TikTok's Tie-Front Top Hack Makes Wearing A Revealing Shirt A Breeze

We've all seen the cute tie-front tops that are worn by those who want to show a little skin when the weather warms up. Much of the enduring popularity of this style is down to the fact that these tops allow for layering — a fashion practice that some might only reserve for the winter months. With a tie-front top, you can throw a cardigan over it, or wear a fitted tank top under it. Best of all, you can combine different colored pieces to create a more vibrant, eye-catching ensemble.

However, anyone who's flaunted this stylish piece of clothing before can tell you that it doesn't exactly provide a lot of support. And unfortunately, it can be nearly impossible to wear a bra with this type of top, so what exactly is one supposed to do?

Thanks to TikTok, several hacks for this common problem have been developed and shared with the fashion-conscious community. TikTok creator Naomi Native posted a video on the platform, showing followers how they can combine other pieces of clothing with tie-front tops to get some much-needed support. In the video, Native simply throws a cardigan on top of a sports bra with no wire. Then, she uses the ties of the cardigan to secure the bra in place. The result, as Native shows, is that the bra is virtually out of sight, allowing you to flaunt the tie-front top with all of the support you need.

The ongoing legacy of the tie-front top

Native achieves her look by pulling one tie from the top upward, and then down through the middle of her sports bra. The other is threaded from the bottom up through the center of the bra as well. Together, the ties are then pulled in to squeeze the sports bra before being fastened into a bow, which successfully hides the bra beneath the top.

While it may seem like tie-front tops only exploded onto the scene recently, it turns out they've been trendy for decades. "There's a scene in the film 'Taxi Driver' where Jodie Foster is wearing a red and pink tie front top and I remember thinking she looked beyond cool," upcycling fashion designer Lottie Bertello told The Zoe Report. "Yes, yes, Jodie is already so cool but that top made her even cooler." While the backless top may have had its time in the spotlight, it's the tie-front top that has never gone away.

That being said, even with Native's tip, the tie-front top still poses a challenge to those who want to wear it by itself without a bra. This could be why the TikTok hacks have exploded in popularity, but needless to say, no one wants to be the victim of an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. If you've been unsatisfied with the tips you've seen from influencers on social media, you still have another option — fashion tape.

How to use fashion tape like a pro

One of the alternative ways you can wear a tie-front top and minimize the risk of showing a little too much skin is to use fashion tape. Often double-sided and extremely sticky, fashion tape is used by everyday trendsetters and celebrities alike to keep their outfit in check. More importantly, it can be used to give certain areas of your body some lift or shape.

When you're working with a tie-front top or a similar piece, you may want a bit of extra support. "I like to start underneath and kind of pull upwards," beauty and fashion editor Stephanie Montes told Byrdie while explaining her use of fashion tape. However, there are a few dos and don'ts to be aware of before you reach for the tape. Keep in mind that if you moisturize your skin, the tape's sticking power may diminish. It's also best to stay away from alcohol, toner, or any other skincare product that may increase sensitivity beforehand — this can increase the risk for irritation come tape removal time.

Once the tape has done its job, avoid ripping it off like a bandage, no matter how tempting it may be. Instead, soak a cotton ball with body oil, and gently rub it on the edges of the tape until it begins to lift from your skin. The goal is to remove it without causing skin damage — while it may take some time, your body will thank you.