Lash Curler Purchasing Tips For Our Babes With Hooded Eyes

Though all human faces stem from the same prototype (we all just have a pair of eyes, nose, and lips), our genetics keep us from looking identical. Looking the same would definitely ease up the makeup-buying process, but it'll certainly be boring to look like every other Jane. Owing to our differences, it's important to purchase tools and products that work best with our facial structure and features. So, when buying your lash curler remember that one size does not fit all.


Lash curlers are the scary-looking tool in your makeup box whose use you cannot guess if found in any other context. Quite frankly, they look like they belong in a surgical room. Now, when compared with the hundreds of shades of foundation you have to pick from, purchasing an eyelash curler is an easy task, as long as you know what to look for. So, let's get to it.

Do you have hooded eyes?

How does one know if they have hooded eyes? There are six types of eyes based on eye shape: hooded eyes, round eyes, almond eyes, monolid eyes, downturned eyes, and upturned eyes. To find out if you have hooded eyes, do the obvious, and stand in front of a mirror.


Look for the following features: You would have a small eyelid space and an extra layer of skin that droops over your crease. You'd also see that when you open your eyes, your eyelids retract into your crease, and your brow bone will have a strong presence on your face.

So, what's the verdict? If you do have hooded eyes, the rest of this article will show you how to get that eyelash curler that supports all your eyelash needs. You can finally say goodbye to the days of trying not to get pinched by your curler and all those exhausting attempts of trying to get all your lashes to cooperate.

The basics for any eyelash curler

Okay, before we start the discrimination of eyelash curlers based on eye shape, let's look at what makes an eyelash curler good, irrespective of your eye shape. Always go for metal eyelash curlers, the plastic ones, though lightweight, will easily break, and we all know replacing products is never fun, and metal curlers promise commitment.


The next thing to look for in your curler is the correct grip. Both the grip on your curler and the pad should be sturdy. Your eyelashes are delicate, too strong of a grip and you'll damage your lashes, but if the grip is too weak, your lashes have no chance of staying curled all day. We advise you to try the curler out — if possible — before buying it to get a good perspective on what the grip on the curler is like. Last, when it comes to the pad of the curler, always go for silicone-based pads, which are neither too thick nor too thin.

Eyelash curlers for hooded eyes

Eyelash curlers, like all other products in the makeup industry, have many nuances to them, and finding the ones that suit your eyes is what we are going to help you do. When it comes to hooded eyes, curling your eyelashes can be a painful process, but purchase the right tools and it's suddenly the easiest thing in the world.


Now, when you're looking for eyelash curlers that support the structure of your hooded eyes, there are two things to look out for: the curve and the depth of the curler. When it comes to the curve of the curler, purchase ones with a smaller curve. Since hooded eyes provide more or less no eyelid space, a smaller curve will help you reach those eyelashes easily.

The curler should also have less depth when it comes to styling eyelashes on hooded eyes. Greater depth restricts the curler from reaching the roots of the eyelashes, combine this with hooded eyes and you'll be attaching the curler only to the tips of your lashes which will in turn cause damage.

No-budget eyelash curlers

When it comes to the pricing of eyelash curlers, does a higher price actually provide a better product? If you were to have no budget and went all out on eyelash curlers, would that really make a difference and make your lashes look like a million bucks?


The expensive eyelash curlers in the market are lightweight and they are usually made out of stainless steel. Their lightweight quality allows for an easier grip and flexibility. Almost all expensive curlers have a slim structure and design which allows them to reach all of your lashes, even the ones hiding under the hood of your crease, making it easy and effective for those of us with hooded eyes. Further, these expensive curlers have a much finer finish that keeps away corrosion, promising long-term use.

So, are expensive eyelash curlers worth it? We think they are an investment not only for our babes with our hooded eyes but for anyone with eyes.

Eyelash curlers on a budget

If you can't afford to spend all your life savings on getting those lashes to be curlies, don't worry we got you. There are so many options for those of us who are looking for products that are both economical and effective. If you are on a budget and still want those eyelashes to look their best, look for eyelash curlers that satisfy the following requirements and try not to be blinded by brand names. 


First, make sure the pads are made of silicone. Next, make sure the curve and structure of the curler match the shape of your eyes. Lastly, make sure there are no pits or bumps and the curler has a relatively fine finish.

You can easily find the perfect curler for your hooded eyes at your drugstore or grocery if you are not stubborn about brand names, just make sure the curler fulfills the above requirements, and you can have those beautiful curly lashes without going bankrupt. Now, if you have hooded eyelids and the struggle is real when it comes to gripping those eyelashes, the curve on some of these curlers will help you out, it is small and can fit into the narrow crease of your eyelid which makes the gripping process much easier.


Having to go that extra mile

Eye makeup on hooded eyelids is never easy, from struggling to get your eyeliner to stay on your narrow eyelids to struggling to curl your eyelashes without pinching yourself, hooded eyelids can oftentimes discourage us. But, it's important to keep in mind that with the right tools and proper application, things do get easier. Hooded eyes require that extra bit of consideration when it comes to purchasing eyelash curlers but once you find the curler that fits and doesn't pinch, you never have to look back again.


Even though it might feel like having hooded eyelids carry the burden of having to go that extra mile to pull off certain eye-makeup looks, the end result is rewarding in itself. Plus, you are not alone. If you are seeking validation from Hollywood stars like most of us do, we are happy to inform you that gorgeous actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Blake Lively also have the same eye shape as you do.