white hourglass nails

Add some flair to your hourglass nails with a mesmerizing, shimmery polish. The large flakes embedded in the pearly white polish reflect a bluish color that makes these nails look like precious jewels. The white polish is so stunning that it's understandable why it would cover most of each nail, keeping the black sections to a minimum. However, if you look at the base of each nail, you'll notice the black curves around the cuticle, which is another nice touch.

9. Extreme yet posh hourglass nails

The hourglass look may already seem like a dramatic choice if you aren't used to such eye-catching nail art. However, you can take advantage of a few additional options and accents if you want to take this trend to the extreme. That might include choosing super-long coffin nails that continue the hourglass curves so that they cover the entire extended length. Glittery gold lines have been added to two of the nails, which both accentuate the curves and add a posh touch.