7 Ways To Style Non-Chunky Loafers For Spring

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. And while we thought the chunky loafer would last us throughout every season — unfortunately, we were wrong. They're being replaced with a sleeker sister, one that's lightweight and with a thinner sole. While we won't entirely forget chunky loafers, they still have a small place in our hearts (so naturally, they'll need to be worn on special days). However, thinner and sleeker loafers will be seen everywhere this spring. They're minimal and luxurious, perfect for running errands or going to dinner. We've already started assembling the best spring pieces, such as a classic button-up, trousers, and lightweight coat.

Sleek loafers can be paired with any spring outfit you wear without becoming the center of attention. They're ideal for elevating a casual fit. Wear a pair of loafers with your favorite denim jeans and a white tee; you'll inspire everyone you walk by in the city. At the same time, you might opt for a classic black loafer, step outside of your comfort zone, and embrace some color. Try styling brown, ivory, or even green loafers with your spring wardrobe and see what you come up with. Here are a few sleek loafer styles you can keep in mind when you go shoe shopping.

Gold accents are timeless

Most chunky loafers you see on social media have a stunning gold buckle. If you're not ready to let go of your gold accents, thinner-soled loafers still carry on the gold features. In addition, black loafers are a classic asset that goes with various outfits if you enjoy dressing up in neutral tones. Pair them with an all-black look and white socks to give your outfit some color, or switch it up with a bright-colored top.

Brown leather loafers

Like black loafers, brown loafers can match a multitude of colors and patterns since they're a neutral shade. For example, wear brown loafers with a monochromatic brown outfit. On the other hand, try a two-toned look with a neutral base, like beige pants, and a gray top with a plaid blazer for a chic brunch outfit. If the weather is colder, you can layer the blazer with a denim jacket.

Classic black loafer

You can never go wrong with a plain black loafer since they go with everything. If you're running late, you can easily slip them on before you leave the house. Wear them with your go-to denim jeans and a black satin top for a casual meeting. Or, pair them with black trousers and a cardigan for the perfect museum day outfit.

Go for a pastel option

For those who love soft pastel colors, this pastel pink pair of loafers would elevate your spring wardrobe to the next level. They're stylish and flirty, perfect for an all-pink outfit. You can wear them with a white maxi skirt and a pink tube top for a stroll through the park. For a dressier fit, wear them with a satin champagne-colored mini dress for a future date night.

Try a crocodile

If you enjoy a plain black loafer but want something snazzier, try a crocodile-style loafer for some added texture. These crocodile loafers have a simple gold buckle in the front that elevates the look of the shoes. They're perfect for polishing up an outfit, such as a pair of black ankle trousers and a simple white tee.

White leather loafers

White clothing pieces, accessories, and shoes can turn any mundane look into a sophisticated one. White leather loafers with a gold buckle are elegant and minimal but significantly impact an outfit. For example, this woman is wearing a champagne satin cami with white jeans, and the white leather loafers with the brown sole add interest to the overall look. You can style white loafers with any spring dress, perfect for any occasion.

Go bold with red

For a more daring option, red loafers can make any outfit look sexy. They're bold and intense and can stand out against a black midi dress. On the other hand, wear them with light-wash denim jeans and a black tee with a red trenchcoat for a matching moment. In addition, you can add some fun details, like red lipstick and cherry red nails.