'Nail Sealing' Is The Secret Manicure Hack That Can Strengthen Your Claws

When you think of the kind of stunning nails that you would be proud to show off, then you may imagine ones that are healthy, strong, and oh-so-pretty. On the other hand, your ideal manicure probably doesn't involve nails that peel, flake, or chip on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these issues are something that plenty of people deal with for a few different but potentially preventable reasons.

First of all, it's important to know that your classy claws are actually made of a type of protein called keratin, according to Healthline. They're also made of layers that, as you might know, can end up peeling under certain circumstances. For instance, nails that are too dry and haven't been moisturized can suffer this icky fate. The same can be said for nails that have been too wet or are in the water for extended periods of time, as well as submerged in H20 that's piping hot. On top of that, if you use false nails and don't remove them properly (and gently) or tend to pick at your nail polish, then your nails can become damaged.

Although this obviously means that you should protect your nails from excessive heat and water, as well as keep them nicely hydrated while offering necessary TLC, there's another trick you can take advantage of and will surely love. It's called nail sealing, and it's the super easy secret manicure hack that can strengthen your nails.

A crystal nail file will be your favorite anti-peel tool

If you deal with peeling nails, then you definitely want to seal them. You can do this by using a fancy-sounding, wonderfully functional crystal file. The process simply involves taking the nail file along your nail's tip a few times — once or twice should do it. Why do this? Well, along with making your nails nice and smooth, it also has another added benefit.

"When water gets into your nail, it can cause peeling at the tips," nail and beauty expert Leighton Denny told Refinery29. While you may have some emery boards laying around, you'll want to put these aside and opt for a crystal nail file this time around. Denny explained why, saying, "The unique surface of a crystal nail file is smooth and it seals the edge of the nails, so that any treatment you do next is going to stay inside."

That means you'll be able to create a barrier that keeps damaging water from soaking into your nails while at the same time ensuring that whatever you use to moisturize and strengthen your nails is sealed in. Frankly, Denny claims that this is the most important step when it comes to your nail care routine. On top of that, crystal files are ideal for all types of nails. You just want to make sure you choose the right kind of crystal file for you and your nails.

How to choose a crystal or glass nail file

Before you start looking for your next nail file, you may be wondering what a crystal file is and what makes it so special. Made in the same shape as an emery board with either a rounded, flat, or pointed tip, the file is a treated glass, which makes it strong and worthy of your next manicure. If you've been shopping and noticed glass files but not ones that are specifically labeled crystal files, you might be wondering what the difference is between the two. Nail artist Julie Kandalec told Cosmopolitan, "They are the same thing."

Beyond that, Kandalec pointed out that crystal files are a fabulous choice due to the fact that they last for quite a long time, which is clearly better for both your budget and the environment. That's why you want to make sure that you choose the file that will suit your particular needs. You definitely want to pick up one that is comfortable to hold, isn't too heavy, and is easy to manipulate while performing your manicure and sealing your nails. You can also do a little research and figure out what options are the most popular and get the best reviews. Finally, you can opt for one that boasts a captivating color or delightful details, as many glass files are given a few extra design touches since they're meant to be a long-lasting part of your nail-related tool kit.