The Spring 2023 Purse Trend That Brings Texture And A Bit Of Whimsy To Your Look

Spring is officially springing all across the Northern hemisphere, and arriving with it are the kinds of fun, whimsical fashion trends that only the playfulness of the sunnier seasons can provide. As seasonal fashion trends revolve and evolve, purse trends tend to emerge right along with them, although they don't always garner the same level of attention. The truth is that a purse can dictate the entire vibe of an outfit, for better or for worse.

This spring and summer, get ready for the soft, quirky, fanciful aesthetics of crocheted purses. Whether you decide to dive into the fiber arts to make your own fashionable handbag or purchase one from a big retailer or small business, you'll definitely want to get in on this adorable trend while it lasts. Here are some examples of great styles of crocheted purses to inspire you to go out and embrace the soft side.

Soft pink tote

Are you a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world? Have you tried pairing your cutest spring dress with a soft pink crocheted tote? Not only does it look lovely, delicate, and feminine, but it also has enough room to carry every accessory you could ever need with you. 

Crochet and chain

Crocheted fashion doesn't have to be all softness with no edge. A black or navy purse with a gold or silver chain strap and matching metal clasp can mix the best of both worlds in a way that can elevate any outfit. Keep them guessing with this bag's two-faced combo of aesthetics. 

Granny square crossbody

If you've ever been the proud owner of a knit or crocheted throw blanket (or watched the original television series Roseanne), you're familiar with granny squares. A granny square is created by crocheting in an outward rotation from the center of each square against the backdrop of a solid color. If you're a fan of the vintage look, you can't beat this crocheted option. 

Evergreen mini-messenger

Ready to fully embrace the beauty of Mother Nature's rebirth of her dear trees, flowers, and other plant life? Reach for a shade of green. A mini-messenger bag offers a simple button closure that holds all your treasures inside while looking cool, calm, and collected on the outside. 

Summer strawberry

Have you ever missed the days of carrying around your favorite stuffed animal for comfort? Consider the adult version of a cute toy that can come with you everywhere — an adorable crocheted purse. Nothing screams summer like a bag shaped like a strawberry. An actual pint of fresh-picked fruit inside is optional.