Here's How To Add A Edgy Fray To The Bottom Of Your Jeans

Wearing jeans that are frayed at the bottom can add an edge to your style, but don't run to the store if you want to create this type of cut. If you already own a pair of jeans that you're willing to change or need an updated look, you can fray them yourself with tools you already have at home. However, you'll need to make sure the pants you're using are long enough to accommodate being trimmed.


The length of jeans varies, so you'll have to try them on to find the best fit for you. The fabric can either end at the tops of your feet or an inch above your ankles. There can be extra length if you prefer it bunching, but it should never touch the floor. To fray the bottom of your jeans, you may want a pair that bunches at the end. That way, after you're done, they'll at least hit the bottom of your foot.

How to fray your jeans

Fraying your jeans is easier than you may think. All you need is a measuring tape, something to draw on the fabric, fabric scissors, and tweezers. Try on your selected pair of jeans, and mark where you want them to end with a pin, marker, or chalk. Then lay them flat, ensuring all the seams are lined up correctly. Take your ruler and mark a horizontal line just below your original one. You should do this because it's easier to cut more later than add more length if they end up too short.


Once you've cut both legs of your jeans to the same length, it's time to fray them. Pull at the fibers with your hands so they start to separate. Then take your tweezers and expose more threads. Continue pulling more fringe out until you're satisfied with the look. If you want it to look more sparse, trim some strings away with scissors. Although, if you want them to look fluffier, you should throw your pants in the wash with your usual detergent and tumble-dry them. Doing this will take out excess threads, too. After they're dry, you can wear your new pair of jeans.

Prevent them from fraying too much

After wearing your edgy frayed jeans for a while, you may notice that the threads are getting longer and your pants are becoming shorter. Luckily, there are ways you can stop this from happening. If you're in a pinch and notice the bottom of your jeans falling apart from being too frayed, you can add a bit of nail polish to the raw hem. Make sure it's clear, and only paint on a little bit so it's less noticeable. Another option is to take hairspray and apply it to the fringe. Then rub it in so all the treads are held in place.


A more permanent option is to use an anti-fray solution. These act like liquid glue to keep the hem of your jeans intact. Apply a small bead to the edge of the hem. Once it's dry, your jeans are ready to wear. The solution will deteriorate as you wash your pants, but you can solve this by adding more drops of the anti-fray liquid as needed.