Skip The Spa And Try These 12 Beauty Treatments At Home

Everyone deserves a nice relaxing spa day, but you can skip the spa prices and enjoy a quiet day at home with just a few handy supplies. Of course, there are some treatments that have more risks when you do them at home, like microneedling, so do your research first. However, things like moisturizing facials and hair masks pose little to no risk, unless you're allergic to an ingredient.


Before you plan your spa day at home, decide how much time you have to dedicate to your pampering project and which parts of your body you want to focus on. This way you can have a list of supplies and ensure that your personal spa time goes as smoothly as possible. It completely defeats the relaxing purpose of home spa time if you get stressed because you're missing an ingredient for your homemade lip scrub! Making a list may seem tedious, but trust us, it will make your spa time a much happier time. With the right preparation, you could do all of these spa treatments in one day. You deserve to be pampered — here's how to get started.

1. Use a hair mask treatment

If your hair isn't feeling as shiny and smooth as it once was, it may be time for an at-home hair treatment. Some folks still reach for those old-school hot oil treatments, but we suggest a hearty hair mask to give your hair a boost in moisture and shine. 


Hair masks are easy to use, and you can choose from all sorts of options at the store, or you can opt to make one yourself at home. The ingredients you use in a homemade hair mask will depend on what you want the mask to do. You can start with a base oil for your mask, but it isn't necessary. Something like the omega fatty acid-rich avocado oil or a mashed-up fresh avocado will help moisturize your hair. Coconut oil or milk will give your hair an unmistakable shine and is believed to help strengthen the hair. Honey is another common hair mask ingredient that helps with shine and may help battle shedding as well. Even mayonnaise has been used for decades to battle frizz.

The key with these natural ingredient homemade hair masks is that you want to be sure to rinse them out of your hair well. Any leftovers could cause buildup, irritation, or could even start to get stinky if any residue is left behind.


2. Put those cucumbers on your eyes

We've all seen the picture of people lounging about with cucumbers on their eyes. So what's the big deal with this refreshing fruit (yep, you read that right)? The first thing you need to know is that cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which is why they make great salad fixings. But, using them on your face can be nearly as beneficial as eating them.


The first thing you'll probably notice when you put the cucumber slices on your eyes is a cooling sensation. That's one reason people enjoy this treat — it leads to refreshed eyes. Deeper than that, your cucumber slices are hydrating your eyes, which is great for fighting wrinkles. They're also filled with nutrients that help reduce inflammation, brighten skin, and ease sunburn. That last one means that on some days, after too much time on the beach, you may want to soak in a tub of cucumber slices. 

As an added bonus, you can use cucumbers on their own, before you get ready for work in the morning, or as a last-minute relaxer before bed, or you can combine them with your regular facial. 

3. Give yourself a moisturizing facial

Speaking of face masks and facials, you don't have to buy a sheet mask or a cake mask, you can make your own. Of course, sometimes it's easier to buy them, and it's perfectly fine if that's what you want to do. There are face masks for everything you could possibly want to do to treat your face well, from ones that fight pimples and blemishes to masks that moisturize and brighten. And, while you can purchase these specialty masks, you can also DIY face masks of all types.


Consider ingredients that have astringent properties, like bananas and pomegranate, when it comes to battling oily skin. Antibacterial fruits, like berries, are great for fighting acne. Many of the ingredients used for hair masks also make great face masks for the same reasons — like moisturizing dry skin. You can make soothing gel masks to ease sunburn using fresh aloe harvested from your own plant or create a face mask using powdered clay that you hydrate (you can find these dry clays at many beauty supply stores). For a sheet mask-style facial, you can use a washcloth soaked in your preferred ingredients, and that'll give you a really easy cleanup when you're done.

4. Get a massage

While a trip to the massage therapist can be one of the most relaxing times of your week or month, that cost can quickly add up if you have a lot of stress in your life. While it's not possible to give yourself a deep tissue back massage unless you're a contortionist, you can give yourself a neck and shoulder massage, face massage, or even massage your hands and feet with no assistance. If you have a significant other, you can try to get them to give you a massage (offering a massage exchange often works best in these cases). 


If you require a deeper massage at home and don't have someone living with you that can help out, consider investing in some home massage products. From shiatsu shoulder massagers (that work on your back too) to foot massagers, there are all sorts of options that will bring you more relief. 

Check out some info on the benefits of reflexology, which will come in handy when you're giving yourself foot and hand massages. There are different points on your feet and hands that connect to other parts of your body, internally and externally, and massaging those points can work for pain relief and even more relaxation.

5. Exfoliate from head to toe

As gross as it sounds, we're constantly shedding skin, and within a period of about a month, we shed our whole outer layer. Some of that shedding skin overstays its welcome causing dry patches, as well as other issues. You can help slough off that skin by regularly exfoliating. However, if you're into speedy showers and don't feel like you have enough time to exfoliate twice a week, consider making it a regular part of your home spa days, whether you do it once a week or a couple of times a month. Some exfoliation is better than no exfoliation at all.


You also don't want to exfoliate too often. When in balance, our skin has its own natural oils that keep it from getting too dry. If you're sloughing off your outer layer too often (more than twice a week), you may be stripping away too much of these natural oils, which can quickly lead to issues with redness and skin irritation. To help cut down on possible dryness after exfoliation, be sure to moisturize when you're done.

6. Wax all those bits

Waxing at home is nearly as easy as having someone else do it these days. You can buy pre-shaped strips, big strips, little strips, or tubs of all sizes that you just warm up to get ready for your waxing session. With the cost of waxing your eyebrows alone having more than doubled in the last decade, waxing at home is sure to save you a bit of money, but it does take a bit of a time commitment. Where you can walk into the spa or salon and get a quick wax and be out the door in half an hour, waxing at home means prep time and clean-up time that you don't have to be around for at the salon.


Before you start waxing, be sure your skin is prepped and that you're safe to wax that day to avoid common at-home waxing mistakes. Some things that should make you postpone waxing include sunburns and any fresh pimples. Waxing is sometimes aggravating to the skin, so you don't want to make a painful area more painful. Always wash your skin before waxing, and be sure it's completely dry before you smear on that hot wax. Finish off your waxing session with a cold compress to help relieve any swelling and redness.

7. Enjoy a manicure

Even if you don't wear fake nails or nail polish, you can still benefit from an at-home manicure. Manicures are about more than making your nails look pretty, they're about pampering your hands. Soaking your nails or even doing a paraffin hand treatment can help with sore hands, smooth out rough and dry skin, and make your hands look smooth and beautiful. If you battle with hangnails and cuticle issues, use some cuticle oil to help — plus it makes pushing back your cuticles easier.


Of course, you will get to the point where the focus is solely on your nails. If nail polish or faux nails are your thing, you have options. At the least, you want to file and shape your nails and then put on a clear coat to make them shiny. If you want color, you have options like gel, powder, and acrylic polish. If you want your short nails longer, try some press-on nails if this is your first time, since they are not a huge commitment. You can glue on nails if you want them to stay on longer, and, if you're ambitious enough (and have a steady hand), you can consider acrylic nails at home.

8. Give yourself a foot soak

Soaking your feet is an amazing way to end a long rough day. A foot bath will ease aching and tired feet, but it does a lot for the skin and even your toes, too. That foot soak is a deep clean under your toenails and the perfect prelude to a pedicure. While you can invest in a bubbly foot bath to soak your feet in, all your really need is a large bowl or bucket that you can fit both of your feet in completely underwater.


Mix in some Epsom salts and some essential oils for a double whammy. The Epsom salts not only soften your skin, but they can help soothe aching muscles and even any cuts you may have gotten on your feet while enjoying a barefoot romp in the sunshine. The essential oils can help your tired feet, too, and the lovely aromatherapy is an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself from head to toe. Lavender is great for relaxation. Be sure to dive in there with some exfoliating to help remove dead skin and make your feet even smoother.

9. And don't forget the pedicure

Once you're done soaking and exfoliating your feet, it's the perfect time to jump in and give yourself a pedicure. If you're a fan of open-toed shoes or traipsing around barefoot, properly cared-for feet and pretty toes are a must. Clean feet are the right starting place, and you'll be doing many of the same things with them that you did with your hands during your manicure, starting with a good trimming of your toenails and then filing them so that they are the shape you prefer. 


If you decided to put some moisturizer on after exfoliating, be sure to wipe your feet down well before you put on nail polish. Residue from things like lotion and massage oil can make it difficult for nail polish to stick. Starting with a base coat gives a smooth canvas for your nail polish. Finishing off with a top coat will extend the life of your polish. As far as how many coats of color to use, one or two will be good, depending on how well that first coat goes on.

10. Get a steam treatment

There are plenty of healthy reasons why people spend time in saunas. It's heart-healthy, increases circulation, and helps ease stiffness, according to Mayo Clinic. On a milder level, steaming has these same benefits, plus it also benefits your skin. With saunas, you're sweating out impurities from your body. With steaming, you can get that clean skin benefit from the comfort of your own home.


You can turn your entire bathroom into a steam room, or steam problem areas on their own, like your face. For a face steam, you can use a bowl and lean over the steaming water after you've boiled it and added any essential oils you want (this is a great trick when you have a cold, too). You can also dip a towel in the water, wring it out, and wrap it around your head (which allows you to lay back and relax while your face is getting steamed). Be sure when wrapping to leave your nose uncovered, and if you're using the bowl steaming, close your eyes to protect them from the hot steam. You can use the same wrapping technique to steam treat your hair.

If you want a whole-body steam, your best bet is to soak in a hot bath or take a hot shower. It won't be exactly the same as a trip to the spa, but you'll still receive those relaxing benefits.


11. Dry brush that skin

If you don't already have a dry brush in your skincare arsenal, you should probably order one now. This simple tool has so many wonderful benefits that you're truly missing out on if you're not using one. Plus, dry brushing actually feels kind of good. Be sure to buy a brush made for dry brushing so you know the bristles are the right stiffness.


Dry brushing bigger portions of your body, like your back and torso, is done using circular strokes. For your arms and legs, you want to do long strokes from your hands or feet upwards. Use harder pressure on arms and legs, but ease up when you're dry brushing more sensitive areas. While many people dry brush because they think it removes cellulite, this isn't backed by science. However, benefits that are backed by science include an increase in circulation, detoxifying your skin, and helping remove dead skin so that your skin gets a healthier glow (per Cleveland Clinic). 

Just like with exfoliating, be sure to add some moisture back to your skin with lotion. Also, you want dry skin for your brushing palette, so do this before you shower.


12. Give yourself a lip scrub

When it comes to exfoliating, one part of our bodies we sometimes miss is our lips. If you've never exfoliated your lips, you're missing out. If you have, you know that it makes your lips plump and smooth. Exfoliating your lips removes dead skin, just like exfoliating the rest of your body. Because lips are more sensitive than some other areas, you want to use an exfoliant, like a sugar scrub, that is made specifically for them. Plus, if you struggle to get makeup off at the end of the day, a lip scrub will remove even the most stuck-on lip stain.


You can use lip scrubs daily if you don't experience any lip sensitivity from them. Be sure to follow the instructions if you're using a store-bought scrub. You definitely want to follow up with a lip balm to give your lips some moisture back. No need to run to the store though, if you have some honey and sugar on hand. This is one of the easiest scrubs, using the sugar as an exfoliant and the honey for its moisturizing properties.