The Simple New Moon Ritual For Setting Intentions And Preparing For The Month Ahead

Feeling overwhelmed or simply unable to be still for a moment because you're in the throes of chaos are pretty relatable experiences these days. In fact, BetterUp reports that being overwhelmed on occasion is a common experience in today's world, which operates on a 24/7 clock without any pauses. Even when you're not feeling overwhelmed, it's still easy to get caught up in responsibilities, going from one thing to another without a break in between, and then ending your day with dishes in the sink and laundry sitting in baskets waiting to be folded. You can look at a plethora of wellness guides to help you quell the chaos in your life, but nature may have a much simpler and wholesome opportunity for you to reset and refresh.

Each month, the moon cycles through phases and brings with it energy that astrologers, astronomers, and astrophysicists alike have all studied. When the moon enters the phase we term as the new moon, the symbolism and energy merge to create rebirth, fresh slates, and new beginnings. When the moon is new, it's nature's way of offering you the space to set intentions for the upcoming month. As the moon's cycle begins anew, you can implement rituals to recenter your intentions. If you're in need of a restart, the new moon is the perfect time to reset and start fresh with renewed grounding, clarity, and space to shift your energy toward things that serve you in positive, healthy ways.

New moon rituals are unique to each person

The most important thing to keep in mind is that each person is an individual with unique needs and unique ways of interacting with and absorbing the world around them — meaning that what works for another person as a new moon ritual may not be the best fit for you. The same reasoning applies to your needs during the new moon as you bring with you everything you have carried over from the previous month and derive the things you are hoping for in the new month ahead. Reminding yourself of your own unique presence, the first thing to do as the new moon nears is to determine the areas of your life — whether your external commitments or your internal relationship with yourself — for which you wish to set intentions.

One of the most effective ways to sort through the noise of modern daily life is to sit down with a journal, preferably using pen and paper so you can set your phone and electronics aside while you write. Ask yourself questions about what has been on your mind, the things that have been bothering you, and the goals you wish to dedicate more time toward achieving. As an added bonus, journaling regularly may help you experience a decrease in your stress levels, lowered blood pressure, and reduced anxiety, per Healthline. Once you've written out your thoughts, you can begin to clearly discern your desires for the month ahead.

Allow the new moon to guide you

As the lunar cycle enters the new moon phase, think of the moon's disappearance to the human eye not as an absence but as nature's blank slate. After you've sorted through the noise by journaling or the method of your choosing, you'll have some clarity about the intentions you wish to set. Perhaps you want to prioritize daily exercise, drink more water, spend quality time with friends, or find space each day for hobbies that bring you joy. When it comes to new moon rituals, you may be surprised by the impact simple acts of intention setting can have on your outlook and mindset. 

Rituals for welcoming the energy of the new moon into your life for the month ahead can be as simple as lighting a candle and sitting in the soft light for a few minutes, setting out a crystal to provide a visual reminder of your goals and values, or writing out an affirmation for yourself that you place on your bathroom mirror to read each day of the upcoming month. Pulling a specific tarot or oracle card to set the foundation for the freshness of the new moon can guide you not just in adhering to the intentions you've set, but in figuring out which intentions to pursue for the new month and where your energy should be directed, per Oprah Daily. Be open to allowing the energy of the new moon to encourage fresh beginnings in your life.